Ronda Rousey Will Not Fight A Man Because…

She does not have to. This woman has nothing to prove, and there is a distinct issue with fighting men because of the chivalry that we want to keep up in society. She is not going to fight a man because it is not fair to either parties. If she beats a guy in a match, he will be crushed forever for losing to her. If she loses, everyone will say that she was a fake even though she is the most dominant female fighter of all time.

There is something that we need to remember about the way that fighting happens in MMA as seen on  They fight in their weight classes, and the playing field is level. This is not some kind of cage match society that is like the Thunderdome. If you want to live in the Thunderdome, that is fine. However, none of the rest of use live in that world. You need to remember that she has nothing to prove, but she is not going to put someone in a bad position.

One thought on “Ronda Rousey Will Not Fight A Man Because…”

  1. She is a great fighter who wants to do other things, and she cannot allow the unfairness of a fight against a man to get in the way. These fighters do not fight all the time. It is very good to know which essay service can make a lot of things happen all at once which is very good too.

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