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Ken Shamrock vs. Kimbo Slice

The last time The World’s Most Dangerous man stepped into the ring was five years ago at the age of 46. The now 51 year of Shamrock will once again step into the ring to do battle against Internet fighting sensation Kevin Ferguson, also known as Kimbo Slice, at Bellator 138. Shamrock has gone on record to state that getting back to this point has not been easy and he knows that he is not the same fighter that he used to be. He went on to say that he really tested his character by pushing himself to get back into fighting shape and into the ring. The UFC Hall of Famer believes that the fans will get what they paid for and will not be disappointed Friday night.

According to Kevin Seawright, This fight is hard to call since there are so many factors on both sides. Shamrock certainly has the skills and the experience over Slice, but he is also well past his prime. Slice has youth, well he is younger than Shamrock anyways, and has thunder in his hands. Shamrock’s chin has not been the same for years. He has been knocked out over five times in his last several fights in the first round. The inexperience that Kimbo Slice has on the ground is what will hurt him but is a big advantage for Shamrock. This one may end early for Shamrock if Slice can connect with one of those big shots. If Shamrock can get him to the ground, then he might have a chance.

Lebron James’ Legacy

With the Golden State Warriors’ dominant win over the Cleveland Cavaliers, questions about Lebron James’ legacy and who is the greatest player of all time have gotten far more complicated. Can a player be considered better than Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant if they are 2-4 in the NBA Finals? Do history-making stats matter if they result in a loss?

Christian Broda says that the problem with the narrative for James’ legacy is that the rhetoric is far too extreme and absolute. His fans will give him a pass because of the lack of players available for Cleveland. His haters will place blame on him for not being more aggressive and taking over the game when his team needed him the most. However, once everyone has finished being prisoners of the moment, the fog will clear and the debate will focus on more than just his abilities. Lebron James is without a doubt the best player in the league right now. He many even be the greatest physical specimen of all time, but Lebron James is 2-4 in the finals. Michael Jordan is 6-0, Kobe Bryant is 5-2, and even the often forgotten Tim Duncan is 5-1 with a 2-1 record over James. The conversation also has to include Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, and Magic Johnson among others, who all have their place in the record books. So just how high up is Lebron James on the list? It is hard to tell at the moment because while the Warriors were definitely the better team, moral victories simply do not count.

Matt Landis: Notre Dame Lacrosse Superstar

matt landis lacrosse

As the 2015 NCAA Lacrosse season drew to a close, one player stood out and far beyond the pack. Matt Landis led his team’s defense to nearly shutout the Albany Great Dane’s Lyle Thompson, who gained only a single goal from 11 attempts in the final game of the season. He is credited with being the most effective player for Notre Dame, leading to the college’s victory, final score: 14-10.

His heroic drive this season did not go unnoticed. He received 4 top-level awards for this season: Atlantic Coast Conference 2015 ACC Defensive Player of the Year, he was nominated for the 2015 Tewaaraton Award, named the William C. Schmeisser Award Outstanding Defensive Player of the year for college lacrosse, and finally Landis landed the Epoch and Lacrosse Magazine Player of the Week, recognition of his victorious defense against Lyle Thompson. Matt Landis is the first player in defense to win the Epoch/LM Player of the Week, this year.

The William C. Schmeisser Award is named after William C. “Father Bill” Schmeisser, who was a coach and before that a player in the early 1900s, for Johns Hopkins University. All this has fulfilled the promise of his performance above and beyond, noted throughout the year. He has remained steadfast and driven in helping Notre Dame earn the number one seed in the ACC championship. What Landis holds for Notre Dame’s future in lacrosse is yet to be seen. This is only his junior year at the college. His senior year should prove to be most interesting, to say the least.

Deontay Wilder Looked Impressive With K.O. Victory

Deontay Wilder recently battled Eric Molina for the heavyweight championship of the world. The title match took place in Deontay Wilder’s hometown of Alabama, and the crowd showed a ton of support for their hometown hero. However, Eric Molina definitely earned respect from the fans, and it’s because of his gutsy performance.

