Jose Aldo Angry With The UFC

Jose Aldo is the UFC featherweight champion of the world, and he is well respected among the mixed martial arts community. Aldo hasn’t been defeated in years, and no one has even come close to taking away his title. Nonetheless, the UFC has been downplaying Aldo’s skills for the last several months. However, Jose Aldo recently spoke out against the UFC.

If you don’t know, the UFC recently partnered with Reebok, and now the clothing and sports company will be the sole sponsor of the UFC and its fighters.  Sam Tabar mentions that this means that fighters in the UFC are not able to wear any other sponsorships while appearing inside of the Octagon. The top UFC fighters and champions will only receive $50,000 when wearing the Reebok logo on their fight trunks.

Jose Aldo called the Reebok deal garbage, and he’s hoping that more fighters stand up against the company’s terrible decision to allow Reebok to claim ownership over the fighters. UFC athletes Brendan Schaub, Donald Cerrone, and now Jose Aldo have openly spoke out against the terrible deal that the UFC made. Some fighters are happy with the UFC right now, but that will all change once the Reebok deal is set into motion on July 19. MMAFighting published an article that features a detailed interview with Jose Aldo, and the champion does not hold back any criticisms that he currently has for the UFC.