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The Contributions Of Susan McGalla In Developing Women Values

Susan McGalla is a talented and a great role model for all women in the world. She is an executive consultant advising people on how to grow their businesses; particularly to women on how to nurture their organizations. She has also been a president of a top clothing corporation. So he has a very wide knowledge of what running a business really entails. Susan was raised in a family consisting of men. They urged her to work hard and never made exceptions just because she was a girl. She, therefore, knows how hard it is to maneuver in a man’s world.

Susan attended Mount Union College and acquired a degree in marketing and business. She began working in a marketing organization named Joseph Horne Co. in a department store. Susan later on joined American Eagle Outfitters. When she commenced working for the aforementioned company, she was the only woman in such a position in the company. The brands she focused on were aerie and 77 kids. She also became the manager in charge of merchandising for women’s clothing. She also worked at Wet Seal Inc. at Wet Seal. Susan helped in the improvement of the trends of products and helped in the growth of the entire company as well.

Susan became a board member for HFF Inc at some point in her career, a company dealing with real estate. Susan McGalla was in the forefront helping the football team of Pittsburgh Steelers with its planning and growth. She is one of the members of the board of trustees at University of Pittsburgh. Susan is on the council for the Cancer Institute at the University of Pittsburgh.

Susan has of now created her own company – a consulting firm known as P3 Executive Consulting. This is based on the expertise and vast knowledge she acquired throughout her career in the field. She became very well versed in her field and found it necessary to come up with her own company to help others form and grow their enterprises.

Susan would love for women in the world to grow into their own businesses and not be dominated over by men. She advises the women to get an education in higher institutions of learning. A higher education is a leeway to show people that you are very qualified for the job. She further advises women to become very confident when carrying out their chores in work environs.

Susan shares the thought that women should do away with judgments and stereotypes and allow their work speak for them as they shine. She also advises people to stick to the brands that many people like since people will stay a while longer with these brands. She also encourages women to know their worth and not to take themselves for granted, believing that they can perform any tasks allocated to men equally or even better. Women should also not let anyone push them around and to always air their views in meetings and not be afraid. They should take pride in their work and not be scared of what people might think of them.

Susan McGalla is a wife and mother with a wealth managerial skills. She is a role model to many.

Purina’s Pet Care Mission

Nestlé Purina PetCare is the largest pet food supplier in the United States. In fact, Purina manufactures 23.1 percent of all the pet food in the world. Purina news is an awarding pet food manufacturer, and it’s the producer of such famous brands of pet food as Alpo, Purina One, Purina Pro-Plan, Fancy Feast, Friskies and many more. Purina has been the sponsor and host of websites, games and events to raise money for homeless animals. The award-winning Purina’s list of charitable events is long.

Among the many endeavors by Nestlé Purina PetCare to bring proper pet care awareness to the public are Nestlé Purina’s internet campaigns. Doggie-Mail in 2006, through which email can be sent via a talking dog. In 2009 PawNation was sponsored by Nestlé Purina PetCare; a website, which hosted pet videos, tips and questions and answers about pet care. In 2010, Purina launched a Facebook game where users could build and manage a pet resort. The game was titled Purina Pet Resort. Nestlé Purina PetCare took over the sponsorship of the Westminster Dog Show in 2011, and in 2012 Purina partnered with Jenny Craig and introduced the Pet Slim Down. In 2013, Purina introduced a new spokesman for its Friskies line of cat foods, and his name is Grumpy Cat.

Purina partners with pet welfare organizations across the country, and in 2014 Purina donated over six million pounds of pet food worth over $19 billion to animal welfare organizations in the United States. In partnership with Rescue Bank, Purina donates products in support of pet rescue, adoptions, rehabilitation and health care. Together Purina and Rescue Bank forged a model that sets the standards for pet rescue missions in the United States. Purina’s Petfinder is the largest pet adoption database in the world, and it services over 13,000 shelters and rescue organizations across the country. Petfinder is responsible for finding homes for over 24 million pets. Petfinder also provides education for owners seeking pets.

