NHL’s Top Talent Compared to the NBA’s Dominating Inside Presence


The National Hockey League is filled with the best hockey players in the world. From great goalkeeping, defensemen, forwards and centers. But who are the top players? If judging by goal scoring, then Boston’s Brad Marchand is at the top of the list. His 37 goals lead the league. Not to be overlooked though would be Sidney Crosby (35 goals), Vladimir Tarasenko (34) and even Evgeni Malkin (33). Perhaps a better way to find the best is by points total. Again, Marchand leads with way as he has 42 assists to go along with his 37 goals. Connor McDavid is tied with Marchand at 79 points by way of 55 tallied assists. Netminders play a large part also. Sergei Bobrovsky, Devan Dubnyk, Braden Holtby and Cam Talbot lead the league in wins, with Bobrovsky near the top in save percentage.


Over the years, the position of center in the NBA has undergone a drastic change. No longer are the days of posting up inside, back to the basket. But big men aren’t completely out of style. Al Horford and DeAndre Jordan are two of the best center in the NBA. The young Karl-Anthony Towns has also immediately risen toward the top. Marc Gasol remains steady with Andre Drummond and Hassan Whiteside both physical forces. But top of this list has to be DeMarcus Cousins. Attitude aside, Cousins offers a complete game, from an inside presence with the ability to shoot the three. While his defensive skills could use improving, his offensive talent rises way above the rest.

Busy Ladies Love their Hair with these 10 Hair Hacks

A busy schedule can mean no time for your hair, in the video “10 Hair Hacks every lazy person should know” Wengie shows us simple ways to make our lives easier.


  1. Eat more vitamins


Our diet may be to blame for dry, brittle, fatigued hair. Important vitamins for hair include vitamins A, C, D, and E. As well as B6, B9, B12, Biotin, Iodine, and Zinc. Enriching your diet with nutrient-dense food and taking a multivitamin like Sugar Bear Hair can help fill in the gaps and fill out your locks.


  1. The unskilled 5-minute braid


For this quick and easy hairstyle, all you will need for this one is small clear elastic bands and a hair clip.


  1. Take a small section of hair from the top of your head and tie in a ponytail, clip it up.
  2. Take the remaining top section from around your temples and pull it back. Tie it just under your first ponytail.
  3. Unclip your first ponytail, split in half then flip the second one up and clip it.
  4. Add hair to the first pony tail, tie it just under the previous ponytail.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you’re satisfied with the length.
  6. Pull on sections to fluff out your braid.


  1. Cut out sulfates


Sulfates are industrial strength cleaning solvents that cause hair to become brittle, leave a scummy residue on hair, and leech shine from your locks. Look for an SOS-free shampoo; usually advertised on the bottle but you can find out by looking at the ingredients.


  1. The bobby pin struggle


If your bobby pins seem to disappear between your very fingers, try storing them in a tic-tac container. Another great way to keep track of these little guys is by sticking a magnetic strip on you makeup box or mirror.


  1. Short a curling iron


Feeling like today is the day for curls but no curling iron to help? Or just want a quick curl or two? Wrap you strand around the handle of a metal utensil and blow try. Just be careful when it heats up.


  1. Substituting bobby pins for clear elastic


Small braids are cute but look aweful when using regular hair ties. If you don’t have itty-bitty bands, use a bobby pin inserted vertically through the middle of the braid, using the round end of the bobby pin to secure the bottom from unraveling.


  1. Regrowth Problems


Regrowth can be a confidence killer, luckily a cute headband can do it most mornings. For the mornings that won’t cut it, parting hair in a zig-zag fashion disguised regrowth as a fashionable ombre-look.


  1. Multitasking to the max


You have ten minutes and a million things to do, the pressure is insurmountable. Open your drawer and stick your brow drier in it, you may have to adjust the angle but it’ll free up your hands.


  1. Clip up Dilemma


Clips can be really slick plastic which has the potential to be a problem when you’re trying to throw it up and run. Take your clip and put hot a line of hot glue on the inside of each of the fingers. This will give it a non-slip surface like the expensive clips, so you can throw it up and go.


  1. Easiest bun hacks ever


Cut of the toe of a clean sock and roll it up until it looks like a donut. Then take your hair tie all of it into a pony hair. Pull the bottom of your hair through the ponytail and roll up. The sock holds you hair, no more hair ties required and your bun can be worn at even the most formal occasions.

