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Changes In Technology : Spotlight on Shaygan Kheradpir

The Business World Is Changing

The business world is changing and, in fact, it has been changing for quite some time. The ages of industrialization and the industrial revolution brought factories and textiles to the forefront of the business community. Some countries still rely on factory labor and textile work as the main substance for their economy. However, the shift we are facing now involves more and more technology and less physical labor. Businesses are now more centralized and focused on sustainability. With these practices comes a new type of jobs for the average person, and this brings a new type of investment scenario to the entrepreneur. It is a growing and vital time for business and technology. The developments we have seen over the past few decades have changed the face of the market and have shifted many economies. The economy of the entire world has changed drastically since the introduction of the internet, and it keeps changing by the minute.

Every second of every day a new company is adding a webpage to the internet. Content is being created steadily. This changes the way businesses operate. It has shifted the role companies and brands play in the mind of the consumer. Advertising has changed. It has become more experiential. The people who shift and make these changes possible are all around. They are the business leaders of major brands and companies. These people put us in touch with the resources we need to get jobs done, to communicate with each other and to advertise our products or services to the world.

The World Is A Better Place

Where would the business world be without these people? If you go back a decade or so, e-commerce businesses were hard to manage. They opened up and closed quickly. It was like a pipeline dream to run a business entirely off the internet. The developers and founders made this dream a reality for many. Still today, it is easy to open and operate an e-commerce business. The resources are readily available, and they are easier to manage than ever before.

With respect to developers, the world owes a debt of gratitude to the business elite. The folks who put together the plans and found the right people for the jobs are the sole reason why these companies got off the ground in the first place. Shaygan Kheradpir is one of those dynamic and tenacious people who made these things possible. He is a business executive who graduated from Cornell University. Shaygan Kheradpir was a chief contributor to the development and execution of Verizon’s FiOS program. The Verizon FiOS program is one of the biggest and most versatile initiatives that connects businesses to the world wide web. Because of this program and others like it businesses are able to surf the web, do research and conduct business with the speed and ease they deserve. Forbes’ Shaygan Kheradpir continues to make strives in the business and technology sectors every day.

Doe Deere: More than a Founder of Lime Crime

Doe Deere is the founder of the beautiful vibrant makeup company Lime Crime. If you see Doe Deere, you will see that she has a very flashy colorful extraordinary style. Her makeup brand is undoubtedly a reflection of her style. She loves bright colors and want have every girl and woman to look like mystical unicorns with her makeup brand. Her makeup company stands for color renovation and individuals being unapologetic about their makeup.

She had always had a passion for trying different styles ever since she was a little girl. She uses to put many different types of clothes and cover herself with her mother’s makeup. Deere once said that in the beginning, she was not that good at during her makeup. She once said that she did not honestly begin to get good at during makeup until she got into her twenties.

Social media proves that time and time again; that can help launched people careers. That is how Deere got her start into the cosmetic world. She had begun to post pictures of herself with unique makeup tutorials and begin to grow a following. Every day new girls would go to her Instagram and see what was going to be the next lavish look. When Deere starts seeing that she was gaining an enormous following on the internet, this is when she see things differently. She had started her career in fashion but then realizes her real calling was in makeup.

She notices that there wasn’t any makeup company that genuinely connects with the women who want to wear bold and bright colors cosmetic. Since she has always been a unique individual, she felt that she needed to be the one to create a makeup company that caters to those types of women. She started the business with a little amount money, but she had worked hard, and it became a success. She believes that everyone should go out and pursue his or her dream no matter if other people view it is odd.

The names of her makeup are as whimsical as it looks. With names like “Countessa Fluorescent” and “Oh no she did not”, it is only natural that people cannot resist buying these products. She is also so successful because she stay connected with her fanbase. She understands that social media is where she got her start and knew that it is important to stay connected with her fans because her fans are so dedicated to her makeup line. Her team of unicorns is like a family to her.

Doe Deere is an inspiration to many women and men. She represents that a person should not be afraid to be creative and be themselves. She symbolizes that is okay for you to be unique, no matter if other individuals do not understand. She knows that a person should not ever have to apologize for just being yourself. She firmly believes that people uniqueness is what can drive people to be incredibly successful in life.

