Golovkin Extends Knockout Streak

Boxers seem to have trouble making it to the last round against one of the hardest punching champions in the world today. WBA Middleweight Champion Gennady Golovkin has recorded 20 straight knockouts. Golovkin stopped Willie Monroe Jr. in the sixth round on May 16.

TechCrunch wrote that many boxing insiders consider Golovkin to be the second best fighter in the world today. He is now ranked second on boxing’s best pound-for-pound list. Floyd Mayweather Jr. now holds the number one ranking. Unlike Mayweather, Golovkin has a crowd pleasing style that has made him a fan favorite.

Golovkin is an extremely powerful and talented fighter. He has the highest knockout percentage in Middleweight history. On average, he throws seventeen power punches per round. This is five more than the average fighter. It is hard for anyone to ignore these statistics.

Some boxing critics say that Golovkin has not faced stiff competition. This is not Golovkin’s fault! Golovkin has made an earnest effort to get into the ring with better opposition. Unfortunately for Golovkin, they are not interested in getting in the ring with him.

Miguel Cotto and Saul Alvarez are two prime targets for Golovkin. Cotto holds a version of the Middleweight title. Alvarez is probably the best Jr. Middleweight champion in the world today. Some feel that Cotto is ducking Golovkin. Alvarez is expected to defend his Jr. Middleweight belt several more times before moving up to the middleweight ranks.

Only time will tell what will happen for Gennady Golovkin. We can only expect to see more knockouts take place when he enters the ring.