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Julie Zuckerberg is a Seasoned Recruiter

Executive recruiting is not a skill that everyone can take on. Some people have the ability to distinguish between people that can successfully do the job. Others cannot. Julie Zuckerberg has proven that she is one of those people that has made it to senior levels in the executive recruiting field because she has the skills do this type of work. Her ability to sort out the professionals that have the skills to do the job will make her a real asset to any industry.


Zuckerberg has made a great dent in the world of recruiting in the banking industry. She has gained the core of her experience at Citibank. This is where she has spent more than 6 years gaining great experience as a Vice President and Talent Recruiter. Her role in the business world has become very important because she represents what the business world needs. She is essentially in a place to put talented teams together. She has been trained in doing this, and that is a big part of the reason that Julie Zuckerberg has been successful in doing this.


What Julie has done well is build contacts and consult with executives that are already thriving in these fields. She has made herself quite popular by building recruitment strategy plans. Zuckerberg has been able to make quite a career for herself after attending the City University of New York. She has also attended New York Law School. She has become educated at some schools that have given her the confidence to build a solid career as someone that knows how to interact with others.


Over the years she has been able to recruit things like managing directors and paralegals. She has recruited hiring directors. She has been able to bring in all different types of talent over time because she had made it her business to learn about different industries. What she may have been able to do better than most recruiters is transition from the role of recruiter to trainer. She is in a position where she is able to actually help train other people that are working as recruiters. This shows that she is so good at what she does that she even has the ability to hold others.


Julie Zuckerberg has made it possible for people to acquire great jobs. She has taken her skills in talent recruiting and helped people utilize their talents.



IAP Worldwide Services Further Grows To Serve The Government And Private Entities

IAP Worldwide Services has been working on problems presented by clients in different specialties like aviation and security for more than five decades. The company was founded in 1953 and has established a unique service that ensures their clients enjoy quality services that are offered by highly experienced and trained professionals. To raise their professional conduct, IAP Worldwide Services offers regular training through their online portal to ensure all their staff members are equipped with the best practices that are required in the industry.

Support to the Army
One of the areas IAP Worldwide Services has emerged a victor is in working to help the troops of the Army based overseas to perform their tasks. The company helps the troops by providing the needed aviation and logistics support and they have been doing so for more than three decades.

They are the most preferred choice by the government for the task due to the quality they offer and the great understanding of the field the professionals of the company have displayed. The government has vowed to extend the relationship due to the fact they are the best choice for austere environments where the troops regularly request for support.

Emergency response
During risks and situations that threaten the lives of people, IAP Worldwide Services comes in to save lives and property. The company works with a focused team of professionals who have been in the industry for more than three decades and they have a training section that allows their professionals to access necessary materials to sharpen their skills. Providing assistance during situations like natural disasters and crises allows the company to implement their ideas that are unique and designed to offer quick responses to demanding situations.

Logistics and chain supply
Transporting goods and people from one place to another takes a lot of effort and dedication to achieve an efficient operation. IAP Worldwide Services offers logistics and supply chain services that ensure easy transfer of goods and they have safe repositories for all kinds of merchandise.

Business acquisitions
As an expansionary measure, IAP Worldwide Services acquired several businesses. One of the businesses that were bought over recently is DRS Technologies, which deals with logistics and aviation support. IAP Worldwide Services also offers emergency response and technical services, so acquiring it would mean expanding the addressable market of IAP Worldwide Services. IAP has been working on expanding their reach and they are on their way to becoming a fully international entity.

IAP Worldwide jobs on CareerCast
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Squaw Valley Releases Statement Regarding Recent Water Contamination

Reports of E. coli bacteria and Coliform discovery in the drinking water at Squaw Valley’s upper mountain have placed the Department of Environmental Health in Placer County, Squaw Valley Resorts and water experts on high alert. Following the revelations, Placer County Environmental Health Director, Wesley Nicks told the press that officials are working closely with Squaw Valley Resort to arrest the situation, a report published by the Sierra Sun on November 29 indicates. Amid the concerns, county officials have given Squaw Valley the go ahead to open the Upper Mountain to give skier’s access to the Gold Coast and High Camp facilities while addressing public health issues with the urgency it deserves.

Under the approval, the resort is authorized to offer prepackaged water and food until the issue is solved. The precaution follows a spate of cold and snowy storms that had earlier enveloped the area. Reports indicate that after the water system was certified, tested and given an approval; it received over 9 inches of precipitation in 3 days. Following news of the presence of E. coli bacteria and Coliforms in Squaw Valley’s Upper Mountain water wells, the resort has also issued a press release. The press release penned by the PR Director for Squaw Valley Meadows, Liesly Kennedy was published in the Sierra Sun on December 1. The release covered a host of issues, including the water quality, the measures the establishment was taking to ensure public safety and a schedule of events.

