Securus Technologies Upgrades its THREADS Software.

Securus Technologies is a Dallas, Texas-based company that leads in the provision of crime and justice solutions for various institutions in North America. Over 3400 correctional facilities that have a holding capacity of about 1.2 million people use the services of the company. The primary solutions from the firm include biometric examination, investigation, communication, incident control, monitoring information, self-service for inmate and emergency response. The company has devoted itself to providing the best services in the prison communication industry and an unmatchable quality of technological applications. They accomplish this by employing highly skilled designers, technologists, and engineers. The company’s customer service is excellent and incomparable to that of its competitors.
Securus Technologies recently made public and as revealed on PR Newswire the launch of THREADS 3.1, which is an improved version of a broad and superior “Big Data” scrutiny tool. The program is an upgrade of the previous investigative software and allows the operator to use an enhanced interface that permits him or her to take advantage of the internet’s up-to-the-minute technologies while still keeping the original high-performance analytical application, which is conversant to the users.

THREAD’s 3.1 version is explained by crunchbase experts to be improved from the usual Silverlight to HTML 5, which is highly efficient and allows integration with other company products such as the Secure Call Platform. With the new version, investigators will have a more practical tool that they can use for their investigation undertakings. The company took ample time and skill to make an easy to understand and use application hence users will not require undergoing any training.

The upgraded version of the THREADS application can be easily comprehended by the operator and also has a better the functioning of the system. The General Manager of Securus Technology’s Business Management unit, Mr. Kelly Solid,  was quoted on PR Newswire saying that the upgraded software version has an operating interface that has been streamlined, and all redundant system functions have been excluded. This will ensure that the System will have an easy navigation, and it will also have a search feature. All these improvements will help in offering the user with the best experience while using the software.

Exclusive properties that have been newly included in the THREADS 3.1 include personalized mapping and printing, controlled real-time analysis, sensitive information reports, and SCP calls listening via the THREADS application. Securus Technologies’ THREAD software has been the greatest investigative tool for many years in sensing and reporting suspicious inmate calling patterns, associations, communication events and correlations.

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