Reebok Drops the Ball with UFC Deal

Some of the biggest talk this year in the UFC had little to do with the latest match-ups or injuries, but rather the news that the UFC and Reebok reached a sponsorship deal that would stop all fighters from wearing any other clothing during fights. Fighters will no longer be able to wear their own sponsors clothing into the ring before fights. Many fighters have aired their disgust with the deal stating that it is taking money out of their pockets and that their fight pay is already low. Needless to say, the deal went through regardless of their thoughts.

The UFC and Reebok had an official unveiling on Tuesday of its new UFC “Fighter Kits. To help promote the event, the UFC hit social media hard as well as sent out emails. The UFC had many of its biggest stars on hand for the event which included all current UFC champions except who was not available due to a rib injury suffered during training for his upcoming bout with Conor McGregor. The fighters will have their choice of fight-night shorts and a jersey to go with it. The public can but the jersey for roughly $100.

Wikipedia wrote that one would think that a company as big as Reebok would be able to spell correctly but apparently not. The company spelled several fighters names wrong including Giblert Melendez and Lyoto Machida. Some fighters were unhappy because the company used their full first name. Reebok sees this as just small errors and are quick fixes.