Autism Rocks Solo Capital Charity

Calls in phones never get that much in surreal than those that are received in Sanjay Shah in the eve of the new year. The hedge fund that is based in Dubai was at the helm of its villa having to relax in the villa in the Palm Juvieriah when they received a call from a friend who told him that Snoop Dogg was playing one of his best songs called the Racecourse tonight and he said a yes to it. He also said that he was with Snoop Dogg at that very moment and he would like to visit the pal in Dubai and he didn’t know what to say.

A hedge fund that is based in London is making huge and plenty of money from betting against the sovereign European debts in money markets and has now been paid up to a sum of 27 million Euros in dividends as it stroke at the most opportune time of the year. The 43 year of manager and boss called Yuan Huo of the Capula Investment management was able to bank that great investment according to the 92 million euro pool of bonus that was shared between the top executives of the companies in the year 2011 in March.

One other investment firm that is based in Knights Bridge has a latest account that shows the incomes of its firm are on a double command and tripling for that matter from a figure that is very unique of 69.5 million Euros to a sum of approximately 135 million Euros down from the figure they had of 57.7 million Euros. A supreme enjoyed by another type of hedge fund was the solo capital that is a hedge fund that based in the city and its boss is Shah Sanjay and was able to earn a total amount of money that is approximately 19 million euros by 2011.

The british billionaire by the name Shanjay Shah has had close involvement in sponsoring his contributions in philanthropic efforts to personal crisi. His focus was sharpened when his son had autism.

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Source: global-citizen

Sam Tabar On Commodities Investment

All commodities experts know that in order to succeed in commodities investment, people have to put in ample amount of research. This is what separates successful commodities traders from those that fail. Putting good amount of research can solve half the problems of beginner traders and it is a trick that even veterans like Sam Tabar recommend. The NYC based financial strategist and attorney is known for investing in commodities that yield well but it is not a fluke that his decisions work out so well for him.

Here are some things Sam Tabar would like to share about commodities investment –

Watch Out For Poorly Managed Funds – The number one reason for sunk commodities is bad management. A number of funds have been plagued by mismanagement that has ultimately led to a lot of losses for investors. In order to avoid this, problem products should be set aside and they can be spotted from a mile away by looking at their management scores. The 75% fall of UNG and USO’s decline can all be accounted for by badly managed funds, says Sam Tabar on his Instagram. It is always better to look towards safer options when it comes to commodities trading.

Trust The Numbers – Veteran traders often forget about the basics when they have spent some years in the commodities market. The number do not lie and every change has an explanation attached to it. Instead of blindly picking commodities, people should go back to basics and work out the numbers. This would not only make them better traders but will also help them avoid losses to a large extent. Crunching the numbers is something Sam Tabar recommends because it also helps with other important things like prediction and forecasting, he’s said as much in his Vimeo videos before.

Your Gut Instinct Is Reliable – After years of working in the field of finance, Sam Tabar has developed a gut instinct. He always listens to this instinct and when something feels wrong, he trusts himself to make the right decision. However, people make the mistake of overestimating their instinct. In the field of finance, an instinct is developed after years of experience and practical knowledge. It cannot be replaced by anything else. Deciding whether one’s instinct is worth banking on is something of a subjective decision that should not be made lightly. After all, one bad call is the difference between success and failure.

Look For Reliability – Sam Tabar invested in THINX because it was reliable. Also, the message of the underwear brand and its final goal was something that could be understood by everyone – changing the lives of underprivileged women. Sam Tabar wants people to look for such reliability when they get into the field of commodity investment.  He’s also interested in their charitable message though, which is why Sam set up a GoFundMe account to do his own work.

All these tips by Sam Tabar would greatly help people in their quest for success in the commodities market.