The use of skin cells therapy by the Lung Institute to save lives.

The Lung Institute is one of the medical institutions that majorly work on helping individuals who are suffering from lung diseases. Some of these diseases include pulmonary fibrosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and interstitial diseases. It is able to help these patients through integrating stem cells and regenerative medicine. It understands how these chronic illnesses can ruin your life and make it hard to do small things such as walk and cook. With that in mind, the Institute has taken it upon itself always to help their patients and make their lives better and easy with the help of their stem therapy.

Before the introduction of this treatment, traditional treatments were always used in saving lives. Though that was their aim, the treatment came with adverse side effects as it majorly intended on relieving the symptoms and not addressing the disease progression.

The Lung Institute was able to see how the traditional treatments work and how no other treatment was being applied due to lack of efficient and available treatment option. This led to them developing the stem cells therapy. According to, with its treatment option, the Institute aims at addressing the disease progression rather than relieving symptoms.

The Institute chose to use stem cells due to its properties of self-renewing, ability to form body tissue and ability to regenerate. Their plasticity quality, where cells from one part are able to transform their functions to other types of tissue, is the primary function of the stem cells therapy. The stem cells which are majorly used are the autologous stem cells which are derived from the patient’s body.

During the bone marrow treatment or venous (Blood) treatment is when these cells are extracted. After being removed, the stem cells are separated from the other body cells to ensure the stem cells will be the only cells used during the therapy. After being collected, they are returned to the patient’s body intravenously where they begin the healing process.

Through their stem cells therapy, lives have been saved something the traditional treatments were not in a position of doing.

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