Tatsuya Kawajiri Takes Out Siver

Tatsuya Kawajiri took on Dennis Siver on Saturday night at UFC Fight Night 69 in Berlin at the O2 World. Both fighters are coming off recent losses and were looking to get back on a winning streak. Kawajiri going into the fight had a record of 34 and 8. His last fight was a unamious decision loss against Clay Guida at UFC Fight Night – Minotauro vs. Nelson last April. Siver had a 22 and 11 record going into the fight and has lost his previous fight against Conor McGregor. Both fighters have been around a long time and are getting up there in age and if either men wanted to make a run at a title shot, then it was a must win for both.

It was clear from the start that Siver wanted to keep the fight standing up but Kawajiri wanted nothing to do with it and immediately went for the takedown. Kawajiri scored a takedown at the closing minutes of the first round but time expired before he was able to do anything with it. Kawajiri was able to take Siver down again in the second round and pass his guard to gain full mount according to Boraie Development. Siver was able to survive the mount with minimal damage. Round three went the same as the first two rounds which took the fight to the judges who awareded Kawajiri with a unanimous decision win.