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CCMP Capital: Understanding Private Equity Investment Companies

Are you looking for a trusted private equity investment firm? Want to learn about private equity investment and which companies are providing excellent service?

Private equity investment pertains to several types and approaches of investing in privately held enterprises or turning public companies private. A whole business sector has been established around private capital investment, which has become truly lucrative, and is still able to steer clear of the level of the type of public scrutiny that is present in other sorts of transactions which pertain to publicly traded securities. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital comes highly recommended in transactions involving buyout and mergers.

One of the more common types of private equity investment strategies is what is commonly referred to as a leveraged buyout. In this sort of transaction, a private capital firm takes on debt in order to raise the finances needed to buy out a public company, or in other words to acquire a greater number of its stock, which it then takes off the stock market. This is one of the areas that CCMP Capital is very good at, and has been providing this type of service for many years.

To be aware of what a private equity firm is, it is necessary to get the idea what the many different parts of the term stand for. Private equity is equity that is not really freely tradable on the general public stock market. A private equity company, then, is the controlling partner in a collection of joint ventures that have collaborated to pool their funds and invest in a particular opportunity. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has great expertise in this type of transaction and has numerous clients all over the world.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital employs professionals who are well-qualified and experienced in all aspects of the investment industry. Their professionals are always available and ready to provide advice and proper guidance in helping clients reach their investment goals. With a team of highly dedicated professionals on your side, there absolutely is no reason for you to worry. All you have to do, is get in touch with the professionals at CCMP Capital, and they will gladly assist you. You can visit their website to contact them or learn more about the company.

Stephen Murray was President and CEO of CCMP Capital, and an expert in private equity investment. He worked with the company for many years, and was regarded as one of the best in the industry. Mr Murray had a very likeable personality and his clients praised him for all the good service he had provided to them. He was also respected by his peers and he made a great name for himself. Stephen Murray passed away on March 12. He was 52.

MJ Impersonator Sergio Cortes And His Achievements

The clothes he wears, the voice he has and the way he walks coincides with one personality in the entertainment industry – Michael Jackson. Yes, this is about Sergio Cortes, the famous MJ impersonator. His life counterparts have been embraced around the globe. He has his own shows, music and appearances in the glamorous world. His performances are liked by MJ fans and people from all walks of life. He is a public figure with a great career. In his Facebook profile, Sergio Cortes reports to be an artist with talents such as dancing, singling, acting and composing.

For people to look and feel so prominent in the crowd, it is not easy. Many lookalikes have came and gone in the celebrity industry. Some have had luck shining on them for quite a long period. Unlike them, Sergio Cortes is a shining star. He is now considered one of the best American late singer impersonators. He is 43 years old and Spanish. It was his mother who thought that he looked like Michael Jackson when he was young. He took those words seriously and went on to become the King of Pop’s impersonator after carefully paying attention to MJ’s dances, songs and the way he carried himself during music tours.

Today Sergio Cortes participates in a wide range of shows both in real world and on television. As a teenager he was invited to dress like Michael Jackson, but his dreams became true when he was actually earning money being Michael Jackson on stage. That was a turning point. Since than he has never looked back and plans to make many more shows and tours in the future. He has received invitations to perform for American Idol shows in many countries as well.

Today, his resemblance to the pop idol has earned him more than 16,000 followers on Facebook and millions in real world. Through social networks and other websites, he talks to his fans, discloses his upcoming tours and receives many proposals from producers and directors. He admits that he was very upset when he heard the death of Michael Jackson and that he is very grateful for what the music hero has offered to the entertainment industry.

