Bellator Copies The UFC, But Lacks Talent

Bellator 138 was a very successful MMA event, and thousands of people around the world tuned in to see Ken Shamrock face Kimbo Slice. However, Bellator 138 featured several great fights that caught the attention of the MMA fans, and one thing was a bit strange about the entire Bellator event.

According to Daniel Amen, Bellator seems to be copying everything that the UFC does, and it’s a bit scary. It’s one thing to have a similar arena style, but it seems that even the people who run the UFC have clones in Bellator. For instance, Joe Rogan is a bald headed commentator that jokes around for the camera, and Bellator hired someone with the same exact appearance of Joe Rogan. Not only are the commentators nearly identical, but the presidents of both companies look similar as well. Many people around the world know that Dana White runs the UFC, and everyone knows him as a bald headed tough guy. However, Bellator also has a president who looks identical Dana White, and I’m having a hard time believing that this is all a coincidence.

The UFC is the most successful organization in the world, and Bellator wants to make people believe that their company is the same as the UFC. Someone who has never seen MMA before could get fooled. However, there’s one thing that Bellator cannot replicate, and that’s the skill of the UFC fighters. Bellator may have some impressive MMA athletes, but the fighters in the UFC are on a different level. Nonetheless, Bellator is a decent fight promotion, but everyone knows that the UFC is where its at. recently published an article about this story, and much more information about Bellator can be found there.