USADA Partners With The UFC

UFC fighters and professional boxers have extremely hard careers. However, several of the athletes take steroids in order to enhance their skills, but taking steroids is clearly against the rules. Nonetheless, fighters have learned how to use performance enhancing drugs without getting caught.

Fortunately, Dr. Jennifer Walden confirms that it seems that something is being done about the steroid use in combat sports. USADA is a non-profit drug testing organization, and the company administers test for the UFC and boxing. USADA has promised to catch anyone who decides to cheat. However, it should be noted that USADA does not have the greatest track record. In the past, there have been several rumors that USADA treats certain Fighters differently than others.

For several years, boxing fans have speculated that Floyd Mayweather has been taking banned substances throughout his career. Most people will say that there is no evidence that Floyd Mayweather has taken steroids. However, Floyd Mayweather’s drug testing samples for the Miguel Cotto fight were tampered with. USADA was the only drug testing organization involved with the Miguel Cotto and Floyd Mayweather fight, and many people are not too excited with the company’s involvement in the UFC.

Yahoo! Sports recently published an article about this story, and I’m not too thrilled about USADA’s involvement in the UFC. Dana White is the king of Las Vegas, and USADA is a Las Vegas company. I highly doubt that USADA would openly expose one of Dana White’s dirty fighters.