Securus Technologies Finding the Weak Link

Me and my fellow corrections officers have to be watching each others backs at all time or we could be in extreme danger. The inmates have a lot of time on their hands, and they are all very good at spotting weaknesses inside the prison walls. The fact they outnumber us 4:1 only makes it that much more dangerous for every officer in the jail, so we often have to utilize other resources to help keep us all that much safer.


One of the biggest resources is the scanning equipment at the visitor center. This is the part of the jail that puts civilians and inmates in close quarters, and the place most contraband is slipped into the prison. The inmates will go to some real extremes to be able to acquire the things they need, so we have to be alert when everyone comes inside our jail and do thorough searches each time. One mistake here and all the officers could be in danger.


Securus Technologies installed the call monitoring system me and my fellow officers use to listen closely to the inmates talking on the phones. At the time, we didn’t make the connection to the visitor center, but this resource has proven to be yet another tool we can use to tighten down security in our prison. The company CEO, Richard Smith, says that his 1,000 employees have a single objective, to make the world a safer place to live.


Once we began to use the call system, we detected chatter about the visitor center, so we dug deeper. When the inmates kept talking about coming certain days, certain times, and to see a certain officer, our worst fear was realized. We discovered that we had a corrupt staff member who was taking bribes to turn a blind eye to certain inmate activities.


U.S. Money Reserve’s New Era of E-Commerce

In February 2016, U.S. Money Reserve unveiled their new website. The site portrayed the company’s status in the precious metal industry. It features a coin photo gallery and images of the Philip N. Diehl, the firm’s current president. U.S. Money launched their online platform with the aim of educating the public on the advantages of the bullion market.

The company’s VP of Brand, Ryan Buchanan expressed his excitement for the new online platform. He said that the website would enable them to connect with their clients. Also, it would help U.S. Money Reserve to generate content. Buchanan added that they intend to use their new online service to provide their customers with the best precious metal products in the world.

The website also has a news page, Client-Connect Advantage portal and an e-commerce store. Through the online shop, U.S. Money Reserve will offer live pricing on bars of silver and gold. What’s more, they’ll provide buyers with PCGS certified coins. The news section will feature the latest updates on gold, silver and other precious metals.

There’s a “sign up” section on the site, where web users can register for a gold information kit. The company will use the Client-Connect Advantage feature to contact its clients for shopping assistance, consultations, secure transactions and offline releases. They have a return policy that guarantees buyers a full refund within 30 days –after purchase. Most people looking for precious metals prefer U.S. Money Reserve because the firm has attractive programs such as the Gold Standard IRA.

Money Reserve

This Texas-based company deals in gold and other precious metal. U.S. Money Reserve’s products are usually in coin form. Some of their customers buy the metals for their decorative. Others purchase their products solely for trade.

They buy the coins when the prices are low and sell them when the price goes up. U.S. Money Reserve is resourceful to many investors. It offers analysis and insights on various metals. This information enables purchasers to make sound decisions when placing their orders.

Since the inception of U.S Money Reserve in 2001, they’ve has worked towards becoming a top supplier for legal tenders of precious metals. The company has a well-trained staff that knows the ins and outs of the financial market.

They utilize their knowledge to help customers make huge profits. Moreover, they work towards establishing long-term relationships with the clients. These efforts have enabled U.S. Money Reserve to build a strong reputation.

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How Clay Siegall Led Seattle Genetics to Success

Clay Siegall is the president and CEO of Seattle Genetics. The biotech firm is based in Seattle. It develops therapeutic drugs for a broad range of diseases. Siegall gave an interview on Inspirery where he talked about the history of the company and its business model. He said that he was inspired to get into medicine when he saw the suffering that a family member went through. The treatment regimen was very crude. It had adverse effects on the health of the patient. Siegall decided to go into medicine to try and find a better way.

Clay Siegall decided to start Seattle Genetics because of the constraints that were set at his previous job. Siegall had access to limited funds. He had little autonomy even though he was a senior researcher. The company owned all the patents and profits. Siegall thought that this was discriminatory. This enabled him to think of becoming his boss and having more ownership of his work. Siegall mentioned a few ways in which the company makes money. Its main source of income comes from the sale of its drugs. They have had exclusivity on ADCetris. This is the first antibody-drug conjugate to be approved by the FDA.

Seattle Genetics has also partnered with other pharmaceutical companies. They earn revenue by licensing their processes and the technologies that they have developed. Siegall said that Seattle Genetics became a profitable venture ten years after they went public. The early days of the company were the hardest because of the depletion of their operating capital. He stated that they were able to pull through by working hard.

Dr. Siegall studied at the University of Maryland where he graduated with a degree in Zoology. He went on to join George Washington University where he earned a Ph.D. in Genetics. Siegall co-founded the company in 1998. He has played a huge role in its success. Siegall is the chief executive officer of the company. He is responsible for making sure that the firm meets its objectives. Siegall was involved in the capital raising processes and led the firm to a successful Initial Public Offering.