Bruce Levenson: Entrepreneur, Publisher, Sports Leader

Since he and a friend started United Communications Group (UCG) in 1977, Bruce Levenson on ucg has been an unstoppable businessman. He has also worked as a major publisher and has even found time to make major commitments to professional sports. He is an all around well rounded American business man who works hard and plays harder.

Levenson started UCG with the Oil Express, a newsletter that gave inside information about current news in the oil industry. He then made bold moves to acquire other similar newsletters, which led to his invention of the Oil Price Information Service (OPIS), a private database that can be drilled down into to reveal many interesting facts of the oil industry. Bruce Levenson has kept UCG a private firm all these years and has added many more features, such as news and analysis of health care, energy leaders, mortgage banking, telecoms, the computer business, and some other industry sectors. The very popular mobile app ‘GasBuddy’ is produced by UCG. With GasBuddy anyone can instantly locate the cheapest fuel prices in the user’s geographical area.

More recently Bruce Levenson was the lead investor in a bid to buy professional basketball’s Atlanta Hawks. He and his group of supporting investors were successful, buying the team from former owner Ted Turner over 10 years ago. They also bought the team’s venue: Phillips Arena. A follow on deal landed him and his group the professional hockey team: the Atlanta Thrashers, which they finally sold in 2011. Levenson is on the Board of Governors for the National Basketball Association (NBA). He also was the Atlanta Hawks team manager on Time.

Bruce Levenson was born into a Jewish family living in Chevy Chase, Maryland. His mother-in-law is a Holocaust survivor, and her experiences have made a strong impression on him from a young age. He has founded and directly supports many Jewish American causes. His biggest contribution may be his creation in New York City of the Holocaust Museum. Part of his interest and commitment are highlighted by the starting of ‘Bringing the Lessons Home.’ This is just one of many programs he has founded to support better American education. Besides the museum, Levenson has supported a host of charities, including the Jewish Federation, the Hoop Dreams Foundation, and the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C.

He is an American University Law School graduate. He worked his way through night courses by working as a reporter for the Washington Star newspaper by day.