Through multiple websites Purina encourages the adoption of shelter pets, and hosts an annual PetCare Pride Day to help shelters across the country paint, clean and renovate rescue shelters. Purina hosts PurinaOne Shelter, which is a network of 21 pet shelters supported solely by Purina. When disasters happen, Purina doesn’t forget the pets. Purina comes to the rescue of animals lost in natural disasters with food, sheltering and adoption services. Purina has donated over $30 million in cash and pet food, litter and support to communities who host pet rescue services. Nestlé Purina PetCare has helped over 2.2 million animals across the nation in 2015. Its commitment to the health and welfare of America’s pets is an integral part of its corporate foundation.

FreedomPop Revolutionizing the Mobile Business Model

FreedomPop is changing the Mobile business model and the competition is taking note. Their revolutionary business model is currently the only of its kind. By providing a value-added service, FreedomPop is able to focus on developing technology and add-ons and steer away from the marketing focused subscription tactics of traditional Mobile business models.

They are capturing the untapped niche of creating value-added products for consumers which is a unique concept in this market. Where other Mobile business models obsess with monetizing mobile and wireless internet plans, FreedomPop already assumes that a large part of their customer base will take advantage of their free mobile and internet offerings but might, in the future take part of their paid plans options.

Shifting the focus from mobile sales to technology sales gives FreedomPop the ability to offer technology and paid plans that will be much more affordable than their Mobile competitors. This has caught the interest of some of the largest distribution partners and retailers in the world, and online partners have been clamoring to work with their company.

Consumers have already caught on to this new service and FreedomPop is expecting a substantial amount of subscribers within the first month of the company and moving forward it’s likely that word of mouth, and the extraordinary value that they provide will catch on and help to continue the increase in subscribers. The company is taking this into consideration and creating a strategy to move forward with their business model and ensure that they deal with their online demand for their technology first and then move into brick and mortar stores only when they are fully prepared to do so.

FreedomPop is leading Mobile technology into the future, offering a revolutionary service that will change the mobile game forever. Consumers are catching on to the value of this service, and its clearly seen in the huge subscriber numbers in the first month. Added Value services, such as those provided by FreedomPop are leading the way in the Mobile industry and other Mobile providers are hopefully taking note.

Why Everyone Should Be Using Social Media Apps

Most people are well aware of popular social media websites like Twitter and Facebook. These sites make it easy to connect with loved ones and friends even if they are living clear across the world. While using social media websites is a great way to connect with people, it is even better to be using the social media apps that go along with these sites. Most social media sites have their own app that can be downloaded to either your smartphone or tablet device. These apps allow you to connect your social media account to stay in touch even when you’re away from your computer.

The best thing about social media apps is that the vast majority of them are completely free to use. For example, one of the most up-and-coming apps is known as Flipora. Flipora is a social media app that helps users discover the Worldwide Web around them and meet people who share the same interests and hobbies as they do. This particular social media app has been mentioned in both the New York Times and on CNN because it is seen as having a lot of potential similar to many of the popular apps and sites that you are probably already using.

With social media apps like Flipora, you can stay in touch with the world even if you’re sitting in a bus hundreds of miles away from home. You can post pictures and videos from your mobile device while on the road for your friends and family to see. You can also check messages and chat with your group of friends without needing a keyboard sitting right in front of you. In general, it is quick and effortless to download these apps to your mobile device, allowing users to easily sync their accounts with their phones or tablets.

There is never a wrong time to start using social media to enhance your life. Sites like Flipora are growing in their popularity because of the fact that these apps are helpful to those who need better connecting with the world around them. Gone are the days when you had to rely solely on email and hoping to run into your friends or loved ones to catch them up on your life. Now, your loves ones can see pictures and videos that you post within seconds and comment on everything that they might want to talk about.

