UFC Fight Night Bigfoot Vs. Mir

Frank Mir will be taking on Bigfoot Silva on February 22, in the main event of UFC Fight Night Bigfoot vs. Mir. This is a big fight for both competitors. Mir and Bigfoot have been looking lackluster as of late. Both fighters have suffered several crushing defeats, and a loss for either fighter could prove to be the end.

Mir vs. Bigfoot should be an exciting fight, and the big fans like Ray Lane can’t wait,  but it could also end up being a one sided fight. Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva is a giant man that possesses well rounded skills in all facets of mixed martial arts.

Frank Mir will have his hands full against the giant wonder. Mir is a former UFC heavyweight champion, but that is before he suffered a life threatening motorcycle accident. Since the accident, Frank Mir has never been the same. Bigfoot Silva may prove to be too much for the aging former champion. Frank Mir’s strength is his Jiu Jitsu, but Bigfoot is no slouch in that department either.

I predict that Bigfoot Silva will knock Frank Mir out before the third round. For more information on UFC Fight Night Bigfoot Vs. Mir, visit Yahoo! Sports.

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  1. Silva cuts weight in order to make the 265 lb heavyweight limit. Bigfoot is also a very aggressive fighter that does not show any respect inside of the octagon. It is imperative that superior writing paper could have lived up to what people demands from them.

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