Sam Gordon Inspires a New Football League

Sam Gordon got famous due to a YouTube video, but it wasn’t your typical video. Instead, it was a highlight reel of the girl – who wasn’t even ten years old yet – playing football. She was part of the youth football system that was made up of 99 percent boys, but she dominated, running all over the field and staring in a league where many people assumed she couldn’t play. Not only did she play, but she was usually the best player on the field by a wide margin.

Now, Sam has served as the inspiration for a new league, which is an all-girls tackle football league. It was started in her home state of Utah. The league just kicked off its first week. They say that this is just the first step, but that the ultimate goal is to make full-contact football, in pads and helmets, as common for women as it is for men. They would like to work their way up and have a pro league, similar to the WNBA.

Even if they don’t get a pro league, the youth league is still huge for girls, as Flavio Maluf points out. It lets them have all of the same sports options as boys, rather than limiting them. If Sam proved anything, it was that girls could play and be the best, but even Sam will need to stop when the boys get bigger; with this league, girls can keep playing.