Read more: Squaw Valley issues statement on upper mountain water quality

In the release, Kennedy observed that the unusually heavy rain and storm recorded in October had greatly affected several water systems in Placer County. In Squaw Valley, the weather led to inundated upgrade of water systems installed at Gold Coast and High Camp by Squaw Valley, a move that is believed to have caused the contamination. However, the contamination was only limited to a single system and at no time was the water released for public consumption thereafter. When Squaw Valley officials realized the problem during routine testing, they informed the Placer County Environmental Health, various water experts and the Squaw Valley Public Service District. Sauers Engineering, the company that designed the water system was also notified about the issue.

The consultations will hopefully go a long way to help Squaw Valley and the country authorities to come up with a plan of action that will address the contamination issue on the affected system. Kennedy reiterated that the establishment will in the meantime not return regular water supply to the affected camps, until the local public health officials and water experts give an OK. Squaw Valley has taken these measures to protect the customers and ensure the resorts remain safe. However, guests at High Camp or Gold Coast are free to enjoy the camp facilities, since bottled water will be readily available. Kennedy concluded by saying that Squaw Valley will continue to update its guests regarding the matter. He thanked the Squaw Valley Service District and Placer County for their timely intervention and cooperation.

A Retrospective of the 2016 NCAAB Championship at Covers.Com

Villanova University is a college with a long and very prestigious history. The school’s basketball team is a huge part of Villanova’s history. The team has delivering thrilling wins many times over the years. Fans and astute gamblers are likely looking over Villanova’s prospects for 2017’s March Madness festivities. In 2016, North Carolina and Villanova faced off in a memorable National Championship game held in Houston, TX. North Carolina held the number one spot and Villanova was number two. Villanova won the game 77 – 74. At the time, the odds had North Carolina at -2. So, for gamblers, the final score could be adjusted to 79 – 74 with Villanova coming out on top. ran an excellent video ahead of the championship game in early April of 2016. Prophetically, the video revealed that bigger bets were likely to be placed on Villanova. Jay Rood, an executive from MGM resorts was interviewed just before the game. He stated the goal was to draw in a lot of money on the money line for Villanova. Rood revealed many people were betting on the “over” wager, which would be a wager on the combined score of the game.

Rood felt that more wagers were going to come in for North Carolina. He noted interest on Villanova was for the money line, but an increase in the point spread by leveling North Carolina with a -2.5 spread would bring in Villanova money.

As the final score shows, North Carolina would not have won with the -2.5. The over and under betting saw some sportsbooks list 151. The total points scored at the game was, ironically, 151. So wagers would have been a push at 151 over/under.

Hindsight reveals all about betting and wagers, but this game was an incredibly difficult one to predict. Both teams played exceptionally well and the point difference between the two was minimal. Considering the talent on both teams, a tight game should have been expected.

Anyone interested in March Madness odds definitely should check out remains a solid source of information on NCAAB betting information.

Devco Creates A New Reality In Small Communities

Development options are often lean in small American cities, but Devco is filling the gap as best they can. There are stories from the Press of Atlantic City that highlight how small communities will improve under the guidance of Devco, and this article shares the wonder of a community finding a new reality.

#1: What Is The New Reality?

The new reality at Devco is one that includes the building of several different structures at once. The community is requesting a few structures that will support local business, and other companies may be attracted to the area in the future. The community is stronger when it has more businesses operating in it, and Devco creates a situation where a town with no jobs suddenly has hundreds to offer.

#2: What Is Built In The Community?

Devco introduces large office buildings, shopping centers, warehouses and commercial units that host new jobs. Every job is created with the support of a business that moved to the area, and they work alongside Devco on the project. A business may move to the area because they are guaranteed a building they may use, and the companies are faced with hundreds of people looking for new jobs.

#3: The Schools Find Their Own Reality

Property taxes pay for schools in America, and property tax numbers shoot up in a community where Devco is building. The community school system has so much money to spend on schools that they may completely transform what it is that they do. They deserve more funding for their children, and they see that when Devco is at work.

The Devco name stands for the finest in developer lending, and they have a trained staff prepared to help every small town. A village with no jobs will be the metropolis with hundreds of jobs soon after Devco begins their work.





Brian Bonar’s Financial Expertise Displayed In Different Companies

Mr. Brian Bonar is a successful financial executive. He is the leader of Trucept Incorporated. He has a reputable business leadership background after having served as a leader in many companies e.g. (DFC) Dalrada Financial Co-op.