Lime Crime Origins

Lime Crime is a simply dazzling line of makeup that is worn by the bold woman that is not afraid of wild colors. The CEO and founder of Lime Crime is Doe Deere. Clearly, Doe Deere is also a very flamboyant character. This business woman created Lime Crime out of pure necessity. It seems that a lot of great inventions were started out of pure necessity. The story goes that Doe Deere could not find a makeup in the stores that truly fit her wild and imaginative style. Her idea was that makeup should express one’s inner character to the world, instead of covering up who you really were.

Lime Crime Origins
Lime Crime was started back in 2008. Doe Deere’s idea was to bring her bold and unique vision to the world. She decided to introduce her own line of makeup online. Doe Deere realized that it was easier to reach her targeted audience online. It would probably take much longer to reach a targeted audience through traditional methods. For example, the newspapers, magazines, television, radio, or billboards. Her targeted audience were the forward thinking women that spend more time on social media or chatting online sharing the latest news. Fortunately, many of her early fans were bloggers that really appreciated her makeup line and shared this news with their followers online. Doe Deere looks back and realizes that her business is a dream come true. She was a girl with a few hundred dollars and a dream. She wants other young women to follow their dreams too.

Lime Crime Customers
Perhaps, you’ve wondered about Lime Crimes products on Who are Lime Crime customers? Lime Crime customers are unique individuals that don’t believe in going with the flow. They are nontraditional people that do not believe in purchasing products that would harm their environment. Lime Crime products are Eco-friendly and definitely for the modern woman. Lime Crime customers are growing daily. Clearly, this is due to the great line of makeup along with customers spreading the news about the cosmetic line to friends, family, and associates that prefer bold and dazzling colors.

Why Lime Crime Succeeds
The fact is that Lime Crime succeeds where other makeup lines have failed. Certainly, this is due to the founders’ unique vision concerning creating a makeup line that addressed the needs of the nontraditional makeup wearer. Her idea was to create unique colors and package them in eye catching containers. Certainly, this idea worked wonders for the brand. Now, the Lime Crime brand is reaching new markets. The product is available in regular brick and mortar stores across the world. However, online fans of the product do not have to worry about losing their online website. The Lime Crime site is here to stay. This is the place to discover the latest additions to the makeup line. Lime Crimes’ busy executives and marketing team are looking forward to the future. Their creative team is busy planning new makeup lines that will launch sometime in the near future.

Andy Wirth Pens Op-Ed Regarding Clean Energy

It makes sense for someone like Andy Wirth to step up in support of the Clean Power Plan, which was voted on and supported by the Reno City Council. Wirth is, at his core, an outdoors-man who knows the importance of a healthy environment for both his business and his day to day life. As the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski, Wirth has seen the Reno area boom in the past five years thanks to his work bringing tourism into the region. The Clean Power Plan was always going to draw some conflicting reports, but Wirth took time to write in to the Reno Journal-Gazette to clear the air with his support.

Wirth didn’t waste any time in showing his unflinching support of the Clean Power Plan. He rightfully pointed out that a clean environment was needed and necessary for the Reno City area. In order to back up this assertion Wirth pointed out the environmental issues that are becoming all too common for those living in the area. He pointed to the low quality of the air that residents breathe, the wildfires that have swept over the region, and the way that the coal burning plants have made massive additions to their already large carbon footprint. Wirth said that “the time was now” and that their city, their region, could be forward thinking by continuing to support the CPP.

Wirth knows that in order for there to be long term success with clean energy that the public at large needs to be on board. Wirth pleaded with the readers of the Reno Gazette Journal and implored them to push their support onto every level of the government, from local legislators all the way to Congress. With support from the county residents there can only be long term success.

Andy Wirth knows how treating nature can cause you to be treated well. As the owner of a world class ski resort Wirth has his value tied into the quality of the environment. With huge companies like Microsoft

Andy Wirth Takes Out Column To Support Clean Energy

Andy Wirth has been a big part of Reno City for the past five or so years, ever since he took control of Squaw Valley Ski. As the owner of Squaw Valley Ski, Wirth has watched his business flourish all while bringing in tourists to the area and helping the industry flourish. After his appointment to the Reno City Airport Board it only made sense that Wirth would get more involved in the local government and how it effects the world around him. When the Reno City Council voted in support of the Clean Power Plan Wirth knew that he had to speak up and put his voice in the choir of support. Wirth put out an op-ed column in the Reno Journal-Gazetteto make this happen.

