QI Group Executive, Vijay Eswaran, Important Message to Students

The quality of education in our higher learning institutions has greatly improved. One thing that this education system is failing us with is its objectives.

Despite the huge improvements, the education system has locked in the brains of scholars who instead of thinking outside the box on how to become job creators, these graduates are still thinking on how to be job seekers.

During a recent forum organized by students at the University of Malaya, Vijay Eswaran, the QI Group co-founder and executive chairperson had a special message to the undergraduates.

According to the executive, students should desist from the conservative way of thinking of first getting employed and be inspired to take up risks and create their own employment opportunities. Read more: Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group of Companies

While this is true, it does not mean that being employed first is bad. Vijay notes that the likes of the Chinese, Japanese, South Koreans and Taiwanese prefer getting the job experience before becoming their own bosses.

If you decide to go that route then Vijay Eswaran advices on certain things. First things first, if you are a first time job seeker, the most important thing you need to do is to ensure you match your qualifications to the job position.

This point should lead to the second point, the type of business to work for. There is the need to choose the organization you are interested in working with critically. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: http://www.dnaindia.com/topic/vijay-eswaran and https://www.amazon.in/Sphere-Silence-Vijay-Eswaran-ebook/dp/B008VEC2UI

Whether you opt for an established firm or a startup, weigh out the pros and cons of each and ensure that they are able to give you the experience and satisfaction you are looking for. According to Vijay Eswaran, neither of the options is better than the other and the choice will depend heavily on an individual.

About Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran the executive Chairperson and co-founder of QI Group of Companies is one individual with a passion for education.

On a number of occasions Mr. Vijay has given talks about the importance of education to the extend of being awarded with the Special Award for Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership during the Malaysian Education Summit.

Mr. Eswaran was schooled in some of the best US and UK universities. After graduating, he was employed at IBM. The executive retired and returned to Asia in 1990s where he founded the famous QI Group conglomerate.

How Crowd-sourcing has Catapulted Fabletics to Great Heights.

Online shopping has revolutionized the business world in recent times. The increased digitalization of business activities means enterprises have to look out on how they are being perceived online. As such, any lousy commentary or rating will affect a company negatively. It is effortless for consumers nowadays to research a product or service. This feedback in turn, influences the decision-making process of people. The effect on the purchase decision is called the power of the crowd. Unlike in the past where brand name and quality influenced consumer choice, this time round customer feedback has become a significant factor. Brands have noticed this trend and are employing marketing strategies to reap positively from it.


Fabletics is an athleisure wear brand that started up as an e-commerce company that has snowballed within a short time. In just three and a half years, it has over one million active subscriptions and reports revenues of over $235million. Customer experience is critical for them being an online store, to attract new customers and retain their current ones. One of Fabletics success points is in the use of customer or crowd reviews. Customers now trust reviews as much as they would believe in recommendations from friends. Majority of people agree that a firm’s reputation is an essential consideration before engaging in business. Crowd-sourcing encourages the brand to stay in check by maintaining high levels of transparency, and in return, this creates loyalty to a name. With the review option, Fabletics can understand customer preferences better and can come up with new ideas and recommendations. This interaction fosters a healthy relationship that in turn helps to retain customers.


One of the people who has championed for Fabletics to improve on its customer service is Kate Hudson. Together with her business partners Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, they have provided excellent customer service that has grown Fabletics to what we know today. Kate, who is an actress by profession, shared the same dream of having an affordable, stylish and quality athleisure brand in the market. She agreed that yoga pants should be accessible to lure more people to exercise and stay fit. To address the concerns about most of their items being sold out, Kate and her team upgraded their data system to ensure they always have an accurate inventory. This upgrade affected the customers positively and even improved Fabletics ranking in Better Business Bureau.


One of the factors that stands out for Fabletics’ success is its data-driven technique to satisfy customer needs. Using the response from customers, the manufacturing section can come up with designs and quality that the customers appreciate. With this data, even production is streamlined as they can determine which models to begin with. Kate Hudson‘s decision to team up with the already established TechStyle Fashion Group saved her big time in regards to funding, resources and the required experience in the field. This partnership enabled sharing of resources, efficiently cutting down costs. With over 22 retail stores, Fabletics is set to expand its market share, and Kate has emphasized on the use of crowd-sourcing positively to help achieve this.