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Investors Want to Work With Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler has made a name for himself in the world of financial management. He has done this by regularly making money for his clients over a career that has spanned more than 35 years. A person does not last this long in this competitive industry unless he knows what he is doing. It is just that simple.

Brad started the Reifler Trading Corporation shortly after he graduated from college. This got him started on his career. He could never have imagined back then how far he would go. He has since gone on to be the leader of such respected companies as Forefront Capital and Pali Capital.

Brad Reifler is someone who investors love working with. This is because they know that he will take very good care of their money. He will be very conservative with his investments so the risk will be minimized. He has been using basically the same investment strategies for three decades.

They have never let him down before. Therefore, there is no reason for him to start changing them now. The rate of return that Brad has been able to give to his investors at every company he has worked for is among the best in the industry.

According to Crunchbase, Brad Reifler attributes a great deal of his success to his ability to correctly read various market fluctuations and predict what sort of an impact they are going to have on the portfolios of his clients. He said that this sort of precognitive ability is something that people are not able to learn in college.

He considers himself very lucky to be able to have very accurate foresight that enables him to make solid investments for his clients.

Brad Reifler is flattered that he always has a long list of people who are anxious to invest their money in his companies. He says it is nice to know that they feel safe enough to have him make financial decisions that will have a huge impact on their lives.

Brad takes this responsibility very seriously. He treats the money of his clients as if it was his own.

Learn more about more Brad Reifler: https://about.me/bradreifler

Bruno Fagali: One of Brazil’s Brightest Compliance Officers and Attorney

For those who know Bruno Fagali, they mostly describe him as a man who love to give and give. Those who have been lucky to have him represent him can attest that this is indeed true. He is one of those lawyers who is all about the people and this is reflected in his service fees. He is one of the most affordable lawyers in Brazil. This being the case, he has helped so many small sized businesses achieve success in their legal representation.

Fagali’s career started in the business industry. Even in business, he would find loop holes to help people who were in need. He however felt that he could do more, for the people, as a lawyer. And that is what got him to apply for a scholarship which admitted him to one of the best Universities in the area, to take a law degree from the Sao Paulo’s Pontifical Catholic University.

From there, Fagali sat for his BAR examination and passed. He was licensed and began practicing as an internist. He had the privilege of gaining real life experience working for some of the best companies in Sao Paulo. In the year 2012, he got employed as a lawyer at Radi, Calil and Associados advocacia. This was the last stop before he founded Fagali Advocacy which would allow him work as an independent lawyer.

Other than working at Fagali Advocacy, Fagali also works for Nova/sb where he is the Corporate Integrity Manager. Nova/bis one of the leading advertising companies in the country. At the firm, he is responsible for ensuring that the firm is in compliance with both internal and external laws. Fagali has taken lingual courses in French, Spanish and Portuguese and hopes that this will help him reach a wider niche.

See: http://www.ibdee.org.br/entrevista-sobre-o-pro-etica-com-bruno-jorge-fagali/

George Soros Matches To His Own Drummer

Whether you love him or hate him, George Soros is a man who marches to his own drummer. A vocal and energetic supporter of liberal and human rights causes, Soros continues to invest millions in organizations that empower the refugees, migrants, and under classes. He has been especially generous to groups that serve refugees, especially newcomers to Europe and the United States.

Their struggles are very real and very personal to Soros, who spent his childhood as a Jew during the Nazi invasion and occupation and later the Soviet invasion of Hungary. Even today, George Soros remains a bellwether funder of liberal and Democratic funding and one of America’s most powerful political operatives.

Soros has always used his enormous wealth and power to help the underdog. He has not only decided to help the helpless, he has also set up multiple organizations to spread democracy and fair play throughout the world on discoverthenetworks.org. Soros has had a greater reach and influence in the political arena that anyone alive today.

Soros has used his billions to fund ever newer ways to bring power to the underpowered and underrepresented. His intellect, energy, and visionary leadership on opensocietyfoundations.org has been combined with his wealth and power to achieve synergetic effect. For years after failing to prevent the re-election of George W. Bush, Soros slipped into a kind of semi-retirement.

Today, however, George Soros has rededicated himself in support of the causes and candidates on Politico that he holds dear.