Business History and Accomplishments

Brian Bonar worked as a procurement manager at IBM and then got hired at QMS as the Director of Engineering where he was in charge of delegating and supervising duty for over a hundred staff. His growing experience got him a post at Adaptec as the Sales Manager. Once he had gathered experience from the different crucial departments, Brian started his firm known as Bezier Systems.

About Trucept Incorporated

Brian’s creative and managerial proficiency is present in the running of Trucept Incorporated.

What kind of services does Trucept offer?

Trucept assists medium or small firms to do and complete their business transactions as required by the law while the company runs their regular services.

An example of the tasks that they assist others to do is managing payrolls and employee benefits. They also assist companies in managing their human resources administration.

Trucept’s aim of business is to let other companies be able to concentrate on running their business aspect of the firm while Trucept handles the rest of the necessary internal work. Trucept makes suggestions which will respect the work climate of every company that they sign a business contract. They also offer long term and temporary staffing solutions.

Insight of Trucept Services

Their services include coming up with packages for assisting firms with their taxes and benefits as well as their payroll needs. They also assist companies in maintaining their H.R documents. They also play a significant role in making decisions concerning risk management, which is a crucial part of maintaining or even starting any successful business.

Mr. Brian’s business approach

His specialties include acquisitions and mergers. He takes a creative approach to life while combining his technical genius of being an engineer with the power of an architect.

His early Life

Part of his success is due to his professional background as he knows how to bring up a business structure that works. Mr. Brian is a James Watt Technical College graduate, while he was there; he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering. He then went on to Stafford University to get his Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

More about Brian Bonar

WhitePages reported that Brian won the Who’s Who Award in U.S in the year 2000. He also likes to spend time with his family while playing golf, or on a boating trip.


Lawsuit Filed Against AIG For Failing To Pay Insurance Policy Coverage

The former owners of the basketball franchise, Atlanta Hawks, have filed a lawsuit in the superior court of Fulton County, Georgia. Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC., led by majority owner Bruce Levenson, filed the lawsuit against insurance policy provider AIG. It is important to note, that this current lawsuit does not have any relations to the current team ownership of the Atlanta Hawks which is led by Tony Ressler.

Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC. says that AIG has breached its contract that it had with the group. The civil lawsuit also states that the insurance company has insurance bad faith. Former owners of the Atlanta Hawks state that their policies with AIG insured them against losses stemming from employment practices. They believe that the termination of general manager Danny Ferry was within the bounds of the insurance policy. The ownership group argues that Mr. Ferry’s termination falls within wrongful termination and workplace torts. Thus, the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC. believe that they should be paid accordingly from AIG.

The former owners of the Hawks say they alerted AIG on April 2, 2015 of the incident regarding the termination of Danny Ferry as general manager of the Hawks. Mr. Ferry’s contract was bought out for a sum that had not been disclosed. The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC. then sold the team ownership to another investment group headed by Don Ressler only a few days after buying out the contract of Danny Ferry.

According to ESPN, documents from the lawsuit say that AIG has never acknowledged that a claim was made by the The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC. They also say that the insurance company never acknowledged that the policy was triggered when the general manager of the team had his contract terminated.

One of the major figures involved in the lawsuit is Bruce Levenson. He was the biggest stakeholder in the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC. and was officially listed as the team’s owner. Under his ownership, the Hawks become a consistent playoff team. Bruce is a businessman who created UCG, a firm that provides information to industries such as energy, banking and telecommunications. He is also a philanthropist that supports charities such as Seeds of Peace and Birth Right Israel. Mr. Levenson also helped launch the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C.

How Cone Marshall is improving service delivery in trusts and estate laws

The laws on international Trusts and taxation in New Zealand have been a topic of discussion for a while now. There have been people that have been claiming that the country is becoming a tax haven. However, seasoned lawyers such as Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall have found it necessary to help people understand these laws in a deeper and clearer way. The company which they are both senior partners at Cone Marshall LLC has been at the forefront in providing legal counsel in estates and trusts. Geoffrey deals with estates while Karen deals with estates.

When discussing New Zealand’s position and whether it was really a tax haven, Geoffrey has clearly stated that the company is the exact opposite of haven. For a country to earn the title of a tax haven, they have to fill certain ideals. To start with, the country has to have somewhat restrictive practices when it comes to reporting on taxes. This will make it more difficult for the home country to access the money after it has been sent out to the accounts in question. New Zealand is one of the cleanest countries when it comes to reporting on tax, especially when dealing with foreign trusts.

The OECD, the body that has the mandate to judge whether a country is transparent in tax reporting has white listed New Zealand. This simply shows that the country is not really one of the places where people who want to hide details about their taxes. For one to be allowed to establish a trust in the country, they have to fill a foreign tax disclosure form and hand it to the IRD. The person should also keep a record of assets, liabilities, settlements and distributions. Accountability for all the money earned and spent is also needed. All these records are supposed to be made in English, failure to which huge penalties are incurred.