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Forex Guru Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a young trader born on February 1975 and is a renowned businessperson, philanthropist and a famous public speaker across the globe. He has been on the frontline advocating for better governance. Greg is also a famous author and has written Trading Your Way to Success and also Financial Freedom Through Forex. He has also been on the frontline contributing to the writing of various books like the Book of Success. He happens to be a great mentor who works at ensuring that he becomes a leader in the technology. Greg has also founded several forex training companies since he started to train the world on the better forex strategies. The companies include Capital Index, Learn to Trade, SmartCharts Software, and FX Capital. He is also the founder of Greg Secker Foundation that he founded in the year 2010. The foundation has been on the frontline changing the lives of several people across the globe.

Greg Secker attended the Nottingham University in England whereby he studied Food Sciences and Agriculture. He also was born in England, Norfork and during the year 1990, he happened to have been employed as a computer programming expert at Thomas Cook Financial Services. He was given a chance to develop a trading system for foreign exchange which was the first platform. He was bestowed an award by British Telecom for his innovation expertise in the industry. At only 25 years, he became the vice president of an American investment bank called Mellon Financial Corporation. He started experimenting strategies while following great financial expertise execute their strategy. In the year 2003, he decided to go on his own so that he could start trading independently.

Greg Secker after leaving the company decided to establish Knowledge to Action Group a platform he used to train potential forex traders. He has since then been able to accumulate a lot of wealth through training and also trading. He later decided to establish the most famous non-profit organization which has been on the frontline helping needy people across the globe. He has committed his life and skills towards ensuring that he changes as many lives as possible in his journey as a forex mentor and trainer.

Getting to Know Rocketship Education Charter Schooling

Charter schools are known to provide a better quality education to children all across the country. One of the problems with finding a good quality charter school for your children is the fact that there are so many different available. This makes it difficult for you to find a great program that is going to fit your child’s needs no matter what their current age or grade happens to be. This is why a lot of parents are currently finding the benefit to utilizing Rocketship education, as this is a program that helps to match kids with charter schools throughout the state of California.

By being able to utilize Rocketship education and be matched with a great quality Charter School, your kids will finally get the education that they need in a high-quality manner. There was nothing worse than sending your kids off to a public school where you know they are not getting a good quality education, so make sure to consider Rocketship education for your own child’s needs when finding a great school and program that will benefit them in many more ways than just one. The Rocketship Education website is also incredibly easy-to-use, making it easy and quick for you to be able to find more information on Charter Schools available throughout the state of California.

Now that you know how important it is for your children to get a good quality education, it is just a matter of finding a charter school that is going to work for them and not break the bank. A benefit to sending your child to a charter school utilizing the Rocketship education program is that you are not going to be spending anything on tuition. Charter schools are totally free of any type of tuition, simply acting as a public school that you get to choose for your child. Because of this, you are able to send your child to a school that you have chosen for them and do not spend a small fortune just to be able to make use of the education that the school is providing to your child.

Starting Your Collection With The U.S. Money Reserve

Every year, the precious metal industry receives a new group of investors.

These are people like me and you.

They’re wondering what the options are and how they can make an investment out of a passion for collecting things. Learn more about US Money Reserve: http://www.manta.com/c/mml8pv9/u-s-money-reserve-in

The “things” we’re speaking about today are precious metals that come in the form of bars, coins and other bullion.

Precious metals have the power to make a return on investment and to improve the life of their investors. Anyone getting involved in this passion has to secure their safety and by dealing with reputable sources first. Read more: US Money Reserve | Twitter

There’s no room for error when the quality, weight and spot price of gold are put into consideration.

Precious metals can also yield a great deal of money but only when your products are not counterfeit. For these reasons, most investors begin their collection and with the U.S. Money Reserve.

This U.S. agency supplies all nations with precious metal products and will even back most of their items.

This “backing” is a guarantee to buy back whatever the firm sells.

Approaching Precious Metal For The Long Haul

It’s not wise to look at the buy-back option as a sole investment angle however.

The best angle ever taken on precious metals is often found in the long haul. This is what’s called a buy and hold strategy and is used by the brightest traders on Wall Street. By leveraging the data released from the U.S. Reserve, it’s clear to see the 15 year pattern of gold.

