Mayweather and His Domestic Violence Problems

People to view certain state laws to be biased when it comes to certain celebrities. Mayweather has been charged six times with domestic violence but has only served about two months in jail. He has not been reprimanded by the Nevada Athletic Commission in anyway. He is still able to make millions of dollars as a professional fighter within the state.

Oliveira said that some may deem Mayweather’s ability to continue to fight and make money to be unfair. If Mayweather was an everyday “Joe” or even a professional player in a different sport he would possibly be receiving additional consequences for his domestic violence charges. One could say that Mayweather is just receiving a slap on the wrist for the domestic violence charges.

Not all of Mayweather’s judicial problems are behind him. He is currently being sued by his ex-fiancée Shantel Jackson. Shantel Jackson claims that Mayweather physically hit her and even threatened to shoot her with his gun. Though this case is still active Mayweather is able to obtain his promoter’s license and book fights. The state athletic commission has questioned Mayweather about his charges and the civil suit against him, but they have not taken away any privileges away from the fighter. He is still scheduled to fight Manny Pacquiao and earn approximately $180 million dollars.

The world of boxing differs from other sports like football. As one may recall, Ray Rice was suspended by the NFL commissioner due to domestic violence. I wonder how Mayweather would react if his domestic violence charges caused him to sit out a couple of fights.