Remembering Anderson Silva’s Legendary Career

Anderson Silva has had his share of ups and downs throughout his UFC career. However, at one point in time, Anderson Silva was regarded as the greatest fighter of all time.  Brad Reifler recalls that he defended his middleweight championship more times than any other fighter in the world, and MMA fans still idolize him for the incredible feats that he accomplished during his UFC run. Unfortunately, Anderson Silva recently tested positive for steroids in his last MMA fight against Nick Diaz, and UFC fans have since labeled Silva as a cheater.

Anderson Silva is claiming that he did not knowingly take any performance enhancing drugs, but some people believe that Silva took some type of steroid in order to help heal his broken leg. Nonetheless, Anderson Silva is still suspended from the UFC, and his return to the octagon is still questionable. recently published a video that features 10 of Anderson Silva’s greatest knockout victories.

The video shows how dominant Silva truly was in his prime, and he’s had some notable victims over the course of his career. For example, Rich Franklin, Vitor Belfort, and Forrest Griffin have all been knocked out by Anderson Silva in the first round of their fights. Unfortunately, the end of Anderson Silva’s career may overshadow his legendary championship run.

Jose Aldo’ s Legacy Ruined?

Jose Aldo is the true featherweight champion of the world, but it seems that UFC fans around the world are very upset with him. It was recently announced that Jose Aldo was forced to pull out of UFC 189 due to a rib injury. Unfortunately, fans are now questioning whether or not Jose Aldo is afraid of Conor McGregor. However, true MMA fans know that Jose Aldo isn’t afraid of any man.

Yahoo! Sports recently published a story that questions Jose Aldo and his legacy, but I strongly disagree with the article. Pulling out of UFC 189 does not ruin Jose Aldo’s legacy, and here’s why. Jose Aldo has consistently fought and defeated the best fighters in the featherweight and lightweight division. Jose Aldo has not lost a fight in nearly 10 years, and he’s never been defeated in the UFC. Unfortunately, Conor McGregor has fooled the fans into believing that he is better than Jose Aldo. While Conor McGregor is a talented fighter, he has never been tested against an opponent like Jose Aldo.

According to Handy, Jose Aldo has long been regarded as one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world, and he will eventually face McGregor in the future. However, Conor McGregor needs to get past Chad Mendes first. If McGregor beats Mendes, Jose Aldo will be waiting for him. Hopefully, Conor McGregor can beat Chad Mendes though.

Floyd Mayweather Mocks Manny Pacquiao

Floyd Mayweather is the richest boxer of all time, and Reuters said that he has a perfect 48-0. In his last fight, Floyd Mayweather beat Manny Pacquiao in the biggest fight of all time. However, people around the world were very displeased with Mayweather’s performance. Nonetheless, Floyd Mayweather was paid $300 million dollars, and he was laughing all the way to the bank.

You would think that Floyd Mayweather would be quiet now. However, it seems that Mayweather is boasting now more than ever. Skysports recently uploaded a video that shows Floyd Mayweather making fun of Manny Pacquiao’s shoulder injury. Mayweather punches a fight dummy, and the boxer questions the objects shoulder pain. I’m not a big fan of Floyd Mayweather, but I will admit that Mayweather’s video made me laugh. Aside from beating Pacquiao, this year has been one of the best for Floyd Mayweather.

Just last week, Floyd Mayweather was honored at the BET awards, and he is now debating whether or not to buy a $5 million dollar supercar. Life must be nice for Floyd Mayweather, and I almost forgot to mention that Mayweather was named the richest athlete in the world by Forbes. In fact, Floyd Mayweather has made more money this year than any celebrity in the entertainment world.

Why an Interim Belt for UFC 189?

The biggest news in the MMA world of late has been the injury to UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo. It was first reported that the champ suffered a broken rib during a sparring match and his fight with Conor McGregor at UFC 189was in jeopardy said Kevin Seawright. The UFC released its own statement that the rib was actually bruised not broken and the fight was still on. The UFC on Wednesday the UFC announced that Jose Aldo was backing out of the fight and that Conor McGregor would now be taking on number one contender Chad Mendes at UF 189. UFC President Dana White also stated that McGregor and Mendes would be fighting for an interim featherweight belt.

