Fabletics’ Fabulous Activewear

Kate Hudson is a bright and bubbly Hollywood star who always manages to look chic and polished. That includes when she’s wearing sporty attire. That’s why she’s the co-founder of Fabletics, a brand that specializes in accessories and sportswear. The blonde actress opened up to Marie Claire magazine about her newest Fabletics project. The brand has released a collection of dresses that have comfortable and cool “athleisure” feels. Hudson told the publication that these dresses are perfect for women who want to be comfortable, relaxed, sporty and still stylish. Hudson said that the athleisure dress collection focuses on women who are active and who are constantly on the move.

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That’s not all Hudson has had in the works recently, either. She also has a brand new collection of bathing suits that are optimal for women who are all about performance at http://www.bustle.com/articles/152217-when-do-fabletics-dresses-come-out-shop-these-athleisure-styles-stat-photos. These swimsuits are ideal for women who are full of boundless energy and vitality. Women who are passionate about swimsuits that are simultaneously attractive and “all business” may find these new Fabletics additions exciting and useful.

Hudson heads Fabletics with the assistance of both Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. They’re the brand’s co-CEOs. They teamed up with Hudson in 2013 to create the activewear powerhouse that’s now known as Fabletics . Fabletics was introduced to the United States in the fall of 2013. It arrived on European shores several months later in July of 2014. It then got to Canada in September of that same year. Although Fabletics is primarily centered around women, it doesn’t leave men out. The brand created FL2 in the summer of 2015. FL2 is a collection of clothing that’s exclusively for men.

People often shop for Fabletics attire on the Internet. They have other options, however. Fabletics opened six physical stores in the United States in September and October of 2015. People who want to shop for Fabletics apparel in person can now easily do so. These stores are located in St. Louis, Missouri (St. Louis Galleria), Bloomington, Minnesota (the Mall of America), Cincinnati, Ohio (Kenwood Towne Centre), Woodland Hills, California (The Village at Topanga), Bridgewater, New Jersey (Bridgewater Commons), Newark, Delaware (Christiana Mall) and Columbia, Maryland (the Mall in Columbia). These physical stores all sell clothing for female and male customers alike.

Fabletics produces a broad range of different clothing categories. The brand makes everything from capris to leggings, for example. The brand also makes sports bras, tank tops, shorts, pants and so much more. Fabletics’ choices in accessories include backpacks, thong underwear, head wraps and visors. People who want to complete athletic and chic wardrobes can count on the Fabletics team for all of their attire and accessory needs.