Sergio Cortes And The Start Of His Career

Sergio Cortes is a famed impersonator for the very talented and legendary Michael Jackson. The one thing that separated his success between other impersonators is just how well he stood out with his resemblance and his movements on stage.

Impersonators are people who are lucky enough to resemble a famous celebrity, and they take the same clothes, mannerisms, voice, dance moves, and hand gestures to bring to life their celebrity counterpart.

Sergio has explained before that being a look-alike of a famous pop legend is never easy. The work involved to fine tune your abilities and further improve yourself to be like another person is not easy.

Born on July 30, Sergio began his career at a very young age watching the famous Michael Jackson on television performing with his family in their music group. Sergio would watch them perform all the time, copy their movements, and try to be just like Michael on television. The voice, his singing, the dancing, and every aspect of Michael he tried to imitate, all the way to the point where he ended up not even being himself and completely took on the role of being MJ.

The beginning of his career started when he was invited to sing and dance like MJ, along with dress up with one a couple of the most famous clothes the legend has worn in the past. The look was perfect, the singing was great, and just the performance was out of the park, and it led him to being introduced to more people who wanted him to perform in other places. Performing on life televisions shows through South America and across the globe, he was becoming quite the celebrity for his skills as a Michael Jackson look-alike.

At this point of his life and at 43 years old, he is not stopping at all to fulfill his career. He has now continuously being invited to shows, events, and big concerts that need him to help create that star quality. He is one of the few people in all of Brazil to bring the power and beauty of being an impersonator.

He continues to become a fan favorite for shows and concerts, and his goal is to have his own world tour someday bringing Michael to life on stage with a theatrical performance. Follow his social media networks below to stay updated:

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Source: R7