We only speak of gold as an example, but the steady increase of its value shows that gold remains a collector’s item and that its profit margins grow by the passing of time.

Biz Journals believes that the U.S. Money Reserve provides the right products for these types of investments and strategies with precious metals.

The firm’s website is open and displaying items from coins to giant gold bars.

The only work required is that you visit their platform. The website’s unique design will then lead you into the right options for you and your future.

Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Austin Disaster Relief Network and U.S. Money Reserve help survivors of Hurricane Harvey

Jeffry Schneider- The Finance and Managerial Guru

Jeffry Schneider is a successful professional in the financial services industry. Contrary to what many critics say, Mr. Schneider didn’t earn his newfound success overnight. He is a go-getter who has served several prestigious companies for over 20 years. In fact, before starting his own business ventures, he worked with several companies such as Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown, Smith Barney and many others.

Jeffry Schneider was born and raised in Manhattan, one of the most densely populated and affluent boroughs of New York City, yet he is one of the few individuals who managed to gain financial success on his own.

His education, working experience, hard work, remarkable managerial skills and professional networking have helped him succeed in his professional career. He holds Bachelors of Arts Degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Upon his graduation, Mr. Schneider worked in several prestigious companies in New York City. It was while working at these companies that he first thought of venturing in the financial services industry. He developed deep knowledge and experience in investments which later helped him establish his first company.

One of the notable positions Jeffry Schneider took was at a well-known firm. Here, he was tasked with marketing and structuring the company both in the United States and globally. While working here, he developed the ability to analyze managers, an important skill that would serve him later in his career. After five years, he decided that it was time to try his experience and skills in the alternative investment space.

He started his own firm which was first aimed at assisting companies grow. While running his own firm, Mr. Schneider has cultivated deep understanding and relationships with a number of reputable firms. Currently, Jeffry Schneider is working as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

Outside of his professional career, Mr. Schneider has also shown interests in other areas of life. For instance, he has been participating in the New Zealand Ironman Triathlon, an annual racing competition that has stood the test of time. He has also participated in other racing competitions such as the 2005 half-Ironman at Clairmont, Florida, the 2004 half-Ironman in Santa Rosa, California, 2005 New York City Marathon and 2008 3M half-marathon in Austin.

Jeffry Schneider is also a philanthropist and an active member of his community. He is a member of several programs aimed at helping the underprivileged and disabled people in the society. One of such programs is the Camp Honey Creek’s Summer Dream program.

Dr. Cameron Clokie Shares A Few Oral Care Tips to Consider during a Trip

Psychologists often say that a vacation is a perfect way to relieve one’s mind after a long period of hard work. However, to many, it’s just a hole to escape the real world. After all, who doesn’t enjoy having fun?

However, we all understand that everything good comes at a price. From the struggles in booking the tickets to acquiring the essentials, at times planning a vacation can become troublesome but thanks to the internet, today most of these struggles have been shrewd.

According to Bloomberg, little has been said about the oral care tips during a trip, and without further ado, I will explain a few tips shared by Dr. Cameron Clorkie, an oral surgeon, and CEO at Induce Biologics.

Whether on a commercial trip or a vacation, oral health is crucial. As many would say, when gone wrong, oral health can compromise one’s full experience in any situation. After all, we all want to feel fresh, and it boosts our confidence.

As a result, Dr. Cameron says that it is recommended to carry a couple of toothbrushes and dentifrices during any vacation. Also, Cameron insists that it is wise always to carry a pocket-toothbrush around and some water to avoid inconveniences.

However, at times use of toothbrushes to clean up can be quite complicated based on a location and occasion. According to Dr. Cameron, this is where mouthwash, toothpicks, and dental floss come in play since they are easily portable.

According to Dr. Cameroon, travelers should carry a reconnaissance to understand the place of visit. With that, he or she gets an idea of where to acquire new essentials in case the old one’s gets lost or call for replacements.

Also, he or she is enlightened on the condition of drinking water and meals offered in their places of visit. After all, no one wishes to end his or her vacation on a hospital bed due to food poisoning or contaminated water.