Fans can follow Sergio Cortes on Facebook or Twitter

Source: R7 Journal

An Athlete Who Turned to the Arts

Jon Urbana is quite the talented individual with numerous successful talents. His fame has been noted all across the internet. He is an entrepreneur with many passions prominently displayed on his Facebook profile. He has achieved so much across video production, music, and his Ellipse USA business promotion. Here is some of the areas he specializes in:

His official blog featuring all kinds of art seeks a lot of page views. His art pieces focus a lot on the environment and food items. The camera angle and color schemes really highlight the beauty of all images. All the pictures he shared to Imgur are clear and crisp to the point you know exactly what to look for. In addition to pictures, there are several comedic videos to watch. There are categories on the website to divide up the image categories.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

Urbana does a really good job of mixing up his music to sound like a perfect harmony. He focuses a lot of the electronic beats with famous artists such as Wiz Khalifa, The Weekend, Charlie Puth, and more. The electronic instruments and beats really represent a Skrillex feeling. The sounds are fast paced and mostly upbeat. There is a lot more sounds compared to vocals. This music is considered to be just like trap music on occasion.

Jon Urbana also knows how to create a strong online Twitter presence and is very active with the local community. Urbana started Next Level Lacrosse Camp in the Denver area to encourage youth players to go after their passion of sports and lacrosse. This camp also encourages young kids to get active more often. Enjoy and connect with the environment. Urbana himself was a talented lacrosse player in his younger days. He played for Villanova and broke all kinds of records. Throughout social media, he posts a lot of his art pictures and some information about sports including lacrosse, which comes second nature to him. You can catch Jon Urbana on basically all social media platforms, and he enjoys communicating with community members. Here are some of his most popular videos.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Overall, Urbana is a very well rounded individual. He has a lot of interests and talents that can make him the successful entrepreneur he is today. He also likes to spend free time flying, traveling, editing videos, and playing squash.

Sergio Cortes And The Start Of His Career

Sergio Cortes is a famed impersonator for the very talented and legendary Michael Jackson. The one thing that separated his success between other impersonators is just how well he stood out with his resemblance and his movements on stage.

Impersonators are people who are lucky enough to resemble a famous celebrity, and they take the same clothes, mannerisms, voice, dance moves, and hand gestures to bring to life their celebrity counterpart.

Sergio has explained before that being a look-alike of a famous pop legend is never easy. The work involved to fine tune your abilities and further improve yourself to be like another person is not easy.

Born on July 30, Sergio began his career at a very young age watching the famous Michael Jackson on television performing with his family in their music group. Sergio would watch them perform all the time, copy their movements, and try to be just like Michael on television. The voice, his singing, the dancing, and every aspect of Michael he tried to imitate, all the way to the point where he ended up not even being himself and completely took on the role of being MJ.

The beginning of his career started when he was invited to sing and dance like MJ, along with dress up with one a couple of the most famous clothes the legend has worn in the past. The look was perfect, the singing was great, and just the performance was out of the park, and it led him to being introduced to more people who wanted him to perform in other places. Performing on life televisions shows through South America and across the globe, he was becoming quite the celebrity for his skills as a Michael Jackson look-alike.

At this point of his life and at 43 years old, he is not stopping at all to fulfill his career. He has now continuously being invited to shows, events, and big concerts that need him to help create that star quality. He is one of the few people in all of Brazil to bring the power and beauty of being an impersonator.

He continues to become a fan favorite for shows and concerts, and his goal is to have his own world tour someday bringing Michael to life on stage with a theatrical performance. Follow his social media networks below to stay updated:

You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


Source: R7

The growth of CCMP Capital and the Stellar Leadership of Stephen Murray

History and Growth of CCMP
CCMP is a private equity firm with a global presence spanning four continents. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital began operating as an independent firm in August 2006. The company’s initials CCMP, reflects a long chain of heritage organizations that form part of its long history. The New York City based firm specializes in buyout and growth of equity investments in four critical industries; Energy, Industrial, Services, Retail/Consumer and Healthcare sectors. In the media and telecoms service sector, the company has invested in a broad range of services including content publication, cable, programming, broadcasting, wire and wireless communication.

Under the industrial banner, the company’s investments are focused on manufacturing, automotive, chemicals and distribution services. In the larger energy sector, the company has invested heavily in oil exploration and production as well as in power generation and production of renewable energy. CCMP also continues to invest in the healthcare sector, specifically in the area of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. The companies under the CCMP portfolio include; Aramark, Quiznos Subs, SafetyKleen Europe, Jetro Cash & Carry, Latigo Petroleum, Vetco International and LHP Hospital Group. CCMP typically invests in companies, whose enterprise value range between $500 million and $3 billion.