After the 2016 campaign season, Soros supporters have split into small think-tank-like groups with each group devoted to one particular point of view on Forbes. Soros has not only empowered causes in the United States, but founded organizations throughout the world in defense of democracy. Soros organizations have been banned in Russian for “interference.”

Soros has no problem with self-confidence. In George Soros’ book, The Alchemy of Finance, he compared himself to, among others, God, the British economist John Maynard Keynes, and the physicist Albert Einstein. George Soros is determined to change the world into what he considers a better place.

Better Finanical Growth, Better Services, Better Rates

If you live in or near the Dallas, Texas Region then you’ve probably heard of NexBank Capital. This community bank is indigenous to the area and it has grown dramatically over the years. NexBank, whom use to be Heritage Bank, specializes in investment, mortgage, and commercial banking. As of 2016, this affluent financial institution had a reported $4.0 Billion in assets. Though being a community style of bank, NexBank Capital is I direct competition with many of the larger national banks such as TD Bank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and etc.

President and CEO John Holt has done a wonderful job in guiding this institution into the future. Nexbank offers many innovative services that were once foreign to this exclusive side of the business. Services such as treasury management, public funds, credit services, warehouse lending, business acquisition, commercial lending, real estate advisory, and many more are all available when needed. In addition to these wonderful services, NexBank has the ability to work with other financial institutions such as:

  • Middle Market Companies
  • Large Corporations
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Small Companies

You won’t find too many other community banks with this amount of clout. Some of the national chain banks can’t provide the products and services at these rates, which helps NexBank to stand out even more. Whether it’s organic growth, branching, or reinvention, this institute has the knowledge, know-how, and expertise to get things done efficiently. For any other banks who need a bit of direction, try taking a few pointers from this extraordinary institution. All in all, the future of community banking is looking much better and way more secure.

4 Tips for Novice Models

Many women desire to become print fashion models but don’t know where to begin. Modeling is a competitive and demanding industry. To succeed as a model, a person must meet many high standards and be willing to work hard. To get you started, we’ve compiled a short list of tips for models just starting out.

  1. Find an agent. While some people are fortunate enough to be scouted by modeling agencies, you don’t need to wait for them to call you. Simply send your pictures to a reputable agency and you could have the chance of being endorsed.
  2. Be Yourself. Agencies are looking for unique faces to add to their model database. What they aren’t looking for are fashion experts and makeup artists; they’ve already got plenty of those. Make sure to present yourself nicely, but don’t go over the top.
  3. Play the role. A perfect face and body will only get you so far. Prepare yourself for the job, understand what it takes to pose for a picture, and practice this craft if you want to be the best. Models are trained not born.
  4. Work it out. Modeling is a job. You will be expected to act professionally, as you would in any other profession. Don’t get lost in the perks of the job, maintain a schedule and work to maintain professional relationships. A model’s best friend is their repeat customers. Let them know you are ready for business.

Brown Modelling Agency is an example of a reputable agency where models could look to send their headshots. They have worked with many well-known fashion labels, such as

Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, and L’oreal. When looking for a modeling agency, beginner models should look at the agency’s past contracts. If you recognize the brands, chances are the agency is one you want to work with.

Brown has also been known to send their models to esteemed fashion events such as Austin Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, and Miami Swim Week. When searching for the best in agencies, look for one that is involved in high fashion both locally and nationally.

Justin Brown, of the Brown Agency, is proud to represent the finest in Texas as well as national modeling talent. While they are only searching for a few highly talented individuals to represent, they are searching high and low. Their parent company, Wilhelmina represents some of the most notable models in the country, including Tyra Banks and Britney Spears. Brown is looking for talent to send to Wilhelmina, talent that will join the ranks of the nations most esteemed.

Think you have a good chance, check out Brown Agency, here!

The use of skin cells therapy by the Lung Institute to save lives.

The Lung Institute is one of the medical institutions that majorly work on helping individuals who are suffering from lung diseases. Some of these diseases include pulmonary fibrosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and interstitial diseases. It is able to help these patients through integrating stem cells and regenerative medicine. It understands how these chronic illnesses can ruin your life and make it hard to do small things such as walk and cook. With that in mind, the Institute has taken it upon itself always to help their patients and make their lives better and easy with the help of their stem therapy.