The Clean Power Plan was inevitably going to gain scrutiny for a whole host of reasons, not the least of which is the general misunderstanding of climate change and carbon footprints. Wirth isn’t one of those business owners who finds himself on the short end of the stick of understanding. Instead, in his op-ed we saw Wirth deliver a passionate monologue on the importance of the Clean Power Plan because of the good it will not only bring the region, but the environment as well. Wirth said that the Reno City Council, when choosing to support the CPP, was helping to move society “towards clean energy” and he closed his statement by stating his applause for their actions.

Wirth says that times are changing and that a booming economy can be had for the residents of Reno City. Wirth pointed to the progress the city has already made for clean energy and he thanked the bigger companies out there for leading the way: Tesla, Microsoft, Apple. Wirth pointed out how important it was for the private sector to be involved in clean energy because it kept pressure on utility companies and the elected officials who need their support.

Squaw Valley Ski has been Wirth’s project for the past five years and he’ll continue to cultivate the company as he pushes for more involvement with the local government. Wirth was recently appointed to the Reno Airport Authority Board.

Changes In Technology : Spotlight on Shaygan Kheradpir

The Business World Is Changing

The business world is changing and, in fact, it has been changing for quite some time. The ages of industrialization and the industrial revolution brought factories and textiles to the forefront of the business community. Some countries still rely on factory labor and textile work as the main substance for their economy. However, the shift we are facing now involves more and more technology and less physical labor. Businesses are now more centralized and focused on sustainability. With these practices comes a new type of jobs for the average person, and this brings a new type of investment scenario to the entrepreneur. It is a growing and vital time for business and technology. The developments we have seen over the past few decades have changed the face of the market and have shifted many economies. The economy of the entire world has changed drastically since the introduction of the internet, and it keeps changing by the minute.

Every second of every day a new company is adding a webpage to the internet. Content is being created steadily. This changes the way businesses operate. It has shifted the role companies and brands play in the mind of the consumer. Advertising has changed. It has become more experiential. The people who shift and make these changes possible are all around. They are the business leaders of major brands and companies. These people put us in touch with the resources we need to get jobs done, to communicate with each other and to advertise our products or services to the world.

The World Is A Better Place

Where would the business world be without these people? If you go back a decade or so, e-commerce businesses were hard to manage. They opened up and closed quickly. It was like a pipeline dream to run a business entirely off the internet. The developers and founders made this dream a reality for many. Still today, it is easy to open and operate an e-commerce business. The resources are readily available, and they are easier to manage than ever before.

With respect to developers, the world owes a debt of gratitude to the business elite. The folks who put together the plans and found the right people for the jobs are the sole reason why these companies got off the ground in the first place. Shaygan Kheradpir is one of those dynamic and tenacious people who made these things possible. He is a business executive who graduated from Cornell University. Shaygan Kheradpir was a chief contributor to the development and execution of Verizon’s FiOS program. The Verizon FiOS program is one of the biggest and most versatile initiatives that connects businesses to the world wide web. Because of this program and others like it businesses are able to surf the web, do research and conduct business with the speed and ease they deserve. Forbes’ Shaygan Kheradpir continues to make strives in the business and technology sectors every day.

Doe Deere: More than a Founder of Lime Crime

Doe Deere is the founder of the beautiful vibrant makeup company Lime Crime. If you see Doe Deere, you will see that she has a very flashy colorful extraordinary style. Her makeup brand is undoubtedly a reflection of her style. She loves bright colors and want have every girl and woman to look like mystical unicorns with her makeup brand. Her makeup company stands for color renovation and individuals being unapologetic about their makeup.