In October 2015, CCMP completed the acquisition of Shoes for Crews, soon after it acquired a controlling stake in the company. Shoes for Crews is a renowned maker of high quality safety footwares for hospital and industrial workers. In July 2014, the company acquired Eco services for $890 million. Eco Services is one of the leading producers of sulphuric acid in the US. Earlier in March 2010, the company acquired inforgroup for $460 million in a deal that was paid in cash. Today, CCMP asset portfolio stands at a record $12 billion. Some of the key personalities, who have overseen the growth and expansion of CCMP over the years, include Greg Brenneman, the current company CEO and the late Stephen Murray, who served as President and CEO of the firm.

Stephen Murray
Stephen Murray was a visionary private equity investor and renowned philanthropist. He passed away at age 52. Murray kick started his career in the business and finance in 1984, when he was part of a team that took training in credit analysis at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. After several years in various corporate management positions, Murray was named the CEO of CCMP in 2007. Murray received his degree in economics in 1984 from Boston College. In 1989, he received his master’s degree from Columbia Business School. Murray was also a keen supporter of various community organizations and causes, including his Alma Mater. The organizations include the New York based Make-A-Wish Foundation, Stamford Museum, Columbia Business School and Boston College.

Stop the Begging With Beneful!

When our large yellow lab Savannah had puppies, his two siblings were readily adopted by close friends. and we kept the runt of the litter, Marley. We should have known from the size of his paws, and his half lab, half golden retriever lineage, he would grow up to be a playful giant.

We fed Marley and his mom the same food, bought from the local pet supply. As they were both very big eaters. the expense was enormous. The worst part was that they did not seem to enjoy their food, and were always begging at the table for scraps. We knew giving dogs table leftovers was not the way to go, as many ingredients that humans can digest aren’t good for dogs. Looking at the pair of pleading brown eyes watching us at dinner time broke our hearts.

One day while shopping in the supermarket, we stopped in the pet food aisle to grab packages of Purina Beneful wet dog food, along with a bag of Beneful Dry Formula. We had seen Beneful commercials on TV, and we were desperate to find a feeding solution for our pups.

That evening, I fed the dogs first as usual, giving Marley and Savannah the beef chopped blend. One look at the Beneful Beef Medley had me impressed, you could see real chunks of chopped beef, carrots, peas and barley and it smelled, as well as looked like real food!. As soon as I scooped it from the containers into their bowls they came running, ate heartily, and licked their bowls clean.

The next night they did the same with the salmon, sweet potato, brown rice and spinach blend. Who knew dogs love fish! They gobbled it down and then went outside to play. We watched them romp from our dining room window as we ate our meal in peace.

Beneful even makes a fancy on twitter Mediterranean style wet medley, made from lamb, tomatoes, brown rice, and spinach. We now feel like we are treating all of our family members to a fabulous, highly nutritious dinner each night at an affordable price.

I switched their dry food to Beneful as well. Beneful’s Playful Life formula is perfect for a doggie breakfast as it contains beef and egg, accented with blueberries and spinach. Good thing the large bag is resealable, as Marley tried to nose it open for a second helping one morning!



Philanthropist George Soros Keeping Active With His Foundation and Political Interests

Billionaire philanthropist George Soros, a retired hedge fund manager, now works hard maintaining his foundations and fund management company while keeping extremely active in the national and international political arena.

Soros, a Democrat, is the Chairman of Soros Fund Management LLC, and founded and runs his philanthropic organization, the Open Society Foundations.

The Open Society Foundations were established back in 1979. Soros, having decided that he had enough money at the time, having made his fortune as a successful hedge fund manager, decided to establish his foundations, his goal being the establishment of open societies in place of authoritarian forms of government.

