Stop the Begging With Beneful!

When our large yellow lab Savannah had puppies, his two siblings were readily adopted by close friends. and we kept the runt of the litter, Marley. We should have known from the size of his paws, and his half lab, half golden retriever lineage, he would grow up to be a playful giant.

We fed Marley and his mom the same food, bought from the local pet supply. As they were both very big eaters. the expense was enormous. The worst part was that they did not seem to enjoy their food, and were always begging at the table for scraps. We knew giving dogs table leftovers was not the way to go, as many ingredients that humans can digest aren’t good for dogs. Looking at the pair of pleading brown eyes watching us at dinner time broke our hearts.

One day while shopping in the supermarket, we stopped in the pet food aisle to grab packages of Purina Beneful wet dog food, along with a bag of Beneful Dry Formula. We had seen Beneful commercials on TV, and we were desperate to find a feeding solution for our pups.

That evening, I fed the dogs first as usual, giving Marley and Savannah the beef chopped blend. One look at the Beneful Beef Medley had me impressed, you could see real chunks of chopped beef, carrots, peas and barley and it smelled, as well as looked like real food!. As soon as I scooped it from the containers into their bowls they came running, ate heartily, and licked their bowls clean.

The next night they did the same with the salmon, sweet potato, brown rice and spinach blend. Who knew dogs love fish! They gobbled it down and then went outside to play. We watched them romp from our dining room window as we ate our meal in peace.

Beneful even makes a fancy on twitter Mediterranean style wet medley, made from lamb, tomatoes, brown rice, and spinach. We now feel like we are treating all of our family members to a fabulous, highly nutritious dinner each night at an affordable price.

I switched their dry food to Beneful as well. Beneful’s Playful Life formula is perfect for a doggie breakfast as it contains beef and egg, accented with blueberries and spinach. Good thing the large bag is resealable, as Marley tried to nose it open for a second helping one morning!