David Giertz Care’s About Your Future Finances

David Giertz’s career as financial services advisor started at Citigroup. It took less than ten years for David to acquire the position of Area Director. David joined Nationwide Financial Services in 1999. Then Regional Vice President in Miami, Florida, during his first years with Nationwide Financial Services, profits for the Southeast Zone increased to 48%. He has more than 30 years’ experience in the industry of financial services. His unfailing and influential strategies for developing revenue are outstanding. As President of Nationwide’s Financial distribution and sales group, David’s talents in operation’s attributed to the increase in sales from $11B to a $17.8B surge in revenue.

Since 2013, David serves in the position of Senior Vice President of Sales and Distribution with Dublin, Ohio’s Nationwide Financial services. David Giertz’s relentless motivation and efforts coupled with his inspirational coaching abilities give him the ability to build innovative lucrative businesses. He genuinely takes an interest in retirement security as well.

He gave some valuable feedback on social security in an interview with Wall Street Journal. David Giertz explains that according to results of a Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute survey of consumers who are retired or within ten years of retirement, advisors are not talking to them about Social Security, the part of their retirement that could be up to 40% of their retirement income.

Mr. Gietz blames the problem on the fact that many people find it difficult to have confidence in their understanding of a handbook that has over twenty-seven hundred rules. David Giertz also explained the dangers of activating social security benefits too early. Early activation could sustain twelve thousand dollars a year or a thousand dollars a month in retirement income losses. He noted that the social security income is an essential part of optimizing a retires social security.

Lacey and Larkin Expose a Crooked Man

I am proud that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have dedicated their time to take the battle to Sheriff Joe Arpaio and expose all the evil crimes that he is guilty of committing. The vindictiveness and vengeful spirit of Sheriff Joe Arpaio can be detailed in a book as big as the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are not able to oppose Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the legal sense since neither of them are lawyers. They also cannot fight him in a lobbyist sense since neither of them are politicians. However, since they own several publications that span the country, they can use these to reveal how evil Sheriff Joe Arpaio is.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin fight daily to reveal the vast amounts of crimes the Sheriff Joe Arpaio is committing. He may call himself America’s Toughest Sheriff, but they know that in reality, he is the most brutal and unforgiving Sheriff that America has ever seen.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio shows his crooked heart by how awful he treats the inmates in his prison system. It is widely known that Sheriff Joe Arpaio humiliates new inmates by dressing them in ladies underwear. He does this because he actually wants the older inmates to treat these younger inmates as if they were girls and possibly even rape them in the prison cells.

Lacey and Jim also published in their newspapers the awful conditions that can be seen in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s jail cells. They showed how the security guards would routinely spread fecal matter on the walls and floors in order to shame the inmates. They also showed how the cafeteria would serve food beyond the expiration date which had moldy meat and rotten fruit.

They also showed in their newspapers how Sheriff Joe Arpaio was proud to run his own personal concentration camp. This concentration camp is known as Tent City. This Arizona jail will often rise to 135°F in the middle of the summer. Prisoners will often go into heatstroke from dehydration since they are denied water.

After they have sweated it out outside, they are brought in to be beaten by the security guards so that they are taught a lesson. We also have reports of mothers in labor being chained to their beds and denied the right to see a physician.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin also showed in their newspapers how Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his jail system are responsible for various wrongful deaths. They show how many people were denied their medications and died as a result.

They showed how Hispanics were chained and suffocated. They even showed how there is an exponential rise in Hispanic suicides by hanging ever since Sheriff Joe Arpaio came onto the scene.

The report that would do in Sheriff Joe Arpaio was the report of him breaking the Constitution. Sheriff Joe Arpaio created a personal Army by deputizing citizens to racially profile Hispanics and Latinos. This violated the rights of Americans.

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White Shark Media Reviews Helps Potential Clients Make a Choice about Which SEO Firm to Choose

It is natural for the companies these days to focus more on online marketing than on other conventional forms of marketing methods. However, online marketing needs expertise and skills because in the otherwise case, it might take forever to get any results or it just might do more damage than good.

When it comes to hiring professional online marketing firms in the United States, White Shark Media is counted amongst the top PPC management and SEO firms in the country. Even though the company is relatively new, it has been soaring ranks at a rapid pace and had a client base from across the globe. White Shark Media has very responsive customer service as well, which ensures that the clients get the answers to their questions without having to wait for days and weeks.

The company understands that online marketing is not everyone’s cup of tea, but is what every business or a freelance professional must engage in to get more clients and enhance their revenue. It is for this reason; White Shark Media helps the clients to thoroughly understand the SEO strategy that the company plans to implement to help achieve the clients’ business goals. The testimonials of White Shark Media are all over the internet, and it speaks highly about how the company understands what the clients want and customize their online marketing strategy accordingly to help get results.