Simple studies have shown that wet toothbrushes play a major role when it comes to infecting the user with bacteria. Therefore, it is advisable to ensure that the toothbrushes remain 100 percent dry. Last and most important are the teeth treats. Dr. Cameron suggests that one should bring some during his or her vacation.

Although, treats such as chewing gums have been associated with bad teeth, Cameron suggests that sugar-free chewing gums are helpful in protecting the denture as they trigger saliva flow.

Today, Dr. Cameron Clokie is a respected dental surgeon. The successful doctor has been practicing for more than 25 years. Clokie holds more than the needed experience in both Oral Surgery and Maxillofacial, an undertaking that places him in a good position to explain the dental world.

To the people of Toronto, and Canada at large, Clokie is a savior. Recently, Dr. Cameron hit the headlines after utilizing his regenerative medicine to bringing back the quality of life to a golf accident patient who had been in ICU for about two weeks.

Learn more about Cameron Clokie:


The Career Accomplishments of Matthew Autterson

Matthew Autterson is a celebrated name in the financial management industry. He is one of the best professionals in the financial industry and also excels in philanthropy. He boasts of having worked for one of the country’s largest financial institutions. Other than being an accomplished career man, Autterson derives a lot of joy in giving back to his community.

Education Background

The success of Matthew Autterson has a lot to do with his education background. He has great education accomplishments that are in line with his industry. Autterson is a graduate of Michigan State University where he acquired his Bachelor of Arts in Finance, in the year 1980. Later on, he proceeded to join the University of Denver. Here, he enrolled for the Graduate Tax Program, which was to see him sharpen his skills in this sector. These education achievements would later see him have an easy time moving up the career ladder

Career Background

As a fresh graduate, Autterson began his career at First Trust Corporation. First Trust Corporation is based in Denver and is a subsidiary of Fiserv. At First trust, Autterson had the opportunity to interact with many professionals and improve his contact list. It was then that he was able to get a job at Resources Trust Company.

Autterson left First Trust Corporation in the year 1982 and was admitted by Resources Trust Company. At the time, he was part of a team that was interested in chartering the New Yok based chartered financial company, Integrated Resources Inc. At Resources Trust Company, he would work harder than anyone else, not only for the growth of the company, but also for his career growth.

Four years into his employment at Resources Trust Company, Matthew Autterson was promoted to be president of the company. During his time as the president, the company grew to be worth several billions. Also, he had improved the client base to over 200,000. And, by the time the company was being acquired by AIG, it was worth $18.

When Autterson left Resources Trust Company, he began a career in real estate and tax development. However, he was to ditch this field for his real passion, the biotechnology industry. Currently, he seats on the board of Falco Adaptive Biosystems (FAB). Additionally, he serves as the chairman of the Denver Hospice.

Brazil’s Most Influential Executive: Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Mr Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the Chief Executive Officer as well as the Deputy Chairman at Bradesco Group. He attained this position on 10 March 2009. He also serves as the CEO of Banco Bradesco. Before his appointment to these positions, he was the Vice President of Banco Bradesco and a Departmental Director. He holds a postgraduate degree from Sao Paulo’s School of Philosophy, Sciences, and Literature. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was first employed as a clerk at the company’s Marilia branch in 1969, at the age of 22.

Trabuco is regarded fondly for his modesty, soft spokenness, and jovial disposition. These qualities enable him to accomplish tasks as a banking magnate extremely well. In addition to that, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi relies on an organic management approach in performing duty as the Group’s CEO. His all-embracing experience and comprehensive knowledge of the Brazilian economy has capably transformed the company’s business operations. In addition to that, he has tremendous expertise in the insurance industry. As a result, his performance in this sector earned he earned the Insurance Person of the Year award twice. For these reasons, Bradesco’s board of directors nominated him to the post of CEO and president.

During his long tenure, over 40 years at Bradesco, he has some notable achievements. To begin with, while serving in Bradesco’s marketing and advertising department, he helped shape the company’s public relation process. His streamlined the way the company relates with the public as well as revolutionizing its marketing and advertising strategy. A second most notable accomplishment was guiding Bradesco Group in the acquisition of the British multinational HSBC Brazilian branch. At this time, Bradesco and Itau Unibanco were in contention for control of the Brazilian market. Even though, Itau held the top position, acquiring HSBC catapulted Bradesco into the lead. With the support of the company’s directors, he oversaw the acquisition process worth a total of $5.2 billion successfully. This was the biggest ever acquisition in Brazil’s history.

