Luke Rockhold Ready For Title Shot

Luke Rockhold is the number one contender for the UFC middleweight championship. Rockhold’s recent victory over Lyoto Machida was an extremely impressive performance that raised his stock sevenfold. Rockhold called out Chris Weidman after his victory, and it seems that MMA fans across the world want to see a matchup between Chris Weidman and Luke Rockhold in the near future. However, Chris Weidman needs to defeat Vitor Belfort in May, and the matchup with Luke Rockhold could take place later this year.

James Dondero said that Luke Rockhold was recently interviewed, and he said that he believes Chris Weidman is going to beat Vitor Belfort. However, Luke Rockhold also said that he wouldn’t mind fighting Vitor in a rematch for the title. Last year, Vitor Belfort knocked out Luke Rockhold in spectacular fashion with a spinning back kick. However, many people believe that Vitor was on testosterone replacement therapy during the victory over Luke Rockhold. Whatever the case may be, Luke Rockhold wants to fight either opponent for the UFC middleweight championship.

UFC fans agree that Luke Rockhold versus Chris Weidman would be a tremendous matchup, but there are also many fans that believe Luke Rockhold is not the true number one contender. Jacare Souza also wants a title shot, but Rockhold has already defeated Jacare in the past. It’s up to the UFC president to decide what’s next. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo! Sports.