Jean Claude Van Damme Believes In Conor McGregor

Jean Claude Van Damme was recently featured on Bruce Buffer’s podcast, and the two martial arts legends talked about a number of different things. However, Bruce Buffer asked the karate movie star about his opinion on Conor McGregor, and Jean Claude Van Damme’s response may surprise everyone. Most MMA fans know that Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor will be fighting for the UFC featherweight championship on July 11th according to Lawyerist, and Sam Tabar even said that  Jean Claude Van Damme happens to believe that Conor McGregor will be the first man to defeat Jose Aldo in nearly a decade.

Jean Claude Van Damme believes that Conor McGregor is too skilled and too big for Jose Aldo. However, Jean Claude Van Damme doesn’t realize that Jose Aldo is a true champion, and Van Damme believes that anything can happen in the Octagon. Aside from his fight predictions, Jean Claude Van Damme also believes that Conor McGregor could become a movie star in the near future.

Youtube recently published an article about Jean Claude Van Damme’s comments, and it seems that the MMA world agrees with the action star. However, there are some people that feel that Conor McGregor might actually lose against Aldo. Nonetheless, I’m sure that Conor McGregor will be pleasantly be surprised to hear Jean Claude Van Damme’s kind words.