David Giertz Care’s About Your Future Finances

David Giertz’s career as financial services advisor started at Citigroup. It took less than ten years for David to acquire the position of Area Director. David joined Nationwide Financial Services in 1999. Then Regional Vice President in Miami, Florida, during his first years with Nationwide Financial Services, profits for the Southeast Zone increased to 48%. He has more than 30 years’ experience in the industry of financial services. His unfailing and influential strategies for developing revenue are outstanding. As President of Nationwide’s Financial distribution and sales group, David’s talents in operation’s attributed to the increase in sales from $11B to a $17.8B surge in revenue.

Since 2013, David serves in the position of Senior Vice President of Sales and Distribution with Dublin, Ohio’s Nationwide Financial services. David Giertz’s relentless motivation and efforts coupled with his inspirational coaching abilities give him the ability to build innovative lucrative businesses. He genuinely takes an interest in retirement security as well.

He gave some valuable feedback on social security in an interview with Wall Street Journal. David Giertz explains that according to results of a Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute survey of consumers who are retired or within ten years of retirement, advisors are not talking to them about Social Security, the part of their retirement that could be up to 40% of their retirement income.

Mr. Gietz blames the problem on the fact that many people find it difficult to have confidence in their understanding of a handbook that has over twenty-seven hundred rules. David Giertz also explained the dangers of activating social security benefits too early. Early activation could sustain twelve thousand dollars a year or a thousand dollars a month in retirement income losses. He noted that the social security income is an essential part of optimizing a retires social security.

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