Doe Deere: More than a Founder of Lime Crime

Doe Deere is the founder of the beautiful vibrant makeup company Lime Crime. If you see Doe Deere, you will see that she has a very flashy colorful extraordinary style. Her makeup brand is undoubtedly a reflection of her style. She loves bright colors and want have every girl and woman to look like mystical unicorns with her makeup brand. Her makeup company stands for color renovation and individuals being unapologetic about their makeup.

She had always had a passion for trying different styles ever since she was a little girl. She uses to put many different types of clothes and cover herself with her mother’s makeup. Deere once said that in the beginning, she was not that good at during her makeup. She once said that she did not honestly begin to get good at during makeup until she got into her twenties.

Social media proves that time and time again; that can help launched people careers. That is how Deere got her start into the cosmetic world. She had begun to post pictures of herself with unique makeup tutorials and begin to grow a following. Every day new girls would go to her Instagram and see what was going to be the next lavish look. When Deere starts seeing that she was gaining an enormous following on the internet, this is when she see things differently. She had started her career in fashion but then realizes her real calling was in makeup.

She notices that there wasn’t any makeup company that genuinely connects with the women who want to wear bold and bright colors cosmetic. Since she has always been a unique individual, she felt that she needed to be the one to create a makeup company that caters to those types of women. She started the business with a little amount money, but she had worked hard, and it became a success. She believes that everyone should go out and pursue his or her dream no matter if other people view it is odd.

The names of her makeup are as whimsical as it looks. With names like “Countessa Fluorescent” and “Oh no she did not”, it is only natural that people cannot resist buying these products. She is also so successful because she stay connected with her fanbase. She understands that social media is where she got her start and knew that it is important to stay connected with her fans because her fans are so dedicated to her makeup line. Her team of unicorns is like a family to her.

Doe Deere is an inspiration to many women and men. She represents that a person should not be afraid to be creative and be themselves. She symbolizes that is okay for you to be unique, no matter if other individuals do not understand. She knows that a person should not ever have to apologize for just being yourself. She firmly believes that people uniqueness is what can drive people to be incredibly successful in life.