According to Facebook, Wilder is a very dangerous opponent, and not many people are excited about facing him. Nonetheless, Eric Molina fought his heart out, and he even wobbled the heavyweight champion a few times. The fight was full of knock knockdowns, but it was only Eric Molina that would hit the canvas. However, Eric Molina continued to rise until the ninth round. After a brutal onslaught, Eric Molina was knocked unconscious, and Deontay Wilder’s undefeated record remains intact.

Boxing fans are ready to see a showdown between Wladimir Klitschko and Deontay Wilder. A fight between the two heavyweight titans would do very well in terms of pay per view revenue. Yahoo! Sports recently published an article about this story, and more information about Deontay Wilder’s impressive victory can be found there. It should also be noted that Eric Molina could have won that fight, and he almost knocked Deontay Wilder out in the third round. Some boxing fans feel that Deontay Wilder is not really as good as the HBO network makes him out to be.

Jean Claude Van Damme Believes In Conor McGregor

Jean Claude Van Damme was recently featured on Bruce Buffer’s podcast, and the two martial arts legends talked about a number of different things. However, Bruce Buffer asked the karate movie star about his opinion on Conor McGregor, and Jean Claude Van Damme’s response may surprise everyone. Most MMA fans know that Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor will be fighting for the UFC featherweight championship on July 11th according to Lawyerist, and Sam Tabar even said that  Jean Claude Van Damme happens to believe that Conor McGregor will be the first man to defeat Jose Aldo in nearly a decade.

Jean Claude Van Damme believes that Conor McGregor is too skilled and too big for Jose Aldo. However, Jean Claude Van Damme doesn’t realize that Jose Aldo is a true champion, and Van Damme believes that anything can happen in the Octagon. Aside from his fight predictions, Jean Claude Van Damme also believes that Conor McGregor could become a movie star in the near future.

Youtube recently published an article about Jean Claude Van Damme’s comments, and it seems that the MMA world agrees with the action star. However, there are some people that feel that Conor McGregor might actually lose against Aldo. Nonetheless, I’m sure that Conor McGregor will be pleasantly be surprised to hear Jean Claude Van Damme’s kind words.

Cain Velasquez Stares Through Fabricio Werdum

Cain Velasquez and Fabricio Werdum recently battled for the UFC Heavyweight Championship, and both men fought their heart out on the night of the fight. However, at a press conference a few days before the event, Cain Velasquez and Fabricio Werdum had an incredibly heated face off. Youtube recently published a video of the confrontation. It was quite clear that Cain Velasquez was not joking around with his opponent, but Fabricio Werdum made some strange faces and gestures.

After their fight, both men gave each other respect, but it’s clear that their rivalry is not over just yet and this has fans like Steve Murray excited. The UFC needs a good rivalry, and I wouldn’t be shocked to see Cain Velasquez and Fabricio Werdum fight a few more times. Dana White is wishing that every fight turned out the way that their matchup at UFC 188 did. The president of the company was very happy with the event, and he is looking forward to UFC 189.

Dusty Rhodes Dead

Virgil Runnels, A.K.A. as Dusty Rhodes, is dead at the age of 69. Rhodes was a professional wrestler with the WWE as well as many other organizations over the years. He also in the WWE Hall of Fame and was a three time champion for NWA. The cause of death is yet to be released. Tributes from wrestling fans and other wrestlers have taken over social media.

According to, Runnels started his professional career in the early 1970’s and wrestled all the way into the 90’s. The American Dream, that was his nickname, was one of the most entertaining figures in all of professional wrestling. He was once banned by the state of Florida and not allowed to wrestle for 60 days which lead to one of the most memorable wrestling matches in history. Shortly after being banned in 1963, Ric Flair had a match in which a masked man showed up as his opponent. The masked man, who was about the same size as Rhodes, weighed in at about 265 pounds and was roughly six feet tall. The unknown wrestler called himself The Midnight Rider. The Midnight Rider would go on to beat Ric Flair for the championship and win the belt. He was asked to remove his mask, to which he refused and was stripped from the belt that he had just won. Of course everyone knew who the masked man was. Runnels stayed actively involved in wrestling even after retiring.