White Shark Media reviews can be easily found online, and it helps the clients get a better look at how the company functions. The company has an extensive web presence, and it helps the new and potential clients to expand their business online through their efficient and affordable web marketing services. White Shark Media reviews are there online for anyone to see and decide for themselves if it is the right SEO company for them or not.

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James Larkin

“A fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.” That was one of James Larkins, also known as Jim, favourite phrases. Born January 21, 1876 in Liverpool, England Jim Larkin had very little education growing up.

His poor Irish parents had a lot of trouble making enough money to support their family. So, at a young age James Larkin went to work instead of school.

He worked in many manual jobs eventually ending up at the Liverpool docks as foreman. Jim was a socialist and believed very strongly that workers were not treated well and he was extremely committed to fixing that.

In 1905 he joined the National Union of Dock Labourers, or NUDL, and then became a full-time trade union organiser.

Two years later the NUDL became afraid of Jim Larkins methods and sent him to Dublin where he founded the Irish Transport and General Workers Union(ITGWU). Larkin wanted to have one union for all of Ireland’s industrial workers, not only the skilled but unskilled as well.

By the end of 1908 he had put together a political program that would greatly help the people in the ITGWU. That program included pensions for all workers at 60 years old and an eight hour work day.

Jim Larkin and James connolly worked together in 1912 to form the Irish Labor Party where he lead several strikes.

One of the most famous and significant strikes Jim lead was the Dublin Lockout in 1913. After almost eight months and more than 100,000 workers on strike they won the right to fair employment.

Jim Larkin never used violence in his strikes but instead had sympathetic strikes and boycotting of goods. He understood that destroying the businesses were not going to help the people but hurt them. Read more: James Larkin | Ireland Calling and Jim Larkin | Biography

When the First World War came Jim Larkin fought against that too. He held anti-war demonstrations in Dublin, asking Irishmen not to get involved. In 1914 he went to the United States for a lecture tour that did not go as planned.

Jim Larkin was convicted of communism in 1920 and sent to sing sing. After spending three years in sing sing he was pardoned in 1923 and deported back to Ireland.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Readies To Say Goodbye To The CEO Role Of Banco Bradesco SA

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a well-known executive in the financial sector of Brazil as the CEO and President of Banco Bradesco SA, one of the leading banks in the Brazilian banking sector. He was the central figure all the strategies and growth of the firm for the last few decades and helped it to become the second-largest bank in the country by market value. As of late 2017, it is announced that Luiz Carlos Trabuco would resign from the role of CEO by March 2018, and the firm has started its search for new CEO to lead the company. Interestingly, he was selected as the Chairman of the banking firm in October 2017, when the-then Chairman, Lazaro de Mello Brandao, stepped down from the role.

This meant that Trabuco would continue to lead the firm as the CEO and Chairman until March 2018 when new CEO assumes the role. In a recent interview, he did not conclude any names to the role as the firm is in search for the suitable candidate. It has created a quite a buzz in the Brazilian financial industry as who will replace Trabuco in the role, and many names are circulating in the media. O Estado de, a Sao Paulo based newspaper, points out that Mauricio Minas, the VP of technology at the bank, is the most popular name in the list.

Since the banking firm has six vice presidents, every one of them has the probability of filling the vacancy. They are: Alexandre da Silva Glüher, VP of investor relations; Domingos Figueiredo de Abreu, VP of credit and treasury; Josué Augusto Pancini, VP of whole service network as well as for Prime; André Rodrigues Cano, VP with charges of Human Resources; and Octavio of Lazari Junior, CEO of the insurance division of the bank, Bradesco Seguros according to economia.estadao.com.br. While Glüher is considered as the most experienced with many acquisitions and integration expertise, Pancini has been one of the longtime holding vice presidents.

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Considering the banking firm follows a tradition of recruiting in-house Presidents, the VPs have the highest possible chances for the role. However, Luiz Carlos Trabuco confirmed the changes that are going to be reflected on the Board of Directors of the bank. He said that the next CEO would not be occupied in the executive body of the bank. Also, the vacancy of Trabuco as the vice-president of the Council will be replaced by Carlos Alberto Guilherme, who reportedly started working with the bank at the age of 13.

While coming to Luiz Carlos Trabuco, he has more than four decades of experience in collaborating with Bradesco. In his long career, he assumed various leadership roles and led the firm transitioning to the trends in the market. Trabuco served as the Executive Vice President, Managing Director, Vice President, Department Director, and more at the bank during his career. Since March 2009, he was elevated to the CEO role of the firm and led the company in some critical acquisitions and integrations. Interestingly, Trabuco started his career as a clerk at the bank at the age of 22, in 1969.