The Person Responsible for the Success of Highland Capital Management

The person behind Highland Capital Management is James Dondero, Cofounder and President of HCM, Highland Capital Management in 1993. Having 30-years of experience in equity markets, working mainly on high-yield and distressed investments. James Dondero attended the University of Virginia, receiving a BS in Commerce, Accounting, and Finance. Aside from his equity skills and knowledge, Jim is a Certified Managerial Accountant, (CMA) and a Charter Financial Analyst, (CFA).

As a financial genius, Dondero serves as a member of a couple of boards; one being on the Board of Directors for the MGM Studios on and American BankNote. He also holds the office of Chairman of the Board of NexBank, Cornerstone Healthcare, and the CCS Medical Corporation.

During the explosive hedge fund years in the 90’s Dondero was very active as a Corporate Bond Analyst, then moved into Portfolio Management at American Express. Today, September 15, as CEO of Highland Capital, Dondero shares his thoughts on today’s market, noting US stocks having a quiet week compared to the mini-meltdown over the last couple of weeks. Dondero noted that the developed markets remain in better condition than emerging markets and that interest rates still stay in the broad range of trading. Lastly, he states the US dollar will continue its movement showing stocks moving in an upward trend. That’s today’s update and Dondero again expresses his valued opinion on market trends.

Dondero’s view of deflation earlier this year noted the interest rates moving lower as evidenced in the market and are still low today. Although the market continues to fluctuate, transportation stocks reveal the rising effect of crude oil dragging the market. His views and explanation of the market movement is precise and valuable information.

Highland Capital Management kicks off its Endowed Tower Scholars Program Fund at Southern Methodist University (SMU). The purpose of this program is to give undergraduate students the opportunity to be involved in public policymaking through the universities political studies under the John Goodwin Tower Center studies.

James Dondero’s philanthropic endeavors are driven by education and with his involvement in Southern Methodist University an extraordinary opportunity is available to students to become a part of policymaking working with influential employers. The Tower Scholars Program at SMU is designed for undergraduates, giving them hands-on knowledge and experience in the real-world. Also, HCP has contributed $2 million to the university, encouraging others to donate and support the program. Jake L. Harmon Endowed Internship Program $1 million gifts, and the Berry R. Cox Family Foundation, another million dollar gift earmarked to support the operations of the program. The program is receiving healthy support from Dondero’s philanthropy efforts.

The Intricacies of Administrative Law

Adminstrative law is the branch of law that oversees all of the governmental workings and makes sure everything it does is in the best interests of its citizens. In this role, administrative lawyers will oversee monetary assistance programs like Welfare Assistance, Food Stamps, and Hardship Relief. In these efforts, this branch of law will also oversee the creation of government programs and agencies. Persons in administrative law will also supervise and oversee individual persons in governmental offices.

Many mistakenly think that administrative law and the judicial branch of government (U.S. Supreme Court) are synonymous. However, the role of the Supreme Court is to make final rulings on laws and interpretations of the Constitution. In this manner, their rulings become the base of legality. Those within the administrative law arena must guide their own work based on these rulings and rulings that are still under consideration. Being the governmental intercessor on behalf of the citizen is not the administrative lawyer’s only concern.

They also work as intermediaries between employers and employees. In this branch of law, the strategy is not always the same from case to case. These types of lawyers will actually work for the company for employee relations and as well as helping with the legalities of other business matters. One such lawyer is Frans Schoeman on slideshare who works for Phatsima Diamond Corporation. Schoeman began his legal career in January 1990 as senior partner at Jaubert Schoeman Attorneys. He remains there to this day and has so proved himself that he has added two other companies to his resume. He continues to work at both with a short tenure at another.

Almost six years ago he joined the staff of TG Minster. The South African lawyer continues to serve as the chief legal director and supervises all company merger proceeding, acquisitions, drafting, and negotiations. In April 1999, Schoeman joined the staff of Attorney Hofmeyr Herbstein & Gihwala Inc as a senior partner. However, he was only with the company a little over a year. Schoeman has been with Phatsima Diamond Corporation for the past nine years. He has proven himself so capable in the position that he now runs its day to day operations of the Angolan mining concession.

