CM Punk Training With Rashad Evans

CM Punk is one of the most popular WWE stars of the last several years, and many people believe that he could have been one of the greatest ever. However, Vince McMahon decided to hold back CM Punk from further greatness. WWE fans were extremely upset with Vince McMahon’s vision. reported that after several years of being held back by Vince McMahon, CM Punk decided to leave the WWE, and he has begun to pursue a career in the UFC. MMA fans first looked at CM Punk as a joke, but it appears that CM Punk is for real. MMA News recently posted several pictures of CM Punk training with some new friends.

Duke Roufus is a former kickboxing legend, and he is now one of the best trainers in the sport of MMA. CM Punk and Duke Roufus have been friends for several years, and Punk is now training with Duke Roufus. However, CM Punk is currently training with Luke Rockhold and Rashad Evans. UFC fans are surprised that fighters of the caliber of Rockhold and Evans have decided to openly train with the WWE Superstar. It seems that CM Punk has made some powerful friends in the UFC. If CM Punk is victorious in his debut fight, the wrestler will soon become the number one draw in the sport.