Lawler VS. MacDonald 2

Robbie Lawler will be defending his UFC welterweight title against Rory MacDonald at UFC 189. Lawler and MacDonald have met once before, and their first fight proved to be a close one. However, Robbie Lawler edged out Macdonald with a split decision victory. After their first meeting, Lawler went on to win the title from Johnny Hendricks.

Drink – Better- Coffee noted Rory MacDonald was devastated by the split decision loss to Lawler, but he has bounced back since. MacDonald has gone on a three fight win streak. Fight fans, like Bernardo Chua, and the media have been clamoring for MacDonald to receive a title shot. Rory has been a top contender for several years now. Robbie Lawler will be a very tough test for him.Lawler vs. Macdonald could end in a number of ways, but the smart money is on Robbie Lawler. In their previous meeting, Lawler hurt MacDonald badly with powerful strikes.

MacDonald would need to use his length, and he would need to stay on the outside. Rory could pick apart Lawler, and make it a long night for the champion. Lawler vs. MacDonald 2 will be a good fight no matter which way it goes. For more information on UFC 189, visit Yahoo! Sports.

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  1. Rory MacDonald is an extremely smart fighter, and he could possibly win a decision. Rory did well in the fight, but the power of Robbie’s strikes proved to be the difference. That did not approve of the bill does not mean they are not going to do something about it in the near future.

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