Global Tel Link Wrongdoings and Integrity Breaches By Securus Technologies

This is the very initial press release by Securus Technologies about the wrongdoings and integrity breaches by the company. Securus Technologies is the leading provider in criminal and civil justice for investigations, corrections as well as public safety and corrections. The company has also announced that they are going to release multiple press releases about the findings, facts, and reports that will be used in highlighting the integrity breaches and wrongdoings of Global Tel Link Company.

This is the very initial press release article to show the line of series that are set to publish the wrongdoings o the company. The CEO of Securus Technologies says that he loves the industry that his company belongs because it serves as a correction, inmates, law enforcement as well as family members and friends and the society as a whole. He also says that he is very offended for the fact that a carrier in his company can fall below the integrity in and stoop, but this is not the case with the GT Company and its industry. He also says that it is not all about making large amounts of money at once. It is all about making their highly esteemed customers happy with their world class services as well as taking their interests at heart which the right way of is doing things.

To this end, Securus Technologies will work on reviewing numerous issues of potential and systematic wrongdoings by the company in a series of press releases in the coming six months so as to put to shame GTL and make them act in a higher and better integrity. The main mistake that the company did was to inflate the calling rates and adding fifteen to thirty six seconds of every call made to the clock which was an unlawful and unauthorized act.

Susan McGalla Smashes All Glass Ceilings

Many fields of life have had special women who have risen to the pinnacles of success. Susan McGalla has gone beyond simply rising to the top to shattering glass ceilings. She seems to know something few other women have grasped. In today’s more level playing field, women are having less and less issues with inequality in pay and status. This has come because society has grown up and requires our government and even non-government institutions to stop the discrimination of the past.

McGalla has shown her ability to leverage her intelligence and versatility as she has fulfilled diverse roles in her career. She has always stood as a leader in the corporations she has worked in. Other women have shown an ability to succeed in the businesses they create for themselves. But, McGalla has excelled in the formerly men-only world of international business. She has served as a fantastic, inspiring, and effective role model for younger women and girls who are considering a business career. Susan McGalla is a shining example of how women can compete with men in the corporate world without becoming subservient in any way. She is logically tough, firm in her ethical stands, and able to stand toe-to-toe with anyone.

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She has proven very effective in networking, especially. This is a most-vital skill in the modern corporate world. People also say that they came to easily trust her, because of her staunch ethical stands and high level of integrity. Susan McGalla is adept at climbing corporate ladders and holding the ground she has taken in the process. Her pleasure comes from working hard with a passion and versatility that builds her confidence, making her a more effective leader in business.

Susan McGalla encourages people to find out what their talents are that can be built-up until they become extraordinary in their performance. She has always seen the need to apply herself to expose the inner greatness she always knew she possessed. This is what drove her to found P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, located in Pittsburgh, Penn. She has even become active in professional sports, as the Pittsburgh Steelers team Director of Strategic Planning. She has served as CMO, President, and CEO for major American retailers, such as American Eagle Outfitters, brand, Wet Seal, and led for 8 years at Joseph Horne Company.


Online Reputation Is Key To Business Success


Online reputation management is essential to conducting business in a world where people go online to find answers about everything they’re curious about. Online shopping for services and goods is ever popular, but even when looking for products and services that won’t be purchased or experienced on the internet, people will first conduct a search and read what they can find beforehand in order to know what to expect or even if they want to engage with the business at all. Reviews can make or break the reputation of a business. For this reason online reputation management is a cornerstone to good PR, simply because if you don’t fix bad reviews it potential clients and customers could be getting an unfavorable and false impression.

The online reputation of a company or brand is created by the public, employees, customers, and clients. Anyone with internet access and an inclination to leave a review – good or bad – contributes to the online reputation of a business. This makes it incredibly important to know what is being said about the business, who is saying it, and how easy it is to find information on the subject. The easiest way for a business to cultivate a good reputation is for the company to provide excellent service, to be a positive influence in the community they serve, and to hire employees that will serve as ambassadors of enthusiasm and professionalism to clients and customers. Even a business suffering from a tarnished reputation can benefit from employing these internet reputation repair tactics to change the narrative surrounding them. Businesses suffering from unfavorable reviews can also be diligent and genuine in trying to seek out the sources of the negative feedback and then make the changes necessary to fix a bad online reputation.

The Search Fixers is a company of SEO specialists and reputation management consultants that work with businesses to control how they’re represented online and in turn perceived in search engine results. The online reputation is completely reliant on search engine results, so The Search Fixers use their expertise to make sure their client’s are represented favorably. With SEO optimization in mind the experts at the search fixers can work with clients to bury irrelevant and unreliable or unfavorable results while promoting favorable links and creating content that will rise to the top of the search results page. Any business looking to improve the online reputation of their business could benefit from the services offered by this firm.

When It Comes To A Healthy Happy Dog, Make It Beneful For Life

I love my dog so much, that when it comes to healthy eating, I’ve done my homework to make sure I’m giving my adorable puppy Penelope the most complete and balanced nutrition available. That’s why I’ve come to rely on Beneful by Purina; it’s a name with roots and a fine reputation.

A puppy is full of energy, and we all want to keep it that way for our growing canines. The Beneful brand works extra hard to deliver the perfect blend of taste, crunch and nutrition for our dogs.

Here are some of Penelope’s favorites:

Beneful Dry Food Healthy Puppy With Real Chicken is a winner at my house, and if Penelope could speak, she’d give this four stars on the yum factor. Real farm-raised chicken with peas and carrots and whole grains makes for a balanced meal. My pup really likes this, and I’m so happy I chose this one.

Beneful Wet Dog Food Beef Stew sounded like a wonderful addition to Penelope’s menu as she got a bit older. I began testing her with little bits of this delightful wet meal with rice, barley, beef, carrots and peas. Penelope thoroughly enjoyed it, so now I also use the wet dog food meal for her sound nutrition. Prepared meals and easy storage, you can’t beat it.

Beneful Dog Treats Healthy Smile Ridges are great for my brother’s dog Vinny when he comes for a visit, which is often. He’s an adult dog who is fascinated with my little Penelope. Vinny’s breath smells a lot sweeter since I’ve been gifting him with these yummy dog treats. They’re made with savory meat in the middle, along with parsley for clean breath and excellent for Vinny’s health.

Beneful Dog Treats Baked Delights Stars With Bacon and Cheese are the perfect snack for a well-behaved dog. This is a shortbread treat flavored with bacon and cheese. What dog in his or her right mind would ever pass this up? Sometimes, I’ll give Vinny one, and now he stands at the closet begging for more. See treats page.

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