Mayweather Proclaims Himself As The Greatest

Floyd Mayweather has been known as one of the most controversial and arrogant boxing champions in the history of the sport. However, his recent words have taken his arrogant personality to an all new level. Floyd Mayweather has proclaimed that he is the greatest fighter ever.

Fersen Lambranho reminds us that not too long ago, Stephen A. Smith interviewed Floyd Mayweather. Floyd said the most outrageous thing that he’s ever said yet. Mayweather said that he is the greatest boxer that ever lived, and he said that he is greater than Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson. Floyd Mayweather continued on by saying that Muhammad Ali has losses, and that he cannot be considered the greatest.

Floyd Mayweather needs to check himself, and it is quite obvious to boxing fans that he is not the greatest ever. Sugar Ray Robinson is the greatest ever, and Muhammad Ali is also one of the greatest of all time. Muhammad Ali faced the toughest fighters in his era, and he never ducked or dodged a single opponent. However, Floyd Mayweather has dodged several fighters over the course of his career, and that’s why he is still undefeated. On May 2nd, Manny Pacquiao may just shut Mayweather up once and for all. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo! Sports.