The Open Society Foundations, now reaching into more than 100 countries, strives to build tolerant and vibrant democracies, through transparency, human rights, and open societies, to areas where governments are accountable to their citizens. His first philanthropic effort with the Open Society Foundations was back in 1979, when he began to provide funds to black students in apartheid South Africa, assisting them in attending Cape Town University. He also provided funds to Eastern European dissidents to assist them in studying abroad.

Soros is an acclaimed author, with essays and articles on economics, society, and political issues regularly appearing in magazines like NY Books and leading newspapers like the NY Times and the Wall Street Journal. He is also the author of over a dozen books, with his 2014 book, The Tragedy of the European Union, being of extreme relevance today. Most recently, he has published an article outlining his plan to solve the asylum chaos in the European Union.

His plan, rather bold by conventional conservative standards, calls for the European Union country members to all get together, coming up with one comprehensive plan to be strictly adhered to by all member nations.

Where his plan really creates worldwide discussion, and perhaps controversy, is his plan that the EU should provide to each asylum seeker, for each of the first 2 years, 15,000 euros, or $16,800, to help cover their costs of education, housing, and health care.

Briefly, his 6 components of a comprehensive plan are:

First, the EU has to accept at least a million asylum-seekers annually for the foreseeable future.

Second, the EU must lead the global effort to provide adequate funding to Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon to support the 4 million refugees currently living in those countries.

Third, the EU must immediately start building a single EU Asylum and Migration Agency and eventually a single EU Border Guard.

Fourth, safe channels must be provided for asylum-seekers.

Fifth, operational and financial arrangements developed by EU should be used to establish global standards for the treatment of asylum-seekers and migrants.

Sixth, the EU needs to mobilize the private sector to act as sponsors.

It remains to be seen whether any of these measures are undertaken, or even considered, by EU member nations. But yet again, George Soros has made his voice heard in the political world on a global scale.

Nobilis Health Is Now A Thriving Health Care Company

The healthcare industry is booming as a result of increased technology. People are living longer. As people are living longer, they are requiring more services from healthcare facilities. Due to this boom, healthcare companies are thriving. Additional healthcare companies are popping up throughout the country. These companies are also often coming out with new techniques and procedures as a result of ever evolving technology.

One thing that has advanced greatly is the practice of surgery. At one time, only the simplest of procedures could be performed as same day surgery. However, nowadays fairly complex medical procedures can be done on an outpatient basis. Some pacemaker operations can even be done as same day surgery! Typically, most medical tests are done on an outpatient basis. This is even true of endoscopies and colonoscopies. It is also common for some eye surgeries to be done on an outpatient basis. Surgeries that are not same day procedures have also advanced greatly. In past times, many operations required making large, obvious incisions. Of course, this led to significant scarring and emotional stress after the procedure is over. However, many procedures can now be done using laparoscopic technology. This essentially means that a small incision is made, and the surgery is done using a small instrument (called a laparoscope).

Nobilis Health is one healthcare company that uses this cutting edge technology. The company has several different same day surgical facilities. These surgical facilities are in Dallas, Texas, Houston, Texas, and Scottsdale, Arizona. Numerous types of procedures can be done at these facilities, and some of them are quite involved despite being same day surgery. Nobilis Health also owns a hospital in Bellaire, Texas. At this hospital, it is possible to have procedures done that require more than same day surgery. Getting the procedure done at this hospital has the benefit of being performed in a smaller setting than a traditional hospital. With 19 beds, the staff at Nobilis’ hospital in Bellaire, Texas are able to pay very close attention to all of the patients. If you have a sudden medical crisis emerge that isn’t quite serious enough for the emergency room, you can go to the Nobilis urgent care facility in Spring, Texas. This urgent care facility on handles a wide range of different types of medical crises.

Nobilis Health on has grown in recent times. In fact, this growth has occurred at a very rapid pace within the past month. During the period of a month, the company’s stock price shot up 8 percent! The growth may continue like this or even increase, because Nobilis is going to be opening up a new facility.

The health care industry has grown significantly due to increased technology. Nobilis Health is one example of a company that is using cutting edge medical technology. In addition, the company is doing quite well and will probably continue to do so.

