Lime Crime Origins

Lime Crime is a simply dazzling line of makeup that is worn by the bold woman that is not afraid of wild colors. The CEO and founder of Lime Crime is Doe Deere. Clearly, Doe Deere is also a very flamboyant character. This business woman created Lime Crime out of pure necessity. It seems that a lot of great inventions were started out of pure necessity. The story goes that Doe Deere could not find a makeup in the stores that truly fit her wild and imaginative style. Her idea was that makeup should express one’s inner character to the world, instead of covering up who you really were.

Lime Crime Origins
Lime Crime was started back in 2008. Doe Deere’s idea was to bring her bold and unique vision to the world. She decided to introduce her own line of makeup online. Doe Deere realized that it was easier to reach her targeted audience online. It would probably take much longer to reach a targeted audience through traditional methods. For example, the newspapers, magazines, television, radio, or billboards. Her targeted audience were the forward thinking women that spend more time on social media or chatting online sharing the latest news. Fortunately, many of her early fans were bloggers that really appreciated her makeup line and shared this news with their followers online. Doe Deere looks back and realizes that her business is a dream come true. She was a girl with a few hundred dollars and a dream. She wants other young women to follow their dreams too.

Lime Crime Customers
Perhaps, you’ve wondered about Lime Crimes products on Who are Lime Crime customers? Lime Crime customers are unique individuals that don’t believe in going with the flow. They are nontraditional people that do not believe in purchasing products that would harm their environment. Lime Crime products are Eco-friendly and definitely for the modern woman. Lime Crime customers are growing daily. Clearly, this is due to the great line of makeup along with customers spreading the news about the cosmetic line to friends, family, and associates that prefer bold and dazzling colors.

Why Lime Crime Succeeds
The fact is that Lime Crime succeeds where other makeup lines have failed. Certainly, this is due to the founders’ unique vision concerning creating a makeup line that addressed the needs of the nontraditional makeup wearer. Her idea was to create unique colors and package them in eye catching containers. Certainly, this idea worked wonders for the brand. Now, the Lime Crime brand is reaching new markets. The product is available in regular brick and mortar stores across the world. However, online fans of the product do not have to worry about losing their online website. The Lime Crime site is here to stay. This is the place to discover the latest additions to the makeup line. Lime Crimes’ busy executives and marketing team are looking forward to the future. Their creative team is busy planning new makeup lines that will launch sometime in the near future.