Persons like Schoeman who are experts in administrative law, take into consideration that every case and individual is unique. Administrative lawyers will tailor it to the needs and desires of his or her client’s needs and desires. There are unique specifics that will always exist between the thing in question and the laws regarding it. In addition, the laws themselves are sometimes amended. Administrative lawyers will definitely want to take these changes into consideration. A person seeking legal action should inquire concerning whether or not his or her case would be best handled by an administrative lawyer.

Responsibilities of Modern Economists

Economists are financial analysts who study a vast range of economic factors such as demand and supply of consumer goods within a given market, taxation rates as well as salaries and wages of workers. They apply different techniques to research and analyze their data. Government agencies, policymakers and business enterprise rely on their findings to make appropriate decision. Economists will be assigned different responsibilities depending on employer as well as their area of specialty.

An economist will begin his work by conducting research on a given issue and gathering relevant information. The data collected will be analyzed and interpreted using mathematical and statistical techniques. An economist will then organize the results into reports, graphs and charts and used by relevant authorities to solve problem and implement policies. The work of economists will range over several economic factors including health and education that affect the economy of a country. For instance, an economist can study the effects of increasing taxes on alcoholic drinks which lead to decreased traffic-related deaths and transmission of STDs.

Economists are employed by governments to assist in analyzing the general economic status of a country. They research and review price of commodities in the market, employment turnover, forecasted expenditure and salaries of workers. They will share the outcomes with relevant authorities in order to implement certain policies. They assist policymakers understand potential effects of new regulations within a given economy. Also, their expertise is required by government to lay down its budget estimate over a given period.

Economists are employed by private sectors like financial institutions, NGOs, research institutions and global organizations. A business entity will depend on the work of economists to increase its profit by analyzing demand and supply as well as prices of products and services at the market. Financial firms would like to review market trends and effects of interest rates in order to make proper investment strategies based on their targets. Non-profit organizations would rely on the work of economists to study various social factors affecting the society.

Today, there are many renowned economists like Christian Broda. He has worked as a professor at the University of Chicago before shifting his focus to capital investments. He has been analyzing different economic issues relating to international trading and finance and writing various articles on the same. He has presented his results to various institutions like financial firms, universities and other government agencies. In the past, Mr. Broda of chicagobooth has forecasted several economic outcomes that have come to pass.

Economists have different areas of specialty like public finance where they study issues like taxation and welfare initiatives. Global economists analyze international economy like exchange rates and international financial and capital markets.

Having An Energetic Dog Starts By Feeding The Dog Beneful

Anyone who sees a dog running around will assume that they have all the energy in the world. Dogs can be extremely energetic, especially when they are playing. Maybe a dog is playing with a child or an adult, or they are running after a ball or a frisbee. When a dog is playing with someone else, even if it’s with another dog, they can be very energetic. All dogs don’t have a lot of energy because energy is based on the food a dog eats on Consider this. If a person lacks carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables, and all the foods that give them energy, then how energetic will they really be?

A person needs several types of foods to have energy, and if they don’t eat the right foods, then they may have very little energy. When a person has low energy they may find it hard to get out of bed, they may find it hard to stay awake, and they may not be able to make it through their day. Dogs are very similar when it comes to lacking energy because they need the energy to function correctly, just like a human would. If dogs don’t eat the right food, then it’s unlikely they’re going to have much energy.

If a person could compare a dog who only eats table scraps to a dog that eats superior dog food, then they could easily see the difference between the two dogs. It’s unlikely that a dog that only eats table scraps will have massive amounts of energy, especially when they’re only eating leftover pieces of food. A dog that has specialized food made just for them is more likely to have good energy, especially if the dog food is superior. Beneful is a superior dog food that’s made to help dogs gain energy, and it’s also good nutrition for dogs as well.

Those who want to see their dogs at their best will make sure that they have the right food, especially since food is fuel. If a pet owner wants to fuel their dog to have the most energy, especially for exercising, then they’ll need to feed their pet very good food. A dog is not just for picking up the newspaper or fetching slippers, dogs are great to run around with, play with, and enjoy their company. A pet is less likely to be enjoyable if they are sluggish and tired all the time because they lack energy.

If a pet owner notices that their pet is lacking energy, then they should switch to Beneful brand foods because they are proven to help a dog gain energy, especially if they lack it. The protein and carbohydrates in Beneful brand foods are what help dogs to get additional energy, and the difference can be seen very quickly. If a pet owner isn’t currently feeding their dog Beneful brand foods, then they should switch to it, try it out for a week, and see how much energy the dog has. Beneful foods are great for giving dogs more energy.

