When It Comes To A Healthy Happy Dog, Make It Beneful For Life

I love my dog so much, that when it comes to healthy eating, I’ve done my homework to make sure I’m giving my adorable puppy Penelope the most complete and balanced nutrition available. That’s why I’ve come to rely on Beneful by Purina; it’s a name with roots and a fine reputation.

A puppy is full of energy, and we all want to keep it that way for our growing canines. The Beneful brand works extra hard to deliver the perfect blend of taste, crunch and nutrition for our dogs.

Here are some of Penelope’s favorites:

Beneful Dry Food Healthy Puppy With Real Chicken is a winner at my house, and if Penelope could speak, she’d give this four stars on the yum factor. Real farm-raised chicken with peas and carrots and whole grains makes for a balanced meal. My pup really likes this, and I’m so happy I chose this one.

Beneful Wet Dog Food Beef Stew sounded like a wonderful addition to Penelope’s menu as she got a bit older. I began testing her with little bits of this delightful wet meal with rice, barley, beef, carrots and peas. Penelope thoroughly enjoyed it, so now I also use the wet dog food meal for her sound nutrition. Prepared meals and easy storage, you can’t beat it.

Beneful Dog Treats Healthy Smile Ridges are great for my brother’s dog Vinny when he comes for a visit, which is often. He’s an adult dog who is fascinated with my little Penelope. Vinny’s breath smells a lot sweeter since I’ve been gifting him with these yummy dog treats. They’re made with savory meat in the middle, along with parsley for clean breath and excellent for Vinny’s health.

Beneful Dog Treats Baked Delights Stars With Bacon and Cheese are the perfect snack for a well-behaved dog. This is a shortbread treat flavored with bacon and cheese. What dog in his or her right mind would ever pass this up? Sometimes, I’ll give Vinny one, and now he stands at the closet begging for more. See Beneful.com treats page.

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