Dusty Rhodes Dead

Virgil Runnels, A.K.A. as Dusty Rhodes, is dead at the age of 69. Rhodes was a professional wrestler with the WWE as well as many other organizations over the years. He also in the WWE Hall of Fame and was a three time champion for NWA. The cause of death is yet to be released. Tributes from wrestling fans and other wrestlers have taken over social media.

According to gazetadopova.com, Runnels started his professional career in the early 1970’s and wrestled all the way into the 90’s. The American Dream, that was his nickname, was one of the most entertaining figures in all of professional wrestling. He was once banned by the state of Florida and not allowed to wrestle for 60 days which lead to one of the most memorable wrestling matches in history. Shortly after being banned in 1963, Ric Flair had a match in which a masked man showed up as his opponent. The masked man, who was about the same size as Rhodes, weighed in at about 265 pounds and was roughly six feet tall. The unknown wrestler called himself The Midnight Rider. The Midnight Rider would go on to beat Ric Flair for the championship and win the belt. He was asked to remove his mask, to which he refused and was stripped from the belt that he had just won. Of course everyone knew who the masked man was. Runnels stayed actively involved in wrestling even after retiring.