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Seattle Genetics Grows Under The Leadership Of Clay Siegall

Seattle Genetics is a biotech firm that is highly successful. It has its headquarters at the Bothell’s Cascade Business Park in a group of buildings that are beige colored. The lobby in Building Three has a sculpture that is triangular in shape and green in color. This is a sculpture of a simplified human antibody.

This is exactly what Seattle Genetics studies, manipulate and then packages into drugs. This company was founded in 1998. The antibodies being provided by Seattle Genetics can connect to a therapy. This antibody is delivered into a cancer cell. This is toxic and hence able to destroy the cancer cell from inside.

Clay Siegall believes in this strategy as it can mark the entry of Seattle Genetics into the mainstream and make it big. It may even become a pharmaceutical company. This is what the biotech community would always aspire for.

Seattle Genetics has its market value close to $10 billion and employs 900 people. It is the largest company in biotech in Washington. It has grand ambitions of graduating from biotech and moving into pharma. In order to achieve this, Clay Siegall has ensured that it invests in research as well as marketing. In this regard, it will be adding another 200 employees.

The company’s main drug is Adcetris. It is used for treating Hodgkin lymphoma. This is a lymph system cancer that spreads to various other organs. This drug is under expansive tests right now. Once these tests prove positive, the drug will be available for sale in the market.

Clay Siegall is the Chairman, and president, as well as CEO and co-founder of Seattle Genetics. Further, he states that there are several drugs in the pipeline. This is clear evidence that he wants to build a company that is big and not simply sell it off to a large company.

In addition, Clay Siegall does not want his company to be focusing on drug development only. He would like his company to handle various complexities that are related to the marketing of all its drugs on an international scale. Earlier, his company had sold its commercial rights for international marketing to Takeda Oncology. This was done to raise capital so that it could research on Adcetris. But this also helped them to learn about the international markets. Hence Clay Siegall has recently opened his new office which is in Switzerland. Now Seattle Genetics can do the international marketing itself.