Busy Ladies Love their Hair with these 10 Hair Hacks

A busy schedule can mean no time for your hair, in the video “10 Hair Hacks every lazy person should know” Wengie shows us simple ways to make our lives easier.


  1. Eat more vitamins


Our diet may be to blame for dry, brittle, fatigued hair. Important vitamins for hair include vitamins A, C, D, and E. As well as B6, B9, B12, Biotin, Iodine, and Zinc. Enriching your diet with nutrient-dense food and taking a multivitamin like Sugar Bear Hair can help fill in the gaps and fill out your locks.


  1. The unskilled 5-minute braid


For this quick and easy hairstyle, all you will need for this one is small clear elastic bands and a hair clip.


  1. Take a small section of hair from the top of your head and tie in a ponytail, clip it up.
  2. Take the remaining top section from around your temples and pull it back. Tie it just under your first ponytail.
  3. Unclip your first ponytail, split in half then flip the second one up and clip it.
  4. Add hair to the first pony tail, tie it just under the previous ponytail.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you’re satisfied with the length.
  6. Pull on sections to fluff out your braid.


  1. Cut out sulfates


Sulfates are industrial strength cleaning solvents that cause hair to become brittle, leave a scummy residue on hair, and leech shine from your locks. Look for an SOS-free shampoo; usually advertised on the bottle but you can find out by looking at the ingredients.


  1. The bobby pin struggle


If your bobby pins seem to disappear between your very fingers, try storing them in a tic-tac container. Another great way to keep track of these little guys is by sticking a magnetic strip on you makeup box or mirror.


  1. Short a curling iron


Feeling like today is the day for curls but no curling iron to help? Or just want a quick curl or two? Wrap you strand around the handle of a metal utensil and blow try. Just be careful when it heats up.


  1. Substituting bobby pins for clear elastic


Small braids are cute but look aweful when using regular hair ties. If you don’t have itty-bitty bands, use a bobby pin inserted vertically through the middle of the braid, using the round end of the bobby pin to secure the bottom from unraveling.


  1. Regrowth Problems


Regrowth can be a confidence killer, luckily a cute headband can do it most mornings. For the mornings that won’t cut it, parting hair in a zig-zag fashion disguised regrowth as a fashionable ombre-look.


  1. Multitasking to the max


You have ten minutes and a million things to do, the pressure is insurmountable. Open your drawer and stick your brow drier in it, you may have to adjust the angle but it’ll free up your hands.


  1. Clip up Dilemma


Clips can be really slick plastic which has the potential to be a problem when you’re trying to throw it up and run. Take your clip and put hot a line of hot glue on the inside of each of the fingers. This will give it a non-slip surface like the expensive clips, so you can throw it up and go.


  1. Easiest bun hacks ever


Cut of the toe of a clean sock and roll it up until it looks like a donut. Then take your hair tie all of it into a pony hair. Pull the bottom of your hair through the ponytail and roll up. The sock holds you hair, no more hair ties required and your bun can be worn at even the most formal occasions.

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