Better Finanical Growth, Better Services, Better Rates

If you live in or near the Dallas, Texas Region then you’ve probably heard of NexBank Capital. This community bank is indigenous to the area and it has grown dramatically over the years. NexBank, whom use to be Heritage Bank, specializes in investment, mortgage, and commercial banking. As of 2016, this affluent financial institution had a reported $4.0 Billion in assets. Though being a community style of bank, NexBank Capital is I direct competition with many of the larger national banks such as TD Bank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and etc.

President and CEO John Holt has done a wonderful job in guiding this institution into the future. Nexbank offers many innovative services that were once foreign to this exclusive side of the business. Services such as treasury management, public funds, credit services, warehouse lending, business acquisition, commercial lending, real estate advisory, and many more are all available when needed. In addition to these wonderful services, NexBank has the ability to work with other financial institutions such as:

  • Middle Market Companies
  • Large Corporations
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Small Companies

You won’t find too many other community banks with this amount of clout. Some of the national chain banks can’t provide the products and services at these rates, which helps NexBank to stand out even more. Whether it’s organic growth, branching, or reinvention, this institute has the knowledge, know-how, and expertise to get things done efficiently. For any other banks who need a bit of direction, try taking a few pointers from this extraordinary institution. All in all, the future of community banking is looking much better and way more secure.

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