Advancements Made By Shaygan Kheradpir in Business and Technology Sectors

Shaygan Kheradpir is an executive that is well versed in the area of business and technology. He boasts of an experience that spans more than 28 years. Presently, Shaygan serves as the chairman of the board besides the chief executive officer of Coriant. It is a leading and proven provider of innovative networking solutions to biggest network operators in more than 100 countries. Some of the clients that Coriant serves include 9 out of the top 10 world Tier 1 service providers in communication.
Shaygan spent his childhood in Iran although he was born in London. His father was a medical doctor, specializing in nose, throat, and ear problems. Shaygan moved to the United States for his university studies. He joined Cornell University to study electrical engineering. He graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelors, masters, and PhD in electrical engineering. His educational background has played a considerable role in the way Shaygan comes up with various strategies that have proven beneficial to the various companies that he has previously worked for.
Apart from Coriant, Shaygan has had successful spells at different companies like GTE, Verizon, Barclays and Juniper Networks. He pioneered innovative products in the technology and financial companies that rendered his services. Shaygan has the rare ability to fit in a company quickly. This ability has seen him utilize teams to create different solutions for the companies that have enlisted his services in the past. In essence, Shaygan hits the ground running immediately he is assumes office in a new company. Shaygan recalls that his first job was at GTE Labs, Boston. He started in network routing department and within no time, he was elevated to be the head of the software systems lab due to his exemplary work and ability to produce innovative systems. Working as the head of software systems lab, Shaygan assembled a team of experts that strategized on the ways of growing the business.

One of the outstanding achievements that the team and Shaygan made was developing the Telephone Operations Networks Integrated Control System (TONICS). The development of TONICS enabled GTE to deliver services to clients in an efficient way. Shaygan also restructured the core systems of the company by modernizing them thus achieving the cost reduction objective. His career success continued to illuminate even after GTE merged with Bell Atlantic. Shaygan was promoted to be the president for the e-commerce unit of the company.

He was also appointed as the chief information officer within a short period after Verizon was formed. Verizon came into being after the merger between GTE and Bell Atlantic. He used the same strategy that he had previously applied at GTE of consolidating expert teams in order to develop consumer oriented products. His strategy led in the development of FiOS that offered Verizon a competitive edge given that it predicated future trends in the market.

Shaygan transformed Verizon from a small area telephone company to a leader in the broadband communication sector. At Barclays, Shaygan led in the development of revolutionary products like Pingit. Shaygan is a transformative leader. He continues to create innovative consumer-oriented products.

Op-ed: Clean power and good move for Economy and Environment


Last week, Reno City Council voted support for Clean power Plan. This program will help our country move toward a renewable and clean energy and away from the dirty coal power. With this vote, the council has become an important entity in the region to support clean power plan, joining numerous private companies. These voices have come together to press our society toward a better cleaner energy through clean power plan. A new, sustainable, diverse, healthy growing economy rests on us to provide the opportunity for the region. This clean energy program will realize the economic growth of our country. The leading companies in this transition are keeping the required pressure on our leaders and utilities. This time, we need truly clean energy.

The time to demand much from the leaders we elected is now. We do not just ask for compliance but rather actual leadership. This region will lay an example and become the leader in adopting the clean power plan for the 21st century and create a stronger and healthy economy. We need to ask the officials we elected to use a rational and long-term thinking and not to heed to interest groups. Through clean power plan, we will be able to realize a vibrant and healthy economy. The clean energy topic is, however, political. It is about the stern reality of the poor quality air we and the increased drought and forest fires in this region. It’s about the truth that is immutable about our country’s contribution to hemisphere and climate woes. We can reverse this by the fact that we have a chance of accepting the clean power plan.

Andy Wirth was born on 25th July 1958, and he serves in the hotel and mountain resorts industry. He is the current CEO and leader of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. For 25 years now, Wirth has been working in the Hotel and mountain resort industry. He commenced his career with Steamboat Springs in 1986, and he has held numerous leadership and marketing positions at Steamboat. He holds a bachelor’s of science degree from the University of Colorado.