Jose Aldo’ s Legacy Ruined?

Jose Aldo is the true featherweight champion of the world, but it seems that UFC fans around the world are very upset with him. It was recently announced that Jose Aldo was forced to pull out of UFC 189 due to a rib injury. Unfortunately, fans are now questioning whether or not Jose Aldo is afraid of Conor McGregor. However, true MMA fans know that Jose Aldo isn’t afraid of any man.

Yahoo! Sports recently published a story that questions Jose Aldo and his legacy, but I strongly disagree with the article. Pulling out of UFC 189 does not ruin Jose Aldo’s legacy, and here’s why. Jose Aldo has consistently fought and defeated the best fighters in the featherweight and lightweight division. Jose Aldo has not lost a fight in nearly 10 years, and he’s never been defeated in the UFC. Unfortunately, Conor McGregor has fooled the fans into believing that he is better than Jose Aldo. While Conor McGregor is a talented fighter, he has never been tested against an opponent like Jose Aldo.

According to Handy, Jose Aldo has long been regarded as one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world, and he will eventually face McGregor in the future. However, Conor McGregor needs to get past Chad Mendes first. If McGregor beats Mendes, Jose Aldo will be waiting for him. Hopefully, Conor McGregor can beat Chad Mendes though.