The rigorous processes that have been put in place by the country are not characteristic of a tax haven. Countries that are tax havens do not tax foreigners and when they do it is a small fixed charge.

About Cone Marshall Principals

Karen Marshall has more than two decades experience in law. She was a litigator in London before she came and joined the law firm in 2005. In a yer, she had become one of the Principals. Geoffrey on the other hand on the other hand is a graduate of the University of Otago. He established his own practice in 1999 and has been working there ever since.

Stow Company Inc. Hires Phil Dolci as the New CEO

Phil Dolci is the former executive of Dean Foods, Kraft Foods, ConAgra and other notable manufacturers. He will replace the outgoing veteran Frank Newman who retired last month. Stow Company is a Holland-based manufacturer owned by Windquest group. Billionaire family of Dick and Betsy DeVos owns Windquest group. Phil is expected to bring his 23 years of experience to realize an impressive growth in the coming years. Dick DeVos was present in the handover ceremony and thanked Frank for his service. This installation was before he returned to his philanthropic activities.


According to NTI, Dick DeVos started his working career at Amway in 1974, at the age of 19. In 1984, he became Vice President in charge of the company’s operations in 18 countries. He left the company in 1989 to start the Windquest Group. Windquest manufactures and markets storage and closet containers. It also has interests in technology and nonprofit solutions.


In 1991, the DeVos family bought the basketball team Orlando Magic, and Dick was appointed President. Two years later, he returned to Amway as President. In 2000, Amway went through a restructuring period, which resulted in the formation of an umbrella firm. This firm was called Alticor Corporation and consisted of Amway, Quixtar Corporation, and Access Business Group. Dick DeVos retired from Alticor in 2002, to concentrate on Windquest and other private ventures.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation has many programs. One of them is the ArtPrize, which is an art competition that is held in Grand Rapids annually. The foundation was also behind the establishment of the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a public aviation charter high school. The organization also administers the Dick & Betsy DeVos Scholarship. This scholarship supports students from developing nations who are enrolling for Master programs at the Thunderbird School of Global Management.


In a recent interview, Betsy DeVos outlined the couple’s passion for education. She and Dick, having supported the Potter’s House Christian School for many years, noted that low-income families face challenges when choosing schools. Betsy and Dick have since become advocates for educational choice. Educational choice, through a proposed system of vouchers and tax credits, makes it possible for parents to choose where to take their children to school.


Dick and Betsy have set a good example for me. They have demonstrated how well-organized charitable activities can benefit many people. I have learned from Dick DeVos that if I give generously of my resources to somebody in need, there is always a reward.


George Soros Donated More Than $8 Million To Elect Hillary Clinton And He’s Not Done Donating

George Soros, the hedge fund investor, and multi-billionaire does not want the White House to be a Republican stronghold for the next four years. Soros spent more than $27 million of his vast fortune in 2004 to defeat George Bush, and when that didn’t work, he stopped donating that much money to political campaigns. But this year is different. Soros has donated more than $25 million in 2016 to elect Democrats on that are on local ballots in six states. Soros has donated more than $8 million to several super PACs that are Clinton backers. The rest of the money has been donated to several campaigns to elect House and Senate representatives as well as prosecutors in state elections.Soros is not the only wealthy donor that supports Clinton’s bid for president, according to an article published by The article mentioned Hollywood millionaire Haim Saban as well as Donald Sussman and Herb Sandler as well as other Democrats that want a Clinton win in November.

The Clinton campaign has received donations from several super PACs, and the people close to Soros say he’s ready to donate more money to make sure she is the next president. But Soros doesn’t limit his donations to Democrats in the United States. The Soros Open Society Foundation supports Democratic causes all over the world.

When Soros is not focused on Democratic issues, he spends a great deal of time attending economic summits and other forums that discuss the status of the global economy. Soros has been predicting a global recession for the last three years, and he believes the recession is now a reality. The European Union’s banking system is in trouble, and the recent news that Deutsche Bank is facing a $14 billion fine confirms the Soros prediction. If Deutsche Bank fails, the repercussions of that failure will ripple through the international financial system on But Soros believes China is still the main culprit that is instigating a worldwide recession. China has already put South American and Asian countries in recession mode, and the United States is just steps away from a negative GDP percentage.

At 86-years-old, Soros is still considered one of the best hedge fund managers on the planet. His family hedge fund has more than $25 billion in assets under management on The Soros fund recently made a huge investment in the gold market. The fund sold several high-revenue producing stocks and invested in the gold mining. When George Soros invests in an asset like gold, other investors know something big is going to happen and they invest with him.