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Securus Technologies Upgrades its THREADS Software.

Securus Technologies is a Dallas, Texas-based company that leads in the provision of crime and justice solutions for various institutions in North America. Over 3400 correctional facilities that have a holding capacity of about 1.2 million people use the services of the company. The primary solutions from the firm include biometric examination, investigation, communication, incident control, monitoring information, self-service for inmate and emergency response. The company has devoted itself to providing the best services in the prison communication industry and an unmatchable quality of technological applications. They accomplish this by employing highly skilled designers, technologists, and engineers. The company’s customer service is excellent and incomparable to that of its competitors.
Securus Technologies recently made public and as revealed on PR Newswire the launch of THREADS 3.1, which is an improved version of a broad and superior “Big Data” scrutiny tool. The program is an upgrade of the previous investigative software and allows the operator to use an enhanced interface that permits him or her to take advantage of the internet’s up-to-the-minute technologies while still keeping the original high-performance analytical application, which is conversant to the users.

THREAD’s 3.1 version is explained by crunchbase experts to be improved from the usual Silverlight to HTML 5, which is highly efficient and allows integration with other company products such as the Secure Call Platform. With the new version, investigators will have a more practical tool that they can use for their investigation undertakings. The company took ample time and skill to make an easy to understand and use application hence users will not require undergoing any training.

The upgraded version of the THREADS application can be easily comprehended by the operator and also has a better the functioning of the system. The General Manager of Securus Technology’s Business Management unit, Mr. Kelly Solid,  was quoted on PR Newswire saying that the upgraded software version has an operating interface that has been streamlined, and all redundant system functions have been excluded. This will ensure that the System will have an easy navigation, and it will also have a search feature. All these improvements will help in offering the user with the best experience while using the software.

Exclusive properties that have been newly included in the THREADS 3.1 include personalized mapping and printing, controlled real-time analysis, sensitive information reports, and SCP calls listening via the THREADS application. Securus Technologies’ THREAD software has been the greatest investigative tool for many years in sensing and reporting suspicious inmate calling patterns, associations, communication events and correlations.

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Why Everyone Should Be Using Social Media Apps

Most people are well aware of popular social media websites like Twitter and Facebook. These sites make it easy to connect with loved ones and friends even if they are living clear across the world. While using social media websites is a great way to connect with people, it is even better to be using the social media apps that go along with these sites. Most social media sites have their own app that can be downloaded to either your smartphone or tablet device. These apps allow you to connect your social media account to stay in touch even when you’re away from your computer.

The best thing about social media apps is that the vast majority of them are completely free to use. For example, one of the most up-and-coming apps is known as Flipora. Flipora is a social media app that helps users discover the Worldwide Web around them and meet people who share the same interests and hobbies as they do. This particular social media app has been mentioned in both the New York Times and on CNN because it is seen as having a lot of potential similar to many of the popular apps and sites that you are probably already using.

With social media apps like Flipora, you can stay in touch with the world even if you’re sitting in a bus hundreds of miles away from home. You can post pictures and videos from your mobile device while on the road for your friends and family to see. You can also check messages and chat with your group of friends without needing a keyboard sitting right in front of you. In general, it is quick and effortless to download these apps to your mobile device, allowing users to easily sync their accounts with their phones or tablets.

There is never a wrong time to start using social media to enhance your life. Sites like Flipora are growing in their popularity because of the fact that these apps are helpful to those who need better connecting with the world around them. Gone are the days when you had to rely solely on email and hoping to run into your friends or loved ones to catch them up on your life. Now, your loves ones can see pictures and videos that you post within seconds and comment on everything that they might want to talk about.

The Wonder Years Budget

Nobody ever totally prepares parents for puberty. Our little girl who always dreamed of being a fairy tale princess and marrying her Daddy is growing up. She has forgot about unicorns, fairies, and lovely princesses and just thinks about clothes, makeup, music, and her friends. Mom and Dad get an occasional roll of the eyes when we dare ask her about how school was going. Ah, the wonderful teenage years!

We are fortunate that she is a pretty good girl. She keeps up with her homework and is making decent grades. Even though she is just a freshman in high school, we are encouraging her to consider college choices and a possible career. Since she was a baby, we have been setting money aside for her college fund. She should have a good start when she graduates and starts college courses.

Teenagers hit the pocketbook hard! She is involved in a lot of extra-curricular activities in school and reminds us that it all looks good on a college application. She is a responsible teen and does a little bit of babysitting on the side for extra money on the weekends. She and her friends have endless trips to the mall, to the movies, and to our local pizzeria. Soon, she will be getting her driver’s license and we will be discussing her buying a car and paying for the insurance. The costs only get higher when she starts college.

So, my wife and I have thought of some ways we can trim our budget. We sat down with our monthly bills and figured out some things we could eliminate. A lot of the magazines we like to read can be borrowed free at our local library, so it only made sense to cancel the numerous subscriptions we had. I cannot remember the last time I went to the gym after paying the exorbitant membership fee. So there was another extra cost that was nixed. We were proud of ourselves for finding ways that we could save more money in our household. We were also shocked at how much all the little charges add up.

Another way we found big savings was finding out about FreedomPop Wireless for our cell phone service. We signed up for FreedomPop and did not even have to sign a service contract. We enjoy the same nation-wide service that we always have and do not have to buy new phones. It is a great deal that offers us up to 500 text messages, 200 voice minutes and 500 MG of data for free! There is a charge for overage; but it is just one cent a minute for voice or text and two cents a minute for extra megabytes of data. Since we use our phones a lot, we upgraded to their unlimited plan for only twenty bucks a month. We even have the option of purchasing phone insurance.

Yes, it is difficult to raise teenagers. They are costly but worth every penny. I am glad that my family and I are saving money on our new FreedomPop Wireless plan. We are still enjoying our cell phones and the extra cash we are saving.