FreedomPop Revolutionizing the Mobile Business Model

FreedomPop is changing the Mobile business model and the competition is taking note. Their revolutionary business model is currently the only of its kind. By providing a value-added service, FreedomPop is able to focus on developing technology and add-ons and steer away from the marketing focused subscription tactics of traditional Mobile business models.

They are capturing the untapped niche of creating value-added products for consumers which is a unique concept in this market. Where other Mobile business models obsess with monetizing mobile and wireless internet plans, FreedomPop already assumes that a large part of their customer base will take advantage of their free mobile and internet offerings but might, in the future take part of their paid plans options.

Shifting the focus from mobile sales to technology sales gives FreedomPop the ability to offer technology and paid plans that will be much more affordable than their Mobile competitors. This has caught the interest of some of the largest distribution partners and retailers in the world, and online partners have been clamoring to work with their company.

Consumers have already caught on to this new service and FreedomPop is expecting a substantial amount of subscribers within the first month of the company and moving forward it’s likely that word of mouth, and the extraordinary value that they provide will catch on and help to continue the increase in subscribers. The company is taking this into consideration and creating a strategy to move forward with their business model and ensure that they deal with their online demand for their technology first and then move into brick and mortar stores only when they are fully prepared to do so.

FreedomPop is leading Mobile technology into the future, offering a revolutionary service that will change the mobile game forever. Consumers are catching on to the value of this service, and its clearly seen in the huge subscriber numbers in the first month. Added Value services, such as those provided by FreedomPop are leading the way in the Mobile industry and other Mobile providers are hopefully taking note.