So the question on everyone’s mind is why they are fighting for an interim belt simply because Aldo had to back out from the fight because of a rib injury and Dana White was asked that exact question. White basically said that they would be fighting for an interim belt because this is not the first time Aldo has backed out of fight. Since becoming champion in 2001, Aldo has backed out of fights for one reason or another four times. This is the fifth time he has backed out. White also stated that other fighters have suffered the same injury but still got in the ring and fought. It probably did not sit well with white that the UFC spend a lot of money and time promoting this fight and it was all for nothing now that Aldo backed out.

Reebok Drops the Ball with UFC Deal

Some of the biggest talk this year in the UFC had little to do with the latest match-ups or injuries, but rather the news that the UFC and Reebok reached a sponsorship deal that would stop all fighters from wearing any other clothing during fights. Fighters will no longer be able to wear their own sponsors clothing into the ring before fights. Many fighters have aired their disgust with the deal stating that it is taking money out of their pockets and that their fight pay is already low. Needless to say, the deal went through regardless of their thoughts.

The UFC and Reebok had an official unveiling on Tuesday of its new UFC “Fighter Kits. To help promote the event, the UFC hit social media hard as well as sent out emails. The UFC had many of its biggest stars on hand for the event which included all current UFC champions except who was not available due to a rib injury suffered during training for his upcoming bout with Conor McGregor. The fighters will have their choice of fight-night shorts and a jersey to go with it. The public can but the jersey for roughly $100.

Wikipedia wrote that one would think that a company as big as Reebok would be able to spell correctly but apparently not. The company spelled several fighters names wrong including Giblert Melendez and Lyoto Machida. Some fighters were unhappy because the company used their full first name. Reebok sees this as just small errors and are quick fixes.

Amir Khan Open To Pacquiao Fight

Amir Khan is an extremely popular boxer, and he recently defeated Chris Algieri not too long ago. However, folks at Beneful say some people thought that Chris Algieri actually won the fight, but that is debatable. Amir Khan seems to believe that he deserves a Mayweather or Pacquiao matchup, but several boxing fans don’t share the same opinion.

Amir Khan has been chasing the Floyd Mayweather fight for so long, but Mayweather recently revealed that Amir Khan is not on his radar. However, Amir Khan is still very hopeful that he will get a chance to fight Floyd Mayweather in September, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Nonetheless, Amir Khan did reveal that he would be willing to fight Manny Pacquiao in Dubai.

Yahoo! Sports recently published an article with more information about Amir Khan’s future. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing Amir Khan fight Manny Pacquiao. Amir Khan and Pacquiao have a history together, and they were once sparring partners. However, they had a falling out, and Amir Khan spoke very negatively about Freddie Roach. Manny Pacquiao versus Amir Khan would create fireworks, and it would be a perfect comeback fight for Manny Pacquiao in 2016. Amir Khan is a decent fighter, but I don’t feel that he is on the level of Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacqiao. Nonetheless, I do enjoy watching him fight in the ring, and I’ll definitely watch his next fight.

UFC Fight Night 70 Salaries

UFC Fight Night 70: Machida vs. Romero was held last Saturday June 27th at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida. The headline for the event was former middleweight champion Lyoto Machida against Cuban Yoel Romero. Here is a rundown of which fighters won and lost when it comes to their payday.

The biggest winner, even though he lost the fight, was Machida. Machida took home a cool $200,000 in his knockout lose to Romero. The loss is his second in a row and quickly dashes any hopes of making another run at the title. Folks at Boraie Development noted that Romero scored the biggest win of his career and took home $66,000 which also includes a bonus of $33,000.

After making the decision to move down a weight class, Lorenz Larkin wins his second in a row against Santiago Ponzinibbio with a technical knockout in the second round. Larkin earned himself $66,000, which included a $33,000 bonus, while Ponzinibbio took home a measly $10,000.