Highland Capital President James Dondero

James Dondero on is a New York hedge fund manager, who has risen through management ranks to be President of Highland Capital. His ambition, determination and selfless effort are admirable. He has set a typical example for people that want to own their businesses. Even though it is not an easy affair, he promises that with determination and an open mind, one finally gets to the desired destination.
In the 1980s, James worked with American Express where he managed over $1 billion as a credit investor. The company gave him the experience and confidence he needed to start his business. In 1993, he co-founded Highland Capital Management and never looked back. Highland Capital majors in credit investment for its clients. To date, they have over $20 billion in asset management. It is a commendable gain for a corporation that was started by two ambitious individuals two decades ago.
NexPoint Advisers deal in alternative asset management practices, which specialize in fixed income investment yields. Mr. Dondero serves as the Portfolio Manager with NexPoint. In May 2015, the company announced that they had appointed James as Chairman of the Board. NexPoint reiterated that they were happy to bring Mr. Dondero, for he is an individual with over 30 years industry experience. He was a perfect addition to the company, as he is an industry-tested individual who had a high character and investment wit to be admired.
James graduated with a BS in Accounting and Finance. In addition to graduating from Virginia University, he enrolled in other institutions and was certified as Financial Analyst and Managerial Accountant. Currently, he serves in Cornerstone Healthcare as Board Chairman. Consequently, he is on the Board of Directors of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and American Banknote Corporation. The numerous roles keep James alert as an investor. It is his upright personally and decision making, which keeps his name flying high.
Investment advice is a priceless piece that can turn one’s fortune. It is why investment firms are growing by the day. Many people and companies have money to invest, but do not have the right opportunities to invest. Additionally, they have no expertise to assess risk and ascertain that returns are guaranteed. Therefore, it explains why demand for investment advisers has gone up over the last decade.
Highland’s philosophy is to apply tested principles, so as to produce high yields that are consistent. Additionally, they insist on discipline in capital preservation. As an investment firm, they lay more emphasis on the risk-return balance in their portfolio. Their primary strategy is to provide access to a unique class of an asset to an investor. It is quite motivating to the investor, and any other potential clients.
With over 20 years experience in the industry, Highlands Capital has matured with time. They have tested many strategies of success and selected the best ones for implementation. Due to the maturity of the top management, they choose the top-down approach to making decisions. It is the sensitivity of the decisions that makes or breaks relationships with clients. Therefore, it is a risky affair to allow low-level decisions as they may affect consumers negatively. Highland Capital Management is in safe hands, due to the experience and detailed analysis by James Dondero and other top managers.

Lime Crime Will Help A Girl To Love Her Look

If every girl who wears cosmetics was asked if she gets bored with the options that she has from time to time, then most girls would be sure to say “yes”. They would agree that cosmetics can get boring, because they have worn the same kind of things day after day for a long while, and their friends all wear the same things as them, too. Most girls would probably even go so far as to say that they dislike the cosmetics that they own, because they are unable to express any personality when they wear them. And that is a shame.
There is a new brand that has come out that will be able to change all of that. This new brand, Lime Crime, is dedicated to allowing girls to show who they are through their makeup. They want girls to be able to express who they are, individually, and they want them to just be able to have some fun with all of the bright, bold color choices that are offered to them. This brand was formed by a woman who never let anything scare her, and that was shown when she decided to start the company up with only a few hundred dollars in her pocket. The bold choice that she made not only greatly affected her own life, but it has now affected the lives of girls all over, as well, as they are finally able to purchase some cosmetics that are all them.
Girls like wearing something that makes them feel unique, at least occasionally, and they will be glad to have the cosmetics from this new brand to help them to do that. They will be happy to finally be able to express who they are through the things that are offered to them through Lime Crime on amazon.
No girl should ever have to get tired of her makeup. She should never become bored with the things that are offered to her. She just needs to be brave enough to go ahead and wear something that makes her look unique from everyone around her, and she will finally love her look.

The Wonder Years Budget

Nobody ever totally prepares parents for puberty. Our little girl who always dreamed of being a fairy tale princess and marrying her Daddy is growing up. She has forgot about unicorns, fairies, and lovely princesses and just thinks about clothes, makeup, music, and her friends. Mom and Dad get an occasional roll of the eyes when we dare ask her about how school was going. Ah, the wonderful teenage years!

