Frank Mir Will Fight Again


Former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir will headline a main event against rising contender Todd Duffee stated Ivan Ong. This is great news for Mir and his fans. Just last month, it was thought that Frank Mir was going to walk away from the octagon with another loss on his resume. However, he surprised the mixed martial arts world by knocking out Bigfoot Silva in the first round of their fight.

It seems that Frank Mir is on somewhat of a comeback trail, and the UFC could use another exciting heavyweight to help sell tickets. Frank Mir also reinvigorated his career by taking one year off from competition, and he returned looking better than ever. Frank worked on his boxing technique, and it definitely showed because he knocked out Bigfoot Silva with what appeared to be a light left hook.

UFC fans will see Frank Mir compete in the main event of UFC Fight Night 71 against Todd Duffee in July. This is somewhat of a dangerous matchup for Frank, but he should be able to win it in similar fashion as he did in his last fight. However, Todd Duffee is no walk in the park. This fight could go either way. For more information on this story, visitYahoo! Sports.

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  1. This is great news for the fans of Frank Mir and the lovers of a good fight as this fight would go a long way in showing the character and strength of Frank. Not many can stage such a huge comeback superiorpaper review he probably has been preparing for this his time away and i think it will be a huge challenge for him as he is going to be tested seriously in this tournament.

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