Bruce Levenson Earns Huge Profits On Sale Of Atlanta Hawks Ownership

It’s a successful year for the NBA Atlanta Hawks. They are on a whole new level. Their winning streaks in basketball, and amazing players, continue to grab the world spotlight. With many victories, and a new high valuation, the Atlanta Hawks are rising to new heights.

Businessman and team owner Bruce Levenson is the proud previous owner of the Atlanta Hawks. For 11 years he held the majority ownership of the Atlanta Hawks. During his time as owner of the Atlanta Hawks, he increased the public presence of the Atlanta Hawks to what it is today. He has always thought up creative ways to increase revenue and branding. With his favorite team the Atlanta Hawks, he has successfully brought them to new levels of fame and fortune.

Bruce Levenson deciding to sell his shares of the Atlanta Hawks is paying off big time. With a near double return on investment, Bruce is earning hundreds of millions of dollars. He originally bought into the Atlanta Hawks in 2004 and now has officially sold it off to Tony Ressler in 2015. This deal includes full control of the Philips Arena for purchaser Tony Ressler. The final price of this deal cost Tony Ressler a total of $730 Million. Bruce Levenson had a 50.1 percent stake in the Atlanta Hawks, giving him around $365 million from the sale of the popular team.

The Atlanta Hawks are contracting new lucrative television deals. These deals are continuing to benefit the Atlanta Hawks and its new leadership. The Atlanta Hawks currently are on a path to potentially win the NBA championship. These victories have the potential to skyrocket the growth of the Atlanta Hawks to even higher valuations. This is good news for all parties involved. The new ownership gets the benefit of automatic increases valuation, and the Atlanta Hawks gain a higher presence in the eyes of the public.

Investing in the NBA is becoming very lucrative these days. With the huge pay off to Bruce Levenson, and NBA valuations increasing, investments in the NBA are continuing to rise. It’s the new frontier for Billionaires. The return has proven profitable for all owners, and continues to pay great dividends.

The future of the NBA Atlanta Hawks is looking brighter than ever. With more people attending games, and a growing audience on TV, the NBA is set to skyrocket in valuation in the coming years. The benefits affect everyone. Owners are likely to continue seeing high returns on their investments, and the teams are likely to receive higher paying deals into the future.