Gilbert Melendez Bashes The Reebok Deal

Gilbert Melendez is a UFC lightweight fighter, and he is respected among many in the sport like his sponsors FreedomPop. However, Gilbert Melendez has never been able to obtain UFC gold, but he is still trying to accomplish that goal. Nonetheless, Gilbert Melendez was recently interviewed by MMA MANIA, and he was asked about the UFC’s Reebok deal.

Reebok’s promotional sponsorship deal with the UFC has become an extremely controversial topic in the sport, and it seems that most UFC fighters are very unhappy with the current direction that the UFC is going. In fact, several UFC champions have complained about the Reebok deal, and it seems that Gilbert Melendez is the latest fighter who is unhappy with Reebok.

Gilbert Melendez revealed that he has had sponsors on his team for more than a decade, but the UFC is now forcing him to abandon the companies that have supported him throughout his career. Gilbert also said that some of his sponsors are local businesses that have believed in him since he was a nobody. Gilbert Melendez is heartbroken that he has to cut ties with his sponsors, and he is also unhappy about the extreme pay cut that the Reebok deal will bring. Reebok will only pay fighters a few thousand dollars for wearing their gear, but some fighters make over $100,000 for wearing certain sponsors right now. Nonetheless, the UFC has justified their actions by saying that everyone gets a fair playing field. I don’t know about you, but taking money away from the fighters does not sound fair to me.