Apart from leading the banking firm, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was also a member of ArcelorMittal Brasil board. He is also serving as the Director and President of Odontoprev since 2009. He was also the President of ANAPP – the association of private pension plans – and was the member of ABRASCA managing board. While coming to the education, Trabuco completed his graduation in Philosophy from the University of Sao Paulo in its Arts Faculty. Trabuco also secured his post-graduation from the School of Politics and Sociology – the University of Sao Paulo.

Find more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco: http://economia.estadao.com.br/blogs/coluna-do-broad/bradesco-deve-anunciar-sucessor-de-trabuco-antes-do-carnaval/

How Sheldon Lavin has Contributed to the Success of OSI Group LLC

Not many accountants have achieved great success in food production industry like Lavin. After spending many years working as an investor and banker, Lavin decided to change his career to food processing. His journey to accomplish his dreams began when he facilitated financing for Otto and Sons Company when they wanted to launch a plant for processing meat. Otto and Sons was later changed to OSI Group LLC, where Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive Officer.

As Lavin became more concerned with Otto and Sons Company, he began to look for investment opportunities in various continents. He was later enlisted as a partner and in 1970 he started activities that were meant to keep business excelling. Under his watch, OSI Group LLC has expanded through Europe, North America, Asia and South America.

As a seasoned accountant, Sheldon Lavin knew various ways he could use to be successful in business. Many people had succeeded in their business and Lavin knew that he could not be optional. Since he had gained experience managing properties worth millions of dollars, he had confidence that he could compete in the business world.

Sheldon Lavin’s Vision

When Sheldon was offering financial consultancy services to Otto and Sons Company, he realized that the company had many wasted opportunities. He believed that the firm would do well if its employees would give it good attention. He later developed a perfect plan that would boost the growth of the company. Nobody could think that the company could take over the American market and ultimately the whole world. This plan worked perfectly when Sheldon Lavin was appointed the Chief Executive officer. He started to invest in the company and managed it using the best skills he had gained over the years.

Expansion of Operations

After few decades Lavin has managed to expand the company operations more than he thought. The OSI Group is in more than 17 countries currently. It has more than 70 facilities strategically located in various parts of the world. This expansion challenged Sheldon to work harder and remain focused. Sheldon has not achieved yet. He is planning to offer his services to various parts of the world. There is also a new idea from clients that the company should include baked foods and vegetables. OSI Group will continue to shine under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin. This article is a must-read for all entrepreneurs who are planning to venture into food processing industry. Sheldon is no doubt a successful businessman willing to take food processing to greater heights

Nathaniel Ru Gets Innovative

The fast food industry is oversaturated with a ton of restaurants that are making many Americans even more obese. What Nathaniel Ru has done is change the way that people look at fast food by creating a casual environment where people can still get affordable food that is healthy.

This inventive restaurant was created in 2007, and it has been referred to as one of the most innovative new restaurant chains in America. This restaurant is known as Sweetgreen.

When people go online they can instantly see that there is a menu that they can order from online. They can also download the app and make orders this way as well.

This is one of the things that has attracted a young crowd that does not want to wait in line for their orders. Nathanael Green knew that this would be something that would be appealing to a younger generation.

Nathaniel was also able to promote Sweetgreen in a way that it would attract more schools to make purchases for Sweetgreen orders when it came to catering things like school parties. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru :

Sweetgreen Entreprenuers | Fortune

Many people that are fans of fresh salads and nutritional meals will look to Sweetgreen for their catering needs. This is something that causes a chain reaction and a big word of mouth promotion. People have become big fans of the Sweetgreen environment so it seems only natural that people will pass on the word to friends when they became excited about eating in some of these establishments.

Nathaniel has made good on his promise to keep this food within a price range that is affordable, and now he is also coming up with the innovation of starting the cashless restaurant. He is putting forth an effort to help people that are comfortable with paying with their credit card and debit card eliminate the need for using any type of cash inside of his Sweetgreen restaurants.

He feels that this will increase safety because there will be no physical cash flow inside of the restaurant. This is definitely something that is innovative, but the digital types of currency like Bitcoin are appearing to make this cashless environment much more of a reality.

Nathaniel Ru has his eyes set on lots of new innovations, and with more than 90 million dollars from venture capitalist it is going to be easy for Nathaniel Ru to make these types of innovative changes.

Lime Crime’s Red Lipstick Meets Riverdale Popularity

If you’ve been wondering how Madelaine Petsch manages to stand out in every single scene as Riverdale’s local heartbreaker Cheryl Blossom, MTV recently spilled the beans on exactly what product is used to give her that fire-engine pouty look.