Before the introduction of this treatment, traditional treatments were always used in saving lives. Though that was their aim, the treatment came with adverse side effects as it majorly intended on relieving the symptoms and not addressing the disease progression.

The Lung Institute was able to see how the traditional treatments work and how no other treatment was being applied due to lack of efficient and available treatment option. This led to them developing the stem cells therapy. According to lunginstitute.com, with its treatment option, the Institute aims at addressing the disease progression rather than relieving symptoms.

The Institute chose to use stem cells due to its properties of self-renewing, ability to form body tissue and ability to regenerate. Their plasticity quality, where cells from one part are able to transform their functions to other types of tissue, is the primary function of the stem cells therapy. The stem cells which are majorly used are the autologous stem cells which are derived from the patient’s body.

During the bone marrow treatment or venous (Blood) treatment is when these cells are extracted. After being removed, the stem cells are separated from the other body cells to ensure the stem cells will be the only cells used during the therapy. After being collected, they are returned to the patient’s body intravenously where they begin the healing process.

Through their stem cells therapy, lives have been saved something the traditional treatments were not in a position of doing.

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Read more: https://lunginstitute.com/testimonials/

Strong Sports Documentaries That are Worth Watching


Sports documentaries are unique stories in that they both appeal to a sports fan, but also can be designed for those who normally aren’t interested in the genre. The best ones are historical for a particular fan of a sport, but also riveting and engaging enough within the human aspect for a normal person looking to hear a good story.

Among good sports documentaries about professional soccer teams, “Once in a Lifetime: The Extraordinary Story of the New York Cosmos” stands among as one of the best in the particular sport of football or soccer. Detailing the short-lived rise of the Cosmos franchise when the sport was still very much of a niche sport within the United States, the 2006 documentary provides a 97-minute look at pushing a dream well beyond of the scope of what was originally thought of.

Steve Ross who tries to turn his Cosmos squad into a world power almost overnight in 1975 by signing of some of the elite star players of the world such as Pele and Franz Beckenbauer. The Cosmos do hit mainstream popularity even in the Big Apple, but the ride is relatively short-lived the team folded only a decade later.

Conversely, baseball is an ideal sport for both the team and the individual player. Few elite baseball players bring more polarizing views than the all-time hits leader Pete Rose though he is arguably the best player in baseball. In the 2010 documentary, “4192: the Crowning of the Hit King” actually is a close look at the playing style of Rose during his two-decade career and his march to baseball’s hits record.

Rose eventually was banned from baseball for gambling, but this is about his career. Narrated by J.K. Simmons, the documentary doesn’t only contain personal comments by Rose himself, but from former teammates such as Tony Perez and Mike Schmidt.  These are just a couple of the sports documentaries on Netflix, but there are a ton of others if these don’t grab you.

Goettl: The most adept air conditioning service provider

Goettl is an air conditioning service provider. Goettl air conditioning was initially founded in 1939 by Gust and Adam Goettl. The company later set base in Las Vegas in 1968. As a result of economic recession, the company was forced to leave Southern Nevada in 2007. An entrepreneur, Ken Goodrich would later purchase the company in 2013. He is the current CEO of the company. Ken Goodrich has vast experience in acquiring, integrating and developing heating and air conditioning systems as well as plumbing services.

Goettl air conditioning provides high-quality AC and heating equipment in addition to repair, maintenance, and replacement services. Through their air conditioning feature, they strive to provide perfect air circulation functionality for homes and even office spaces. They strive to pick the right type and size of system that suits client’s specific needs. This is important in reducing energy costs.

Goettl air conditioning is also known to provide high-efficiency heating systems to its clients. These systems can be electric and gas furnaces or radiant heating systems.Besides installing these utilities, the firm also does their maintenance. Such services ensure a prolonged equipment life, reduce repairs, reduce the cost of energy as well as boost efficiency.

Goettl air conditioning also provides repair services for the heating and air conditioning systems. In instances of total failure of these systems, the firm does their replacement. The company’s success is boosted by its professionalism, competitive pricing, 24/7 services, and a favorable warranty system.

Goettl air conditioning serves the following areas; Tucson, Phoenix, South California and Las Vegas. The company has presence in social media; Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Through these outlets, the company carries out more effective advertising as compared to using conventional channels of product promotion owing to its greater reach. Through social media, customers get in touch with the firm easily when in need of passing along a product review or lodging a complaint.

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