Luiz Carlos Trabuco Readies To Say Goodbye To The CEO Role Of Banco Bradesco SA

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a well-known executive in the financial sector of Brazil as the CEO and President of Banco Bradesco SA, one of the leading banks in the Brazilian banking sector. He was the central figure all the strategies and growth of the firm for the last few decades and helped it to become the second-largest bank in the country by market value. As of late 2017, it is announced that Luiz Carlos Trabuco would resign from the role of CEO by March 2018, and the firm has started its search for new CEO to lead the company. Interestingly, he was selected as the Chairman of the banking firm in October 2017, when the-then Chairman, Lazaro de Mello Brandao, stepped down from the role.

This meant that Trabuco would continue to lead the firm as the CEO and Chairman until March 2018 when new CEO assumes the role. In a recent interview, he did not conclude any names to the role as the firm is in search for the suitable candidate. It has created a quite a buzz in the Brazilian financial industry as who will replace Trabuco in the role, and many names are circulating in the media. O Estado de, a Sao Paulo based newspaper, points out that Mauricio Minas, the VP of technology at the bank, is the most popular name in the list.

Since the banking firm has six vice presidents, every one of them has the probability of filling the vacancy. They are: Alexandre da Silva Glüher, VP of investor relations; Domingos Figueiredo de Abreu, VP of credit and treasury; Josué Augusto Pancini, VP of whole service network as well as for Prime; André Rodrigues Cano, VP with charges of Human Resources; and Octavio of Lazari Junior, CEO of the insurance division of the bank, Bradesco Seguros according to While Glüher is considered as the most experienced with many acquisitions and integration expertise, Pancini has been one of the longtime holding vice presidents.

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Considering the banking firm follows a tradition of recruiting in-house Presidents, the VPs have the highest possible chances for the role. However, Luiz Carlos Trabuco confirmed the changes that are going to be reflected on the Board of Directors of the bank. He said that the next CEO would not be occupied in the executive body of the bank. Also, the vacancy of Trabuco as the vice-president of the Council will be replaced by Carlos Alberto Guilherme, who reportedly started working with the bank at the age of 13.

While coming to Luiz Carlos Trabuco, he has more than four decades of experience in collaborating with Bradesco. In his long career, he assumed various leadership roles and led the firm transitioning to the trends in the market. Trabuco served as the Executive Vice President, Managing Director, Vice President, Department Director, and more at the bank during his career. Since March 2009, he was elevated to the CEO role of the firm and led the company in some critical acquisitions and integrations. Interestingly, Trabuco started his career as a clerk at the bank at the age of 22, in 1969.

Apart from leading the banking firm, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was also a member of ArcelorMittal Brasil board. He is also serving as the Director and President of Odontoprev since 2009. He was also the President of ANAPP – the association of private pension plans – and was the member of ABRASCA managing board. While coming to the education, Trabuco completed his graduation in Philosophy from the University of Sao Paulo in its Arts Faculty. Trabuco also secured his post-graduation from the School of Politics and Sociology – the University of Sao Paulo.

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