An Athlete Who Turned to the Arts

Jon Urbana is quite the talented individual with numerous successful talents. His fame has been noted all across the internet. He is an entrepreneur with many passions prominently displayed on his Facebook profile. He has achieved so much across video production, music, and his Ellipse USA business promotion. Here is some of the areas he specializes in:

His official blog featuring all kinds of art seeks a lot of page views. His art pieces focus a lot on the environment and food items. The camera angle and color schemes really highlight the beauty of all images. All the pictures he shared to Imgur are clear and crisp to the point you know exactly what to look for. In addition to pictures, there are several comedic videos to watch. There are categories on the website to divide up the image categories.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

Urbana does a really good job of mixing up his music to sound like a perfect harmony. He focuses a lot of the electronic beats with famous artists such as Wiz Khalifa, The Weekend, Charlie Puth, and more. The electronic instruments and beats really represent a Skrillex feeling. The sounds are fast paced and mostly upbeat. There is a lot more sounds compared to vocals. This music is considered to be just like trap music on occasion.

Jon Urbana also knows how to create a strong online Twitter presence and is very active with the local community. Urbana started Next Level Lacrosse Camp in the Denver area to encourage youth players to go after their passion of sports and lacrosse. This camp also encourages young kids to get active more often. Enjoy and connect with the environment. Urbana himself was a talented lacrosse player in his younger days. He played for Villanova and broke all kinds of records. Throughout social media, he posts a lot of his art pictures and some information about sports including lacrosse, which comes second nature to him. You can catch Jon Urbana on basically all social media platforms, and he enjoys communicating with community members. Here are some of his most popular videos.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Overall, Urbana is a very well rounded individual. He has a lot of interests and talents that can make him the successful entrepreneur he is today. He also likes to spend free time flying, traveling, editing videos, and playing squash.