We are fortunate that she is a pretty good girl. She keeps up with her homework and is making decent grades. Even though she is just a freshman in high school, we are encouraging her to consider college choices and a possible career. Since she was a baby, we have been setting money aside for her college fund. She should have a good start when she graduates and starts college courses.

Teenagers hit the pocketbook hard! She is involved in a lot of extra-curricular activities in school and reminds us that it all looks good on a college application. She is a responsible teen and does a little bit of babysitting on the side for extra money on the weekends. She and her friends have endless trips to the mall, to the movies, and to our local pizzeria. Soon, she will be getting her driver’s license and we will be discussing her buying a car and paying for the insurance. The costs only get higher when she starts college.

So, my wife and I have thought of some ways we can trim our budget. We sat down with our monthly bills and figured out some things we could eliminate. A lot of the magazines we like to read can be borrowed free at our local library, so it only made sense to cancel the numerous subscriptions we had. I cannot remember the last time I went to the gym after paying the exorbitant membership fee. So there was another extra cost that was nixed. We were proud of ourselves for finding ways that we could save more money in our household. We were also shocked at how much all the little charges add up.

Another way we found big savings was finding out about FreedomPop Wireless for our cell phone service. We signed up for FreedomPop and did not even have to sign a service contract. We enjoy the same nation-wide service that we always have and do not have to buy new phones. It is a great deal that offers us up to 500 text messages, 200 voice minutes and 500 MG of data for free! There is a charge for overage; but it is just one cent a minute for voice or text and two cents a minute for extra megabytes of data. Since we use our phones a lot, we upgraded to their unlimited plan for only twenty bucks a month. We even have the option of purchasing phone insurance.

Yes, it is difficult to raise teenagers. They are costly but worth every penny. I am glad that my family and I are saving money on our new FreedomPop Wireless plan. We are still enjoying our cell phones and the extra cash we are saving.

Bruce Levenson Earns Huge Profits On Sale Of Atlanta Hawks Ownership

It’s a successful year for the NBA Atlanta Hawks. They are on a whole new level. Their winning streaks in basketball, and amazing players, continue to grab the world spotlight. With many victories, and a new high valuation, the Atlanta Hawks are rising to new heights.

Businessman and team owner Bruce Levenson is the proud previous owner of the Atlanta Hawks. For 11 years he held the majority ownership of the Atlanta Hawks. During his time as owner of the Atlanta Hawks, he increased the public presence of the Atlanta Hawks to what it is today. He has always thought up creative ways to increase revenue and branding. With his favorite team the Atlanta Hawks, he has successfully brought them to new levels of fame and fortune.

Bruce Levenson deciding to sell his shares of the Atlanta Hawks is paying off big time. With a near double return on investment, Bruce is earning hundreds of millions of dollars. He originally bought into the Atlanta Hawks in 2004 and now has officially sold it off to Tony Ressler in 2015. This deal includes full control of the Philips Arena for purchaser Tony Ressler. The final price of this deal cost Tony Ressler a total of $730 Million. Bruce Levenson had a 50.1 percent stake in the Atlanta Hawks, giving him around $365 million from the sale of the popular team.

The Atlanta Hawks are contracting new lucrative television deals. These deals are continuing to benefit the Atlanta Hawks and its new leadership. The Atlanta Hawks currently are on a path to potentially win the NBA championship. These victories have the potential to skyrocket the growth of the Atlanta Hawks to even higher valuations. This is good news for all parties involved. The new ownership gets the benefit of automatic increases valuation, and the Atlanta Hawks gain a higher presence in the eyes of the public.

Investing in the NBA is becoming very lucrative these days. With the huge pay off to Bruce Levenson, and NBA valuations increasing, investments in the NBA are continuing to rise. It’s the new frontier for Billionaires. The return has proven profitable for all owners, and continues to pay great dividends.

The future of the NBA Atlanta Hawks is looking brighter than ever. With more people attending games, and a growing audience on TV, the NBA is set to skyrocket in valuation in the coming years. The benefits affect everyone. Owners are likely to continue seeing high returns on their investments, and the teams are likely to receive higher paying deals into the future.