She had always had a passion for trying different styles ever since she was a little girl. She uses to put many different types of clothes and cover herself with her mother’s makeup. Deere once said that in the beginning, she was not that good at during her makeup. She once said that she did not honestly begin to get good at during makeup until she got into her twenties.

Social media proves that time and time again; that can help launched people careers. That is how Deere got her start into the cosmetic world. She had begun to post pictures of herself with unique makeup tutorials and begin to grow a following. Every day new girls would go to her Instagram and see what was going to be the next lavish look. When Deere starts seeing that she was gaining an enormous following on the internet, this is when she see things differently. She had started her career in fashion but then realizes her real calling was in makeup.

She notices that there wasn’t any makeup company that genuinely connects with the women who want to wear bold and bright colors cosmetic. Since she has always been a unique individual, she felt that she needed to be the one to create a makeup company that caters to those types of women. She started the business with a little amount money, but she had worked hard, and it became a success. She believes that everyone should go out and pursue his or her dream no matter if other people view it is odd.

The names of her makeup are as whimsical as it looks. With names like “Countessa Fluorescent” and “Oh no she did not”, it is only natural that people cannot resist buying these products. She is also so successful because she stay connected with her fanbase. She understands that social media is where she got her start and knew that it is important to stay connected with her fans because her fans are so dedicated to her makeup line. Her team of unicorns is like a family to her.

Doe Deere is an inspiration to many women and men. She represents that a person should not be afraid to be creative and be themselves. She symbolizes that is okay for you to be unique, no matter if other individuals do not understand. She knows that a person should not ever have to apologize for just being yourself. She firmly believes that people uniqueness is what can drive people to be incredibly successful in life.

The Person Responsible for the Success of Highland Capital Management

The person behind Highland Capital Management is James Dondero, Cofounder and President of HCM, Highland Capital Management in 1993. Having 30-years of experience in equity markets, working mainly on high-yield and distressed investments. James Dondero attended the University of Virginia, receiving a BS in Commerce, Accounting, and Finance. Aside from his equity skills and knowledge, Jim is a Certified Managerial Accountant, (CMA) and a Charter Financial Analyst, (CFA).

As a financial genius, Dondero serves as a member of a couple of boards; one being on the Board of Directors for the MGM Studios on and American BankNote. He also holds the office of Chairman of the Board of NexBank, Cornerstone Healthcare, and the CCS Medical Corporation.

During the explosive hedge fund years in the 90’s Dondero was very active as a Corporate Bond Analyst, then moved into Portfolio Management at American Express. Today, September 15, as CEO of Highland Capital, Dondero shares his thoughts on today’s market, noting US stocks having a quiet week compared to the mini-meltdown over the last couple of weeks. Dondero noted that the developed markets remain in better condition than emerging markets and that interest rates still stay in the broad range of trading. Lastly, he states the US dollar will continue its movement showing stocks moving in an upward trend. That’s today’s update and Dondero again expresses his valued opinion on market trends.

Dondero’s view of deflation earlier this year noted the interest rates moving lower as evidenced in the market and are still low today. Although the market continues to fluctuate, transportation stocks reveal the rising effect of crude oil dragging the market. His views and explanation of the market movement is precise and valuable information.

Highland Capital Management kicks off its Endowed Tower Scholars Program Fund at Southern Methodist University (SMU). The purpose of this program is to give undergraduate students the opportunity to be involved in public policymaking through the universities political studies under the John Goodwin Tower Center studies.

James Dondero’s philanthropic endeavors are driven by education and with his involvement in Southern Methodist University an extraordinary opportunity is available to students to become a part of policymaking working with influential employers. The Tower Scholars Program at SMU is designed for undergraduates, giving them hands-on knowledge and experience in the real-world. Also, HCP has contributed $2 million to the university, encouraging others to donate and support the program. Jake L. Harmon Endowed Internship Program $1 million gifts, and the Berry R. Cox Family Foundation, another million dollar gift earmarked to support the operations of the program. The program is receiving healthy support from Dondero’s philanthropy efforts.