The signature “Cheryl Blossom Look” that dominates her scenes on Riverdale actually comes from Lime Crime and their relatively affordable and cake-named Red Velvet

lipstick. Red Velvet comes from their Matte Velvetine and is a vanilla scented and richly pigmented color chiefly inspired by the look of Red Roses.

Lime Crime offers their looks as being touch proof and kiss proof, making it line up with the kind of person who never knows where the night might take them, whether it’s a simple outing among friends when you’re looking to turn heads or heading out into the darkness of the night like one Cheryl Blossom herself.

All Lime Crime makeup is absolutely vegan and cruelty free, so those looking to complete or make their own Cheryl Blossom look only need to worry about turning heads and not hurting the environment.

Lime Crime’s own Venus Eyeshadow palette would be a great fit for those looking to round out their own personal style with a little bit of a throwback to the show itself, with eight robust grunge-esque colors all packaged together in a mirrored, kitschy display box.

You may also consider Lime Crime’s Pink Lemonade palette Out of their 90’s retro-toy inspired collection is five colors that go perfect right above Red Velvet lips – ensuring that your entire look can be as cruelty free and vegan as your lips are and perfect whether you’re falling into the arms of a lover or turning heads on your daily night out.

It’s no wonder Cheryl Blossom herself prefers the Red Velvet lips, and you can make the look work yourself and stay 100% cruelty free at the same time.

Infrastructure Matters in Brazil Says Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens indicates that managing infrastructure matters prior to 2017 coming to a close is precisely what the government wishes to do. The latter portion of the year is going to be packed with all types of action. Tarcisio Gomes de Freitas is going to be organizing 18 infrastructure auctions within 2017’s final four months. Felipe Montoro Jens is an infrastructure project specialist who said that a secretary guaranteed him that there would be absolutely no schedule adjustments. The secretary made this promise back in June. Adjustments would not occur regardless of the political dialogue that’s going on with the government in Brazil. 2017’s auctions began in September.

Tarcisio Gomes de Freitas wants to give Brazilian productivity a major boost. He thinks that Brazil can attain enhanced productivity. He does, however, believe that the process is going to be quite complicated. He also believes that it may take time. He thinks that a productivity boost calls for an infrastructure division that’s markedly more modern. He thinks that it also calls for a division that’s significantly larger. Freita wishes to get away from the pitfalls that discourage investors. He wishes to get away from the pitfalls that lead to rises in unemployment as well. He doesn’t think that it will be simple to move away from concessions. He doesn’t want the people of Brazil to have to be held back by budget limitations, either.

Freita’s objective is to take care of errors that have saddled the nation before. He wants to create a clean slate. He thinks that excessive state involvement has contributed to many problems for the country. He also thinks that excessive involvement has brought on project balance issues. Freita wishes to move forward in a clear, straightforward and focused manner. He wants the country to do the same.

The $3 Trillion Healthcare Industry Needs More Entrepreneurs According To Healthcare IT Consultant Drew Madden

Donald Trump did his best to put the healthcare industry in a tailspin when he uprooted Obamacare. No one can deny the fact that healthcare is an expensive and frustrating topic. The United States healthcare system is one of the worst systems in the world when it comes to treating patients who need help paying for proper care. But all the flaws and complications that seem to be inherent in healthcare are not stopping companies like Amazon and CVS from getting their feet wet in the healthcare industry. Amazon is investing in the medical equipment part of the industry, and CVS may buy health insurance giant Aetna.

Those companies know proper healthcare is the number one priority for the aging Baby Boomers. And it a necessity for the Millennial generation. But trying to put a timely healthcare system in place that is efficient, cost-effective, and relevant when it comes to patient needs is not easy, according to Drew Madden. Drew Madden is one of the managing partners of Evergreen Healthcare Partners. Madden is a seasoned veteran in the healthcare space. He’s an avid electronic medical records proponent. And he is one of the healthcare entrepreneurs who understand what it takes to bring about change in the healthcare industry. When Madden was president of Nordic Consulting Partners, he was instrumental in putting Nordic on the healthcare map in terms of implementing Epic implementation services and incorporating various migration strategies.

Trying to get healthcare providers to implement electronic medical records is a big challenge because some doctors say electronic systems are time-consuming and hard to understand. Those doctors say electronic medical records are for bureaucrats, not physicians. Public healthcare systems across the country are slowing down because of new information-technology systems. But Drew Madden believes those healthcare systems don’t get the help they need from companies like Evergreen. In order to get EMR platforms running smoothly, healthcare providers need entrepreneurs who can guide them through the EMR process, according to Madden. Madden and his Evergreen partners are the entrepreneurs who are providing the guidance healthcare providers need to focus on other healthcare issues.

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