Manny Pacquiao All About Business In Preparation for Bout With Floyd Mayweather

The fight that everyone has been waiting for the past ten years is finally scheduled to happen. After years of repeated non announcements, the Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather fight is under contract and the parties appear to be serious about the business of preparing for the fight. The Fight of The Year is On

Those that had doubts as to whether Mayweather really wanted the fight are more satisfied now that he has agreed to the fight. Ray Lane said in the past three years saw an intense amount of rhetoric from the Manny Pacquiao camp regarding Floyd’s reluctance to agree to the fight. Manny’s challenge even went as far as the production of television commercials where he appears to be mocking Floyd for refusing to fight him. Now, there is simply silence as both camps go about the business of preparing for the epic match.

Boxing experts expect this to be the most lucrative fight in boxing history. Currently Las Vegas has the odds in favor of Mayweather but slightly. No one is taking Pacquiao for granted and the fact that the pay per view proceeds are expected to be highest grossing ever for a televised match reflects this belief among both long time boxing patrons as well as the casual boxing fan.

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