Julie Zuckerberg is a Seasoned Recruiter

Executive recruiting is not a skill that everyone can take on. Some people have the ability to distinguish between people that can successfully do the job. Others cannot. Julie Zuckerberg has proven that she is one of those people that has made it to senior levels in the executive recruiting field because she has the skills do this type of work. Her ability to sort out the professionals that have the skills to do the job will make her a real asset to any industry.


Zuckerberg has made a great dent in the world of recruiting in the banking industry. She has gained the core of her experience at Citibank. This is where she has spent more than 6 years gaining great experience as a Vice President and Talent Recruiter. Her role in the business world has become very important because she represents what the business world needs. She is essentially in a place to put talented teams together. She has been trained in doing this, and that is a big part of the reason that Julie Zuckerberg has been successful in doing this.


What Julie has done well is build contacts and consult with executives that are already thriving in these fields. She has made herself quite popular by building recruitment strategy plans. Zuckerberg has been able to make quite a career for herself after attending the City University of New York. She has also attended New York Law School. She has become educated at some schools that have given her the confidence to build a solid career as someone that knows how to interact with others.


Over the years she has been able to recruit things like managing directors and paralegals. She has recruited hiring directors. She has been able to bring in all different types of talent over time because she had made it her business to learn about different industries. What she may have been able to do better than most recruiters is transition from the role of recruiter to trainer. She is in a position where she is able to actually help train other people that are working as recruiters. This shows that she is so good at what she does that she even has the ability to hold others.


Julie Zuckerberg has made it possible for people to acquire great jobs. She has taken her skills in talent recruiting and helped people utilize their talents.



IAP Worldwide Services Further Grows To Serve The Government And Private Entities

IAP Worldwide Services has been working on problems presented by clients in different specialties like aviation and security for more than five decades. The company was founded in 1953 and has established a unique service that ensures their clients enjoy quality services that are offered by highly experienced and trained professionals. To raise their professional conduct, IAP Worldwide Services offers regular training through their online portal to ensure all their staff members are equipped with the best practices that are required in the industry.

Support to the Army
One of the areas IAP Worldwide Services has emerged a victor is in working to help the troops of the Army based overseas to perform their tasks. The company helps the troops by providing the needed aviation and logistics support and they have been doing so for more than three decades.

They are the most preferred choice by the government for the task due to the quality they offer and the great understanding of the field the professionals of the company have displayed. The government has vowed to extend the relationship due to the fact they are the best choice for austere environments where the troops regularly request for support.

Emergency response
During risks and situations that threaten the lives of people, IAP Worldwide Services comes in to save lives and property. The company works with a focused team of professionals who have been in the industry for more than three decades and they have a training section that allows their professionals to access necessary materials to sharpen their skills. Providing assistance during situations like natural disasters and crises allows the company to implement their ideas that are unique and designed to offer quick responses to demanding situations.

Logistics and chain supply
Transporting goods and people from one place to another takes a lot of effort and dedication to achieve an efficient operation. IAP Worldwide Services offers logistics and supply chain services that ensure easy transfer of goods and they have safe repositories for all kinds of merchandise.

Business acquisitions
As an expansionary measure, IAP Worldwide Services acquired several businesses. One of the businesses that were bought over recently is DRS Technologies, which deals with logistics and aviation support. IAP Worldwide Services also offers emergency response and technical services, so acquiring it would mean expanding the addressable market of IAP Worldwide Services. IAP has been working on expanding their reach and they are on their way to becoming a fully international entity.

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Squaw Valley Releases Statement Regarding Recent Water Contamination

Reports of E. coli bacteria and Coliform discovery in the drinking water at Squaw Valley’s upper mountain have placed the Department of Environmental Health in Placer County, Squaw Valley Resorts and water experts on high alert. Following the revelations, Placer County Environmental Health Director, Wesley Nicks told the press that officials are working closely with Squaw Valley Resort to arrest the situation, a report published by the Sierra Sun on November 29 indicates. Amid the concerns, county officials have given Squaw Valley the go ahead to open the Upper Mountain to give skier’s access to the Gold Coast and High Camp facilities while addressing public health issues with the urgency it deserves.

Under the approval, the resort is authorized to offer prepackaged water and food until the issue is solved. The precaution follows a spate of cold and snowy storms that had earlier enveloped the area. Reports indicate that after the water system was certified, tested and given an approval; it received over 9 inches of precipitation in 3 days. Following news of the presence of E. coli bacteria and Coliforms in Squaw Valley’s Upper Mountain water wells, the resort has also issued a press release. The press release penned by the PR Director for Squaw Valley Meadows, Liesly Kennedy was published in the Sierra Sun on December 1. The release covered a host of issues, including the water quality, the measures the establishment was taking to ensure public safety and a schedule of events.

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In the release, Kennedy observed that the unusually heavy rain and storm recorded in October had greatly affected several water systems in Placer County. In Squaw Valley, the weather led to inundated upgrade of water systems installed at Gold Coast and High Camp by Squaw Valley, a move that is believed to have caused the contamination. However, the contamination was only limited to a single system and at no time was the water released for public consumption thereafter. When Squaw Valley officials realized the problem during routine testing, they informed the Placer County Environmental Health, various water experts and the Squaw Valley Public Service District. Sauers Engineering, the company that designed the water system was also notified about the issue.

The consultations will hopefully go a long way to help Squaw Valley and the country authorities to come up with a plan of action that will address the contamination issue on the affected system. Kennedy reiterated that the establishment will in the meantime not return regular water supply to the affected camps, until the local public health officials and water experts give an OK. Squaw Valley has taken these measures to protect the customers and ensure the resorts remain safe. However, guests at High Camp or Gold Coast are free to enjoy the camp facilities, since bottled water will be readily available. Kennedy concluded by saying that Squaw Valley will continue to update its guests regarding the matter. He thanked the Squaw Valley Service District and Placer County for their timely intervention and cooperation.