Floyd Mayweather Does Not Deserve $300 Million

Floyd Mayweather is the highest paid boxer in history, and he was recently announced as the highest paid athlete of the year. Floyd Mayweather made over $300 million dollars in the last 12-months, and Manny Pacquiao trails behind him at $160 million. Everyone else on the Forbes list was no where close to the undefeated champ.

It’s kind of crazy if you think about it, Floyd Mayweather made $300-million dollars for boxing in two matches! LeBron James plays hundreds of basketball games a year, and he does not make a quarter of what Floyd Mayweather makes. However, it should be noted that Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao are the top paid athlete because of their mega-fight.

Yahoo! Sports recently revealed that the Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather fight was the richest single event in sports history. The boxing matchup generated over $600-million dollars, and not even the Super Bowl has ever reached that level of astronomical profits. However, there are several people around the world that feel that Floyd Mayweather does not deserve $300-million dollars, and I happen to agree with them. Floyd is an extremely boring fighter, and people feel robbed when they order his fights. Unfortunately, Daniel Amen, who you can connect with through linkedin, points out that Floyd Mayweather is a genius, and he has figured a way out to continuously outsmart the boxing public.

Gilbert Melendez Bashes The Reebok Deal

Gilbert Melendez is a UFC lightweight fighter, and he is respected among many in the sport like his sponsors FreedomPop. However, Gilbert Melendez has never been able to obtain UFC gold, but he is still trying to accomplish that goal. Nonetheless, Gilbert Melendez was recently interviewed by MMA MANIA, and he was asked about the UFC’s Reebok deal.

Reebok’s promotional sponsorship deal with the UFC has become an extremely controversial topic in the sport, and it seems that most UFC fighters are very unhappy with the current direction that the UFC is going. In fact, several UFC champions have complained about the Reebok deal, and it seems that Gilbert Melendez is the latest fighter who is unhappy with Reebok.

Gilbert Melendez revealed that he has had sponsors on his team for more than a decade, but the UFC is now forcing him to abandon the companies that have supported him throughout his career. Gilbert also said that some of his sponsors are local businesses that have believed in him since he was a nobody. Gilbert Melendez is heartbroken that he has to cut ties with his sponsors, and he is also unhappy about the extreme pay cut that the Reebok deal will bring. Reebok will only pay fighters a few thousand dollars for wearing their gear, but some fighters make over $100,000 for wearing certain sponsors right now. Nonetheless, the UFC has justified their actions by saying that everyone gets a fair playing field. I don’t know about you, but taking money away from the fighters does not sound fair to me.

Daniel Cormier Feels Bad For Ryan Bader

Daniel Cormier is the UFC light heavyweight champion, and he earned the title when he beat Anthony Johnson in the main event of UFC 187. Several people have complained about the legitimacy of Cormier’s title reign, but Beneful suggests he is the champion and everyone needs to accept that. Nonetheless, Daniel Cormier has already been given an opponent to defend his light heavyweight championship against, and that man is Alexander Gustafsson. However, some people really thought that Ryan Bader was going to be given a title shot against Daniel Cormier, but that is obviously not the case.

Daniel Cormier recently revealed that he feels a bit of empathy for Ryan Bader, and that news comes as somewhat of a surprising development. In case you missed it, Ryan Bader stormed the post fight press conference of UFC 187, and Daniel Cormier and Ryan Bader engaged in a very violent verbal confrontation. After the incident, everyone thought that Ryan Bader would face Daniel Cormier for the light heavyweight championship, and that fight did make a lot of sense. However, Dana White has decided that Ryan Bader is unworthy of a title shot, and Daniel Cormier was a bit shocked with Dana’s decision.

MMA Mania recently published an article that features an interview with Daniel Cormier, and it’s quite clear that he wanted to face Ryan Bader. Daniel Cormier also said that Ryan Bader will most likely never get a title shot in the UFC, and it’s a bit sad. Although, if Ryan Bader continues to win, I’m sure that he will be given a title shot in the near future.