The Person Responsible for the Success of Highland Capital Management

The person behind Highland Capital Management is James Dondero, Cofounder and President of HCM, Highland Capital Management in 1993. Having 30-years of experience in equity markets, working mainly on high-yield and distressed investments. James Dondero attended the University of Virginia, receiving a BS in Commerce, Accounting, and Finance. Aside from his equity skills and knowledge, Jim is a Certified Managerial Accountant, (CMA) and a Charter Financial Analyst, (CFA).

As a financial genius, Dondero serves as a member of a couple of boards; one being on the Board of Directors for the MGM Studios on and American BankNote. He also holds the office of Chairman of the Board of NexBank, Cornerstone Healthcare, and the CCS Medical Corporation.

During the explosive hedge fund years in the 90’s Dondero was very active as a Corporate Bond Analyst, then moved into Portfolio Management at American Express. Today, September 15, as CEO of Highland Capital, Dondero shares his thoughts on today’s market, noting US stocks having a quiet week compared to the mini-meltdown over the last couple of weeks. Dondero noted that the developed markets remain in better condition than emerging markets and that interest rates still stay in the broad range of trading. Lastly, he states the US dollar will continue its movement showing stocks moving in an upward trend. That’s today‚Äôs update and Dondero again expresses his valued opinion on market trends.

Dondero’s view of deflation earlier this year noted the interest rates moving lower as evidenced in the market and are still low today. Although the market continues to fluctuate, transportation stocks reveal the rising effect of crude oil dragging the market. His views and explanation of the market movement is precise and valuable information.

Highland Capital Management kicks off its Endowed Tower Scholars Program Fund at Southern Methodist University (SMU). The purpose of this program is to give undergraduate students the opportunity to be involved in public policymaking through the universities political studies under the John Goodwin Tower Center studies.

James Dondero’s philanthropic endeavors are driven by education and with his involvement in Southern Methodist University an extraordinary opportunity is available to students to become a part of policymaking working with influential employers. The Tower Scholars Program at SMU is designed for undergraduates, giving them hands-on knowledge and experience in the real-world. Also, HCP has contributed $2 million to the university, encouraging others to donate and support the program. Jake L. Harmon Endowed Internship Program $1 million gifts, and the Berry R. Cox Family Foundation, another million dollar gift earmarked to support the operations of the program. The program is receiving healthy support from Dondero’s philanthropy efforts.