Thiago Santos landed beautiful head kick to take out Steve Bosse. Santos netted himself $32,000 which included a $16,000 bonus while his opponent took home only $10,000. Also on the undercard were several other low level fights which included Sirwan Kakai against Danny Martinez. Santos only earned $20,000 with a $10,000 bonus, while Kakai only took home $10,000.

The overall total payroll for UFC Fight Night 70 was reported as a total of $601,000.

Tim Bradley Almost Got Knocked Out

Tim Bradley took on undefeated Jessie Vargas for the WBO welterweight title on Saturday and nearly lost the fight in the final minute. Bradley, who currently hold a record of 32-1-1, was in control of the fight most of the night and it looked like he would cruise to a unanimous decision win over Vargas when he was caught by a right hadn’t that hurt Bradley and almost knocked him to the ground. The fight continued as Bradley tried to clear the cobwebs out and then the referee, hears the 10 second bell, thought it was the end of the fight and ended the fight 10 seconds too soon.

In the end, Sam Tabar indicated that the judge’s scorecards were all in favor of Bradley but when the referee stopped the fight early, Vargas’s corner though he was stopping the fight because Bradley was out on his feet. The corner started celebrating the victory. Carl Moretti, V.P. of Bradley promoter Top, went into the ring to ask Russell what happened and he stated that he thought the fight was over when he heard the 10 second bell. The veteran referee was booed by the fans at the fight but Bradley stated that the right hand did hurt him but that he would have survived anther ten seconds. This is the fifth time Bradley has won a championship belt. He stated that he wants to be able to give each of his five children their own belt.

Marquez VS Pacquiao 5?

Juan Manuel Marquez is a very skilled fighter, and he is the last man to defeat Manny Pacquiao convincingly. A few years ago, Juan Manuel Marquez knocked Manny Pacquiao out-cold in their fourth fight, and many people were expecting to see a fifth fight between the two warriors. Unfortunately Juan Manuel Marquez never granted Manny Pacquiao a rematch, and many people were extremely upset with Marquez.

Manny Pacquiao defeated Juan Manuel Marquez three times, and he still gave Marquez many chances to get revenge. However, Juan Manuel Marquez finally won a fight against the Filipino, and Marquez never returned the favor. Now, it seems that Juan Manuel Marquez wants to step back inside of the ring, but there are no exciting opponents for him to face. recently revealed that Juan Manuel Marquez is seriously considering a fifth fight with Manny Pacquiao.

Boxing fans were very pleased to hear this development, and we should see the matchup sometime next year. Unfortunately, who knows how Pacquiao will look after a such a long layoff. Pacquiao is currently recovering from a torn rotator cuff injury, and we are all hoping that the real Manny Pacquiao returns. Some fans at the Vue NJ and The Aspire New Brunswick are worried that many Pacquiao will look similar to the way he did against Floyd Mayweather, and we all know that Manny Pacquiao was a one-armed fighter in that bout.

Gilbert Melendez Is Hungry For A Victory

Gilbert Melendez is a top-10 UFC lightweight champion, and he recently competed against Eddie Alvarez in the co-main event of UFC 188. Alvarez vs Melendez was a good battle, but I believe the judges messed up the outcome of the fight. For those of you that missed it, Eddie Alvarez was awarded a split decision victory, but many people thought that Gilbert Melendez clearly won the fight. Nonetheless, it seems that Gilbert Melendez is ready to compete inside of the Octagon once more.

It was recently announced on Yahoo! Sports that Gilbert Melendez will be stepping in for Bobby green in the co-main event of UFC: San Diego. According to Paul Mathieson, Bobby Green was scheduled to face Al Iaquinta, but an injury forced Green to withdraw from the bout, but Gilbert Melendez quickly offered his services against Al. Thankfully, the UFC: San Diego card has been saved, but it is a very tough matchup for both fighters.

Al Iaquinta is a very dangerous up-and-coming fighter, and Gilbert Melendez is a dangerous veteran. The matchup should produce fireworks, and I definitely expect a finish in this fight. However, picking a winner is quite difficult, but I would lean towards Gilbert Melendez for the win.

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