Stow Company Inc. Hires Phil Dolci as the New CEO

Phil Dolci is the former executive of Dean Foods, Kraft Foods, ConAgra and other notable manufacturers. He will replace the outgoing veteran Frank Newman who retired last month. Stow Company is a Holland-based manufacturer owned by Windquest group. Billionaire family of Dick and Betsy DeVos owns Windquest group. Phil is expected to bring his 23 years of experience to realize an impressive growth in the coming years. Dick DeVos was present in the handover ceremony and thanked Frank for his service. This installation was before he returned to his philanthropic activities.


According to NTI, Dick DeVos started his working career at Amway in 1974, at the age of 19. In 1984, he became Vice President in charge of the company’s operations in 18 countries. He left the company in 1989 to start the Windquest Group. Windquest manufactures and markets storage and closet containers. It also has interests in technology and nonprofit solutions.


In 1991, the DeVos family bought the basketball team Orlando Magic, and Dick was appointed President. Two years later, he returned to Amway as President. In 2000, Amway went through a restructuring period, which resulted in the formation of an umbrella firm. This firm was called Alticor Corporation and consisted of Amway, Quixtar Corporation, and Access Business Group. Dick DeVos retired from Alticor in 2002, to concentrate on Windquest and other private ventures.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation has many programs. One of them is the ArtPrize, which is an art competition that is held in Grand Rapids annually. The foundation was also behind the establishment of the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a public aviation charter high school. The organization also administers the Dick & Betsy DeVos Scholarship. This scholarship supports students from developing nations who are enrolling for Master programs at the Thunderbird School of Global Management.


In a recent interview, Betsy DeVos outlined the couple’s passion for education. She and Dick, having supported the Potter’s House Christian School for many years, noted that low-income families face challenges when choosing schools. Betsy and Dick have since become advocates for educational choice. Educational choice, through a proposed system of vouchers and tax credits, makes it possible for parents to choose where to take their children to school.


Dick and Betsy have set a good example for me. They have demonstrated how well-organized charitable activities can benefit many people. I have learned from Dick DeVos that if I give generously of my resources to somebody in need, there is always a reward.


George Soros Donated More Than $8 Million To Elect Hillary Clinton And He’s Not Done Donating

George Soros, the hedge fund investor, and multi-billionaire does not want the White House to be a Republican stronghold for the next four years. Soros spent more than $27 million of his vast fortune in 2004 to defeat George Bush, and when that didn’t work, he stopped donating that much money to political campaigns. But this year is different. Soros has donated more than $25 million in 2016 to elect Democrats on that are on local ballots in six states. Soros has donated more than $8 million to several super PACs that are Clinton backers. The rest of the money has been donated to several campaigns to elect House and Senate representatives as well as prosecutors in state elections.Soros is not the only wealthy donor that supports Clinton’s bid for president, according to an article published by The article mentioned Hollywood millionaire Haim Saban as well as Donald Sussman and Herb Sandler as well as other Democrats that want a Clinton win in November.

The Clinton campaign has received donations from several super PACs, and the people close to Soros say he’s ready to donate more money to make sure she is the next president. But Soros doesn’t limit his donations to Democrats in the United States. The Soros Open Society Foundation supports Democratic causes all over the world.

When Soros is not focused on Democratic issues, he spends a great deal of time attending economic summits and other forums that discuss the status of the global economy. Soros has been predicting a global recession for the last three years, and he believes the recession is now a reality. The European Union’s banking system is in trouble, and the recent news that Deutsche Bank is facing a $14 billion fine confirms the Soros prediction. If Deutsche Bank fails, the repercussions of that failure will ripple through the international financial system on But Soros believes China is still the main culprit that is instigating a worldwide recession. China has already put South American and Asian countries in recession mode, and the United States is just steps away from a negative GDP percentage.

At 86-years-old, Soros is still considered one of the best hedge fund managers on the planet. His family hedge fund has more than $25 billion in assets under management on The Soros fund recently made a huge investment in the gold market. The fund sold several high-revenue producing stocks and invested in the gold mining. When George Soros invests in an asset like gold, other investors know something big is going to happen and they invest with him.

New Metallic Colors That Are Very Popular This Fall

Doe Deere pulls out all the stops with her new fall colors that have become very popular and are only available for a limited time. She is now offering her customers new metallic velvetine matte and superfoil products. Ladies can transform from a bright summer to a relaxed fall mood. You don’t have to worry about dull colors for the autumn season because Lime Crime has the leading sultry colors that are great for any season changing mood. PRN Newswire has reported that their new fall collection is causing them to become oe of the largest growing cosmetic retailers in the industry.


Lime Crime Founder and CEO Doe Deere came up with the idea for her cosmetic line when she use to try on her mother’s attire and makeup and didn’t like the dull colors that she was always forced to use. Over time, she thought of colors that she would like to try for herself and knew that she would eventually have her other cosmetic line. Her signature line is known for bright colors and their velvetine matter contents. They go on soft and dry to perfection. Their eye shadow products also come with a wide variety of matching lipsticks.


Lime Crime is a revolutionary product line that has a variety of accessories, clothing, and shoes, most of which available on Amazon. Her makeup line transitions well from night to day and is waterproof, but still very easy to remove. Her foilescent collection is sure to make your winter and fall go by without a glitch concerning your makeup. Deere says that she wants the women that wear her makeup to be daring and dry other colors that may be great for their attire by trying Lime Crime. Doll’s Kill offers free shipping to Canadian residents for a limited time and all of their products can be conveniently shipped to your door. Each product comes individually packaged in its unique individual wrapping. There is a number of women across the world that continue to rely on the Lime Crime name for dependable cosmetics that are healthy for their skin.  For up to date news, follow them on social media, or bookmark the official Lime Crime blog curated by Doe Deere here:

Norka Luque isn’t Just a Singer

It is hard to imagine a sultry beauty up on the stage being anything but a singer, but that is the case when it comes to Norka Luque. She was not always a singer and she had aspirations in other career fields before she made the decision to become a singer. This meant that she was able to achieve many things before she actually became a singer. There were several things that she needed to do when she first began her career and very few of these actually involved singing. She is a professional who is a professional singer but also a professional in other fields.

Norka began her career by going to business school. She wanted to study business administration and her parents sent her to France to find the best business school for the specific subject she wanted to study. They knew that she would be able to get the best education there and they did their best to ensure that she was given every opportunity that she wanted. They knew that she was destined for big things even though they weren’t exactly sure what those “big things” would involve. They imagined it would be something with singing but they wanted her to be able to feel like she had the opportunity to choose any career that she wanted.

That is what she did. She chose yet another career after she graduated from business school. The business degree was not good enough for her and she wanted to take her education yet another step farther. She wanted to study the culinary arts in France where she had initially attended business school. She felt that this was her calling but it turned out to be another flop. She tried again with fashion but hit a wall with what she wanted to do yet again.

While she was studying, she met a band who was looking for a female singer. She knew that she could sing well and had always had big dreams of being a professional singer but she never imagined that it could actually happen. The band that she met gave her this opportunity and allowed her to meet with producers. She even collaborated with some and was given the chance at a record deal. She is now one of the most famous Venezuelan singers in the world and she is recognized as a global symbol in the singing world.