In addition to these accomplishments, he has helped expand the Group’s lead in the Brazilian banking and insurance industries. For example, in his first four years as its CEO its market share grew from 35% to 25%. According to industry experts, this was an overall growth of 10 points. Under his presidency, Bradesco’s assets doubled to $78 billion as well as a rise in equities and performance from 22% to 29% and 26% to 35% respectively.

As he has been with the company since its inception, Luiz possesses thorough understanding and perception of its inner workings. This is reflected in his commitment, aspirations, and business philosophy making him a visionary of its future achievements. In relation to that, Luiz has an active approach to operations, clients, and staff. This is why he has initiated a growth strategy aimed at capturing over 1000 million customers by 2025. For this reason, he is currently intensifying the Group’s activity to acquire a larger market share.

In this regard, Trabuco perceives that both insurance and banking industries are essential drivers of Brazil’s economy. Luiz pays keen and attentive attention to social forces and demographics that influence the marketplace. Bradesco’s recent success is attributable to Trabuco’s application of principles learnt from predecessors as well as his own experience. Many consider him the link between the vision of Bradesco’s founder and the new century. In this capacity, he strives to preserve and propagate the company’s culture to all alike. Indeed, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi possesses vast experience and influence within Brazil’s banking and insurance industries. Continued success of Bradesco operations ranks Trabuco among the most influential business executives in Brazil.

Learn more about Luis Carlos Trabuco Cappi: http://revistacrescer.globo.com/Revista/Crescer/0,,ERT21523-15565,00.html

Kate Hudson of Fabletics Uses Crowd Input to Grow Business

It is factual that the new era of marketing has seen more inclined towards the decision of the crowd. For most consumers, client review on the interface has a direct impact on the purchasing intent of other clients. That is why for online marketing platforms, there has been an increasingly supportive platform based on the decisions and intent of customers to purchase. One such brand that has embraced the effects of crowd on purchasing and marketing is Fabletics. The company that was founded on the basis of empowering women who need to lead healthy lives has progressively used customer preferences to stock their physical stores.




Fabletics is a work-out clothing brand that was established by Kate Hudson. Since its establishment, Kate and management have relied on client reviews to make critical marketing decisions. According to social proof, a concept embraced by economists, the crowd concept dictates that numbers play an instrumental role in influencing buyers. For example, consumers may refer to Google for a product before visiting a restaurant. Depending on the information on the ground, the likely hood of making a decision that favors a certain brand increases. Companies that invest in the feedback offered by crowds have since marked a tremendous growth. Fabletics continues to rank high following its investment on the crowd movement. The power of the crowd has since enabled the firm to grow by 200% since it was founded.





According to the sales manager of the firm, Fabletics has grown because of its passion for ingesting client reviews. People focus on the number of positive reviews in order to decide on what best to purchase. When the numbers rise, the sales rise. Aside from the rise in sales, crowd power helps the company to retain clients. It is factual that will such loyalty come a huge client base. This client base directly translates to the annual sales.





Reviews act as a spotlight for prospective customers. Studies continue to show that people hold reviews in high regard. This is because for a client to endorse a product, it must be of high quality. In the studies, approximately 80% of the candidates stated that reviews have a direct impact on their intent to purchase. Out of these candidates, 50% admitted to browsing the internet in search of client reviews that have been appended to the products they want to purchase. It therefore means that clients refer to online reviews before heading out for shopping.





For most companies, trust alone is not enough to grow a brand. The input of your users makes a huge difference. Reviews continue to expand businesses based on the high ranking a company receives from users. For Fabletics, the management depends on client reviews before making critical stocking decisions.





Kate Hudson is a model and actress. She endorsed Fabletics in 2013. In as much as she is not an entrepreneur, Kate has applied her talent to establish a work-in-progress brand. Fabletics has registered excellent growth since it was established. Through her leadership, the company focuses on promoting healthy lifestyles in women. Kate’s passion is embedded in encouraging women to live healthy lives by exercising. Driven by this passion, she established a million dollar clothing line that is not only comfortable but also affordable.

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